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 5  Lumbar Radiculopathy Affects balance. Seizures of muscle spasms well under control and reduced limb and spinal pain. F 68 3 months
600mg 3X D
 4  Peripheral neuropathy At the beginning the neurologist never explained anything and why the doses were so high but it was really helping with the pain no side effects I can’t say is bad for my complaint is the neurologist never explained anything to me and I have to find out for myself and since the beginning high dosage, it works for my pain, that it, no side effects and doesn’t help me other condition F 73 4 years
3000 3X D
 3  Fibromyalgia M 71 4 days
100 1X D
 3  Anxiety / Depression At first very very tired and now very vivid anoying dreams Has any one used gabapentin for anxiety and or to try to taper off of benzos. like klonopin Will anyone please email me back and let me know and how long the start up side effects start to let up. And if it might help for anxiety And depression ? I can not tolerate any antidepressants I have tried so many over the years I lost count. I have read reviews on www.drugs that have a lot of success with it but I do not know how to get in contact with the people on that site. Can any one give me any advice Thank you. M 67 7 days
100 2X O
 4  Bi polar I have no negative side effects I feel a sense of well being a few hours after taking a dose. I know someone else that takes it and abuses it daily. I can see it being addictive at least mentally for some addicts. F 50 4 years
800mg x 3 3X D
 5  Fibromyalgia Initially caused severe brain fog, grogginess, aphasia & extreme bloating & gas. Took it for 2 weeks then stopped. Started back on it a month later but I cut the dose by 1/3 & slowly increased to 300 mg. Only side effects now a little brain fog in the mornings & sometimes forgetting words but that is actually improving. At first I hated this drug. I took it for several weeks & really thought about flushing it. Luckily I kept it. I was in so much pain that I knew I had to do something so instead of the 300mg dose as prescribed I took 100mg & gradually worked up to 300mg. I did this with very few side effects plus it was actually helping my pain & energy level. Gabapentin gave me back my life. I can get out of the bed now & clean house, go places & be active with the grandkids. I do still have the occasional bad day but after a little rest & relaxation I am good to go. F 57 7 months
300 mg 1X D
 1  Nerve pain/anxiety Explosive diarrhea, eye dryness, brain fog, extreme new onset anxiety, trouble breathing, extreme hot flushes/night sweats Evil drug! Tried to stop without a taper and damned near died. The suicidal thoughts were awful. Taper off this drug F 41 4 months
600 x3 3X D
 2  Prescribed for arthritis pain I experienced one good day while taking this for 5 days. I took 100mg just at night. Though after that one good day where I slept well- I was in a constant head fog, increased anxiety, tearfulness and it exacerbated my GERD. I eventually couldn't recall important work knowledge. I won't judge others for taking this medication as I know we all metabolize and process medication differently and are prescribed for varying needs- however I gave it a try, and felt the intense intense fatigue and anxiety just at 100mg were too much for me. I also had a friend who was prescribed high dose ages who experienced a plethora of a time trying to wean herself off - after just a few months of taking this medication. I wished i could overcome the side effects- but I could no longer function: sleeping in until 11am, and zombie emotional like all day. F 45 5 days
100 1X D
 1  Pain New Dr didn't want to prescribe what was clearly working, so he put me on gabapentin. It absolutely ruined my world. Psychosis for the first and only time in my life. It was the most horrible thing I went through and the most horrible thing some people close to me had to see. I lost people I love because they don't understand. I was never warned. My heart is forever broken. Thanks, screwed up medical system. Stop giving this out like it isn't quite capable of creating living nightmares. F 40 2 months
1200 3X D
 1  Neuropathy Spinal Stenosis Migraines Extreme psychosis, suicidal thoughts and actions, paranoia, hallucinations - visual, audio, smell, taste, touch, depression and anxiety. All were severe while on gabapentin. When I took gabapentin once in awhile, I noticed that it would make me cry and feel sad. When it became the only pain medicine for my chronic pain that my Dr would prescribe, major psychosis. Worst thing that ever happened. F 44 3 months
900 3X D
