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 1  Pregnancy Prevention. I was on this BC for 9 months, ladies please stay far far away. I had started to experience bad symptoms around month #6. Depression, anxiety, weight gain, bloating, water retention, suicidal thoughts, anger, mood swings, crying, outbursts, increased appetite, you name it. My doctor and I decided to put me on the mini pill instead to avoid ever having to take combination pills/estrogen again due to harsh side effects that they give women. I gained 10lb in 9 months on this pill. I have been off of it for nearly 30 days now and I'm back to my normal self now. Plus no bloating or water retention. I can fit into my jeans again. Appetite is reduced now and back to normal, no crying, sadness, depression or anxiety. I don't recommend at all especially if you react poorly to estrogen. This will bring out the absolute worst in you. Also had dizzy spells all the time. As a side note, it did its job at preventing pregnant but at what cost? Before of symptoms that indicate a blood clot forming. F 32 9 months
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 1  Birth control Insomnia, ansiedad, depress, nauseous, sleepy F 40 15 months
 1  Protect against kids Lots and lots of bleeding I have been bleeding since March 22nd and is still currently bleeding...at first it was about two weeks of spotting when I first started bur now I'm bleeding heavy...my doctor first told me to take the white pills and throw out the peach colored ones so I wouldn't have too much of a period which I didn't have a period at all for about 4 months after taking them..that was september and now since march I have been bleeding for 2 months...normally I would bleed about 10 r 8 days every other month..which also wasn't pleasant but it didn't last long..I would bleed at morning and be off by afternoon..I then would switch over and start to bleed in the afternoons and not in the morning at all.... F 18 10 months
 4  Endometriosis/Fibroids spotting for two weeks. moderate to severe cramps I was on Loestrin for four months and it was a nightmare. I expereinced every single side effect, and to make it worse, i gaind 16 pounds in 2 months because of the increased appetite. I went to my doctor and was switched to Low-Ogestrel. I felt better the very first week I took it. THANK GOD. But now that I am in my third month, I have been spotting and cramping for two weeks. F 34 2 months
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 4  birth control insatiable appetite developed during this period, accompanied by weight gain of 20 pounds. no other side effects. 18 5 months
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 5  Birth control No side effects I liked this pill when I took it several years ago, because it controlled my cycle with no break thru bleeding. It has low dose of hormones with a good balance & matches up to my body perfectly. Throughout the last 13 years I tried all the newer pills containing Norgestimate, Deogestrel & Drospirenone with too many side affects & BTB. So I have returned to Low-Ogestrel (Cryselle generic)and I am very pleased with it. F 49 1 months
 5  birth control No side effects from what I can tell. I was on Loestrin-24 and was not myself for the 6 months I took it. It made me moody and very depressesd. Now I feel normal again and no major changes in my period. F 23 3 months
 1  severe bleeding with period ACNE, moodiness, felt like post pardum returned, insomnia I asked my ob for a birth control pill that would not cause acne. he gave me one of the worst ones for acne (because of the high progestrin amount) F 31 2 months
 5  Perimenapause Symptoms None I started into perimenapause in my early 40's. Hot flashes, extreem mood swings, mind fog (pulled out onto a familiar street didn't know where I was)! , heart palapatations, panic attacks leading to an ekg for chest pains. Contarary to reports it's safer than prempro and estratest. Those caused the chest pains. F 49 7 years
 5  Birth control; severe cramps None. I began taking low-ogestrel after having given up on every pain killer on the market, and not willing to risk getting pregnant. I have taken it all but 3 months for nearly 6 years. I don't know of any side effect from taking the drug but the few times I stopped taking it, I can tell you how bad it's been: unbearable mentrual cramps where even tylenol with codeine doesn't kill the pain, flow like a river, and complete unpredictability about when my period will arrive. This pill is so wonderful I can even determine the hour in which it will arrive--not just the day. It's been a life saver. It's also available as generic and works just as well. Not expensive. I've also skipped it and it continues to work fine. F 31 5 years
 5  Birth Control Mild PMS Very light periods, no weight gain, no moodiness or other side effects. Very pleased. F 27 5 years