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 3  Graves Large welts and hives and itching I am on it fir the second time instead of iodine or surgery. F 63 14 days
6 mg a day 2X D
 4  Hyperthyroidism Just fatigue for a few minutes a day F 50 2 weeks
15mg a day
 2  Hyperthyroidism Excruciating muscle/nerve/joint pain in left hip and thigh. Feels so painful I canít stand up. Had my symptoms under control 80% and then all of a sudden I woke up with a sore hip and thigh that worsened to the point of excruciating pain. Been this way for a straight 20 hours F 49 1 months
15 mg
 3  hyperthyroidism taking for last 14 months. Still have hyperthyroidism symptoms, but have been hyperthyroid for over 17 years, so perhaps it will take longer to feel better. Main complaint: sore muscles and feels like arthritis is taking control of my joints. Don't know if I can stay on it much longer. F 70
5mg 1X D
 5  hyperthyroidism only when I took 20 mg/day did I feel warm tingling in feet. With monthly monitoring I'm down to 5 mg every 4th day. It works without trouble. Relieved & hope my thyroid stays happy. F 49 1 years
varies 1X D
 5  Graves Maybe yellowing of the eyes...but, not sure this is due to this medication. Medication saved me from radioactive iodine, but, must self monitor and adjust medication as needed. I seem to adjust seasonally.....was a new idea to my doctors but, they have seen that it does need adjusting....from a high of 20 mg in the Winter to a low of 5 mg in the summer. Drug company says works best if taken every 8 hours...but, doctors tend to say take once day day if on low dosage....but, my body responds better to taking every 8 hours....after 12 years....I monitor my blood pressure and heart rate daily....they both rise when my medication not adjusted properly and I get irregular heart beats...also can't sleep...so that is my first clue. Went into euthyroid state this year for 6 months when we traveled south over the Winter. Graves has returned this month after experiencing cold weather again- verified with a blood test... Only wish Methimazole would come in lower milligram amounts since 5 mg is the Recommend it for Graves disease. Europe and Japan used it for standard treatment of Graves until recently. Now doing more radioactive Iodine in Europe since American influence of treatment-that was a few years ago I read it in an Endocrinology journal but, haven't read recently if this is still true. Read the journals! Realize that they have to be vetted by other endocrinologists but, they help you understand your disease. I used to read them at the University library but, many are online now. F 60 12 years
varied 3X D
 4  Hyperthyroidism Worked GREAT on my thyroid; leveled out my numbers. I started to feel better after 2 weeks and kept feeling pretty well. UNFORTUNATELY, I was part of the minority that experienced elevated liver enzymes because of the drug and had to stop taking it immediately after my blood work. Definitely give this medicine a try, but definitely make sure your doctor orders a liver function test along with testing your thyroid levels. Only other side effect was my hair seemed to fall out more, get brittle, thinned out. Once I stopped the meds. though, that went away. Good luck! F 38 7 weeks
5 mg 1X D
 4  Graves Disease Skin rash and constant itching. I take the generic version of Tapazole, wonder if the name brand will have fewer side effects. F 47 45 days
 5  severe hyperthyroid (autoimmune) None. This drug saved my thyroid (possibly my life). Docs wanted to radiate it to shut it down; I had heard of a japanese study that used tapazole successfully. I took a small dose and had my T3 T4 TSH levels monitored closely each month. Then as the levels improved (which they did, from the very first month check) we gradually tapered. I recommend using a pill splitter and reducng the dosage verrrrrry gradually as your thyroid levels improve. In just under one year I was totally well, that was in 2002-2003 and I have had normal thyoid levels ever since. This is a miracle drug. F 48 1 years
 4  Hyperthyroid nil brought the hyperthyroid beast under control M 46 8 years

TAPAZOLE  (METHIMAZOLE):  Methimazole is used to treat overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism). It works by stopping the thyroid gland from making too much thyroid hormone.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)