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 1  Postpartum preclampsia Night terrors, headache, anxiety /depression F 34 1 months
100mg 2X D
 1  Hypertension Anxiety, pounding heart, chest tightness, shortness of breath, extreme dizziness, seemed to make ears ring more Sad to say, I felt normal with my high blood pressure.. this made me feel like I was having a heart attack and the dizziness was horrible. It definitely compelled me to start making lifestyle changes and see if I can manage it naturally with just the 25mg hctz that I've been taking. F 37 5 days
100 MG 2X D
 1  HBP after birth Was prescribed this for high BP after giving brith. Started on 200mg 3x per day. Made me pretty dizzy after each dose. After a month PP, my doctor started decreasing the dose. I started having very bad anxiety symptoms. I felt crazy! I assumed it was just postpartum, but once I was finally off the drug the anxiety went away. I also have muscle pain, tingling in my back and arms. I also felt chest pain and irregular heartbeats once off of it. It has been almost two weeks off the drug and I still have muscle pains/tingling that comes and goes. I have read that although rare, this drug can cause toxic myopathy. It should resolve now that I am off it. This drug is not even good at regulating BP! If you are postpartum there are other better drugs that are safe while nursing. F 36 2 months
200MG 3X D
 2  Hypertension- trying to get pregnan Terrible side effects. Tingling scalp, face/neck tingling, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, fatigue, no energy, anxiety and brain fog F 26 14 days
100mg bid 2X D
 1  After pregnancy Try to weaning off 3 years. Every months drop 2-3 milligrams. Filling like die. Anxiety, nervous system weak. Body shake, dizziness. Blood sugar drop. Stomach upset. Poison pills. F 35 3 years
100 2X D
 1  High blood pressure 50 Fast heart rate, weakness, shakiness, tremors, anxiety, throbbing in neck and ears, feeling hollowness and coldness in chest. HORRIBLE MED...THOUGHT I WOULD DIE after only 4 tablets. F 74 2 days
50mg 2X D
 1  HBP I had 5 episodes spaced over 7 months after being on this drug for 10 months. Severe dizziness as in total detachment from surroundings. I could see everything but visually felt like I was somewhere else. Complete loss of muscle strength in arms and legs resulting in falling once down stairs, falling in my garden, 2 times collapsing on my bed If I could make it to my bedroom. The third time I did not make it and my legs gave out. And one time extreme tingling whole body as I was standing up from being down on the floor and loss of muscle strength! I had to slide carefully down three flights of stairs because my legs were so weak. This drug was the only change/addition to my daily routine. My rheumatologist said it was vasovagol but No way. Never ever had experiences like this anytime in my life until I went on this med. It was like something completely took over my body and pushed it around, caused intense nausea in a few of the episodes. It took everything for me to get into the house and make it to my bed to lay down until it passed. Then it was like a truck hit me, I was done for about 2 weeks. I am being taken off this drug slowly. I will not ever take it again. The medical jury is still out but I am convinced it's the Labetalol! F 70 19 months
100 mgs 2X D
 3  Resistant hypertension This medication did lower my b/p from 160/90 to 137/80, but I was too weak and tired to do anything but sleep. I was weak muscled, fatigued, body tingling, and out of breathe. I felt like I had chronic fatigue syndrome issues. I even went to the ER over chest pain it caused. Try alternatives if possible. Labetalol made me feel awful even though the dr. told I needed to give my body time to adjust. I have to work and I struggled with ADL's from the side effects. M 54 2 weeks
900mg/dail 3X D
 2  Postpartum Gestational Hypertension Was diagnosed with postpartum gestational hypertension 3 days postpartum and OB put me on this 200mg/2x per day. The side effects were especially terrible and intense in the beginning, ranging from severe congestion to chest pain, complete loss of appetite, tingling in scalp, shaking in entire body, headache, nausea, diarrhea, rash on leg, hot flashes, lightheaded, ringing in ears, just to name some. After having been on it for three weeks now, I will say the side effects have somewhat evened out, however, there still seems to be a new one that pops up every other day or so. The worst side effect, for me, is a severe increase in anxiety, especially about 4 hours before the next dose is due. It almost feels like a withdrawal effect. I have an appointment with my OB in a couple days and will be discussing options to switch because the side effects just don't seem to outweigh the benefits of staying on this drug. F 36 3 weeks
200mg 2X D
 1  Bp was high and had a mild stroke Experience tired ness lack of energy. Can't do anything A/p F 62 12 months, 2X D
