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 5  Crohn's Disease Sleep disturbance initially. Stirred up candida giving me flu-like symptoms but an anti-candida diet has settled these down. The low Dose Naltrexone has certainly improved my symptoms. I was in a flare when I started. Brain fog lifted immediately; number of bowel motions halved and nausea lifted in first week. Tummy pains decreased significantly and weight stabilised. My energy levels fluctuate but there is some improvement. The flare I was in stopped and I have been able to reduce my prednisone from 10mg to 8mg in the 2 months I have been on LDN.I'm so pleased to be off 6-MP and reduce my prednisone to levels I haven't been able to do for over 10 years. I'm not completely symptom-free but LDN has worked without any of the awful side-effects other drugs have. This is a terrific med. F 54 2 months
4.5mg 1X D
 5  MS Absolutely none. Except vivid dreams the first week. In time, this will be seen as a wonder drug in the low dose. Patent expired, and thus, the drug companies have no incentive to help get this out. It is all word of mouth or the net. But, awareness is growing. To date, there are over 25 serious conditions which this drug helps. It has not helped me walk better with my MS, but it has helped with other things such as brain fog, fatigue, and even cognition. Beware of Nay sayers. They have an agenda. M 59 7 months
4.5 mg 1X D
 2  fibromyalgia Paranoia, extreme irritability. Fits of rage. Flew off the handle frequently while taking this. Once I figured out it was making me that way, I stopped it. Almost got a divorce, I was so mad at husband. Now that I'm off it, I'm not mad at him at all. F 55 10 days
4.5 mg 1X D
 5  Hepatitis c Early sleep disturbances but they passed after a week. Am taking 3 mg. Low Dose Naltrexone for Hepatitis C, which I started in Feb. 2009. My viral load dropped from over a million to 18,000 and my liver function tests are normal. Many other folks with various forms of Hepatitis are also having great results - at very low doses. Must be made at compounding pharmacy!!! F 57 9 months
 5  Multiple Sclerosis The first week, I think that I got less sleep, but when I got up in the morning, I felt so good that it did not matter. I think my dreams were more fun and memorable for the first week too. The lack of major side effects is not the point with Low Dose Naltrexone. This drug has given me my life back. By nine years after diagnosis, I was losing some mobility, had horrible mental fog, and fatigue that was truly debilitating. Within weeks of starting LDN, I felt like I could almost believe that I no longer had Multiple Sclerosis. I think that the worst thing is that it seems too good to be true and people hesitate to try it with such glowing reports. There are not side effects and no down side. At $30 per month, there is no harm and the potential for good is enormous. F 62 7 months
 4  Derealization Depersonalization Very vivid dreams, feel very lazy, depression I take LDN 4.5mgs every night. It helps amazingly well with my derealization and anxiety. About a 50-75% reduction. The only problem now is I feel way more depression than I did before. I'm going to try a mood stabilizer and a antidepressant soon and see what happems. M 32 4 weeks
 5  Fibromyalgia none I took LDN - 4.5mg - and within 1 hr. felt all warm and fuzzy. This lasted 2-3 hrs. The fatigue was lifted and it felt like I was on opiods, but I wasn'! Wonderful! M 25 5 days
 5  Crohn's disease Vivid dreaming for a week I'm taking LOW DOSE NALTREXONE (LDN) for Crohn's disease. It's definitely helping with the symptoms after immunosuppressants stopped working. It ALSO cleared up my arthritis pain. My wife noted that my arthritis pain was gone and she started taking it for her arthritis pain. Her arthritis pain is now gone also. I highly recommend LDN. M 67 5 months
 3  Sjogren's Syndrome (AI-disease) Increased FT3 (thyroid hormone), sweating, racing heart, increased painful dry mouth, deeper and longer sleep, lower libido I took LOW DOSE NALTREXONE (LDN) in an effort to improve Sjogren's Syndrome (an auto-immune disease). I hoped it would improve the dry mouth especially, but the opposite happened. I read LDN could aid auto-immune diseases, so I thought I'd give it a try... However, something very unexpected happened. My T3-level (thyroid hormone) shot through the roof in a matter of 2 weeks. I also have hypothyroidism for which I take meds, but it's not AI-related as no antibodies have ever been found. I only took 1.5 mg of LDN, solved it in water and kept under the tongue for 2 minutes before swallowing. Even though I lowered the thyroid meds by a third, I couldn't shake the hyper symptoms. So I quit after 4 weeks. LDN did improve the dry eyes some. Contrary to what is to be expected, I also experienced lowered libido (someone suggested this was due to the hightened T3)... Might try again later at a lower dose. F 41 30 days
 1  Opiate abuse Dysphoria, depression and suicidal. Would not encourage anyone to use this as the side effects outweighed any benefits. M 41 3 months
 4  Self-Injury While Sleeping Feeling like there were knots in my stomach I didn't have problems with it. It helped some. F 26 4 months
 4  Quit alcohol Possibly some dizziness, could be stimulating for me. Not sure about nausea, could be Campral I am taking also. For the short time being I have no craving & don't even crave carbs or sweets which usually accompanies abstinence from alcohol. I have a script for 6 months, not sure how long I'll take it. I am staying in close contact with my doc. No treatment for personal reasons, no after care, no AA, no nothing, just back to personal values that work and good healthy hobbies. M 52 2 weeks
 4  alcohol abuse Tiredness, some loss of libido. Great at reducing the cravings. Have abstained so far. M 47 45 days
 4  alchohol abuse super tired, that's it. It works, it gets rid of jitters and sweats and decreases craving F 33 3 months
 4  Heroin addiction Upset stomach (very unpleasant), difficulty sleeping, nervousness, loss of appetite (because of upset stomach), decreased sexual functioning It's taken away the cravings so I guess the side effects are worth it. Maybe the side effects will go away with time. F 24 7 days
 3  Alcohol addiction Jitty legs, nightmares, decreased libido. Has not totally diminished desire to drink. M 35 1 years
 3  heroin addict i do not have the euphoria in me. M 30 4 years
 5  Trichotillomania, OCD, ADHD Somewhat sedating This drug was miraculous. It stopped my constant pacing and hair-pulling immediately. Some of these behaviors resumed slightly after the first day, but leveled off at about 20% of what they were before. This drug rocks. M 38 1 weeks