 1  Pain, disc degeneration etc “Involuntary movements”, looked like I had Parkinson’s, multiple ER visits I know several people that call this a miracle med, but for me- disaster! I started taking 100 mg tablet three or four times a day. Told my doctor it was making me feel like I couldn’t control my movements(when I moved my arm, it almost seemed to have its own momentum, dizzying almost) so I had stopped taking it. She thought the symptom could be coming from my neck issues (hard disc complex, facet arth. Modic endplate changes, bulging discs, etc) she talked me into trying it again, upping the dosages to 300mg 4xday. Within weeks, the symptom was back, within days afterwards I was completely incapacitated. Shook and jerked all over, was told by surgeon to use a walker?!!?, sputtered and stuttered with great difficulty to talk, couldn’t sit without bouncing side to side, arms would flap and jerk, legs jerked and bounced when walking, getting up, head shook and jerked. Ended up in ER as this caused horrible pain in my neck and horrible anxiousness as I was “losing it”- control of my body. And once, feeling like something popped in my neck and felt like fire running down my neck. Sent to a neurologist and he wanted to give me Librium to mask this. I knew if I let them, I’d end up on tons of meds, so I went home, took Librium for the first three days of stopping gab- the symptoms lifted off me! Months later, still have internal shaking and bouts of bouncing but spine/neck are bad enough to cause. Recently they had me try cymbalta, JUST ONE of t F 3 months
 1  Pain, disc degeneration etc Parkinson’s like symptoms, shakes and jerks, speech issues, hair loss, digestive issues I wanted to add, I also lost 1/3 of my hair, muscle mass over my whole body, dark tarry stools, along with all the shaking and jerking movements that increased the pain in my neck to a spectacular degree! F 50 3 months
 3  Nerve pain after 6 spinal surgeries Gabapentin really helps with my pain. The side effects are a bit of a problem. I feel very odd on this medication. I don't take it if I'm going to drive. I can do everything I need to do at home, but I also definitely feel medicated. It's worth it to me right now because my other option would be lying on ice or heat all day . I can see from comments that this is one of those drugs that affects people very differently. If you have nerve pain there aren't very many options and Gabapentin is worth a try. It helps me in a way that other things do not. F 56 40 days
900 mg 1X D
 1  HIV Sensory Neuropathy disc M 62 5 years
800 6X D

 2  Neuropathy/spinal cord injury Taking it for 12 years. After discontinued use of oxy/acetaminophen and tramadol found that the gabapentin was not helping with pain and causing memory and hair loss. Trying to wean off of it with turmeric and acetyl-L-Carnitine F 66 100 days
600 mg 3X D
 1  Back pain/sciatica Using this for back pain relief is a joke. I ended up having spasms and my hands were shaking. Then I noticed my body started having uncontrollable jerking motions. Whoever invented/manufactures this drug should be given a lifetime prescription and see how they like it. They have some nerve putting this awful drug on the market. Shame on you. Do your research first. I took only 1 pill and told my doctor I would never take another. Same with Lyrica and morphine in tablet form. The cure is worse than the pain. F 72 1 days
300 1X H
 3  Low back and hip pain Swollen ankles, muscle and joint pain, dizziness, increased lower back and limb pain. Initially it seemed to work miracles, then I kept increasing the dosage to get relief. It seemed if I didn't take more, the original pain got much worse and then my muscles and joints all over my body were aching and in pain. My ankles swelled up too. It reminded me a lot like the side effects I had from beta blockers which I cannot take! It did help me sleep and curbed my anxiety, but then again, after a while I had to take more to get any benefits. F 59 21 days
300 mg 3X D
 3  back surgery nerve pain drowsiness M 80 1 years
 1  Nerve pain Horrible nausea, upset my stomach could not sleep head feeling funny F 55 3 days
100 mg 3X D
 5  Anxiety Great for social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder. This medication helps me sleep as well! Yes you will gain a little weight but just exercise a little more and and you'll be fine. F 57 2 years
300 mg 4x 1X D

GABAPENTIN  (GABAPENTIN):  Gabapentin is used with other medications to prevent and control seizures. It is also used to relieve nerve pain following shingles (a painful rash due to herpes zoster infection) in adults. Gabapentin is known as an anticonvulsant or antiepileptic drug.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)