 3  preeclampsia headache, chest tightening, insomnia, constipation, difficulty urinating, anxiety This medication helped lower my BP, but every time it wore off I would feel my heart racing, shakiness, some breathlessness, congestion, heart palpitations and anxiety. I've been off of it for a week now and for the first few days experienced extreme weakness and now severe insomnia plus anxiety. I've read that withdrawal from beta-blockers can cause feelings of weakness because your heart has to work harder once off of them, and your adrenals will flood your body as well since they're suppressed while on them. I still feel a bit weak, with some shallow breathing and have loads of anxiety. F 36 6 weeks
200 mg 2X D
 1  Hypertension trying to get pregnant Severe anxiety, depression, lack of interest, lack of energy, tingling scalp, feeling of being on the verge of a panic attack at all times. I went in to the Dr. Office in a great mood, so happy with my life despite not being able to get pregnant. Dr. Thought hbp may be inhibiting implantation. I took the first pill right away that day. Next day I was so blue, depressed, completely anxiety ridden. Now by day 4 along with my tingling scalp, I have become so anxiety ridden and totally miserable and unable to parent that I started searching random symptoms and came to this page just in time to not feel crazy any more!!!!! F 40 4 days
100mg 2X D
 1  High blood pressure Tingly scalp itching extremely bad all over, fatigue, many many more to list but my 24 yr girlfriend died of an aneurism and a stroke, she was on this medication 2 different times during two different pregnancys and always told me this medication is very bad. All the side effects or reactions were not realized untill afterwards and also resulted in two of her kids bieng taken by cps for a dirty drug test for methanphetimines just exactly at 1000ml when it becomes a positive at exactly 1000ml 6 months after she stopped taking this medication she died from such an extreme stroke and aneurysm! This drug should absolutely be recalled and is dangerous! It causes bradycardia which my daughter was born with 3 months premature, while given this medication and i firmly believe its a direct result of my girlfriends death and i will not rest or give up until i can prove it and its recalled. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG! THIS DRUG IS VERY VERY BAD AND IS A DIRECT RESULT OF THIS DRUG MY 24 YR OLD GIRLFRIEND PASSED AWAY FROM A ANEURISM AND A STROKE! WHEN SHE WAS ALIVE SHE TOLD ME THIS MEDICATION IS VERY BAD AND I INTEND ON PROVING IT. F 24 100 days
300mg 1X D
 2  HBP Arm & hand numbness. Numbness in face, arm pain & headaches. Feeling shaky & tired. Also have extreme anxiety on this medication. Feel so much better after reading these comments. Thought I was going crazy. This medication side effects are terrible would not recommend. Still hasn't helped lower blood pressure. F 24 14 days
200 2X D
 1  HBP Omg my family thought I was having postpartum symptoms. I was fine after having my baby. I went in for routine and my BP was high and stayed high for a while so I was recommended this medication. Worst feeling ever. My head felt like fire. My feet burned a lot. I would feel funning twitches in my body. A little anxiety started creeping up on me. I do not want this medication. It made me miserable. F 30 21 days
100mg 2X D
 3  Postpartum preeclampsia Tingling and numbness in legs and fingers. Tingling in scalp. Chest pain. Slow heart rate. Difficulty breathing.anxiety attacks. Brain fog. Night swears and chills. Weakness dry mouth. Loss of appetite. Pain I really think that this medication should be reevaluated by the FDA. F 44 4 months
500 3X D
 1  Hypertension after pregnancy Numbness of the lips, tingly scalp, severe hair loss, overall body weakness, loss of energy. This medication was fine for the fist month. After the first month I began to feel extremely weak and tired all the time. By the time I was two months in my hair began coming out in globs each time I brush or wash. F 36 3 months
200 2X D
 5  High blood pressure Dizziness,tiredness Allover, it works for me. I also use 2.5 mg amlodipine F 75 4 years
50mg bid 1X D
 4  High blood pressure after birth Side effects Tired numbness tingling scalp just wanted to sleep It done my blood pressure really good F 41 12 months
600 to 200 2X D
 3  High blood pressure Excessive tiredness along side aching in the morning and Night terrors F 28 30 days
2X D

LABETALOL HCL  (LABETALOL HYDROCHLORIDE):  Labetalol is used with or without other medications to treat high blood pressure (hypertension). Lowering high blood pressure helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, and kidney problems. This medication is both an alpha blocker and beta blocker. It works by blocking the action of certain natural chemicals in your body such as epinephrine on the heart and blood vessels. This effect lowers the heart rate, blood pressure, and strain on the heart.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)