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 2  Period control For some reason it gave me bad acne. But it works for period regulation F 15 1 weeks
 1  BC bleeding for three weeks (wish it could stop), high sex drive, loss of appetite, extreme hair lose, hot flashes, agitated,severe headache, feel like i have a kidney infection. first time been on bc and i dont think i want to be on it anymore F 23 3 weeks
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 3  Regulate period/ contraceptive Monthly yeast infections before my period and mood swings. I was on cryselle for 2 years prior and loved it. My doctor switched me to Trivora and I suddenly had many yeast infections. Finally switched back to a monophasic, azurette, hopefully better luck with it. F 20 1 years
 2  To clear up acne Extreme weight gain, bloating, mood swings, increased acne around period, shorter but heavier period, growth in breasts, sore/tenderness in breasts. I'm thinking about coming off of Trivora because it has made me gain 20+ pounds in the past 8 months that I have been taking it. Also I still have my acne, not as severe as before but its still there. Trivora also made my breasts increase, I am already big breasted and now they are even bigger, which causes many problems for me since I am an athlete. Trivora also has shortened my period which used to be light from 8 days to 3-4 days, and it has become very very very heavy. I usually used to have terrible migraines with my period before Trivora, but ever since taking Trivora I haven't really experienced them as horribly as before. Overall I am pretty sure I am going to be coming off of Trivora. F 16 8 months
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 5  to prevent pregnancy I love this birth control. I have been taking it since last march and it works perfectly. I have regularly periods, cramps only last 1 day maybe the half of day 2. I've always had crazy mood swings so the pill doesn't Really affect me there and I haven't gotten pregnant. Yay to Trivora! F 19 1 years
 2  prevent pregnancy I originally was on depo provera and was loving it but however needed to have a period, first switched to trinessa which I was experiencing nausia, lower back pain, bad cramps, exhaustion and mild sore boobs. Then my family physician switched me to trivora ( had been on it when I was about 18 or 19 and had no problem with it). Well my nausia had got really bad, I would over heat, many time I ate, I would get nausiated and sick to my stomach, my boobs hurt constantly, had constipation, lower back pain, really horrible abdominal cramps, first month had long period and 2nd month had spottin first day then light light period for 2 maybe three days, and also have horrible headaches, seriosuly making me think I am pregnant and also been asked more than a few time if I am indeed pregnant. Don't really know if all this is from trivora but none of these are going away. I'm talking to my birth control doctor this month to see if I should switch. F 22 3 months
 4   1 days
 1   Started going to a new dr. and he felt that the dose contained in my previous pills was too high. I have tried everything from the patch, depo (which gave me a light period for 6 months straight) and various brands of pills. Since staring trivora I have basically turned into a basket case. I have been experiencing bouts of depression, anxiety, and severe mood swings where I find myself gettig very angry for no apparent reason. All of this is accompanied by sporadic crying fits that I cannot seem to control. It is comforting to know that other people were having similar experiences... I will be calling my dr. on Monday to get a different pill! F 31 9 months
 1  Prevent Pregnancy weight gain, never full after eating, severe mood swings, paranoid, weird discharge, shorter periods, decrease in sex drive. F 18 2 months
 2  Reduce endo. pain & contraceptive Horrible, debilitating nausea which did not begin until nearly 10 months after starting it; depression, hair loss, anxiety, breathing difficulty, chest pain. F 28 2 years
 2  To not get pregnant. Yeast infection, irritability, more anxious,nausea, sleeplessness, headaches, emotional, loss of appetite. Less acne. F 32 10 weeks
 3  removal of IUD I had my IUD removed for some time now. After removal I gave my self time to get back to norm. But I don't like the feeling of worrying about when my period coming when I ovulate or being in the heat of the moment. My doctor originally prescribed DEPO. I took the prescription home never got it processed that was November. I went back to the doctor feb. For STI panel and hand him bk. Prescription stating DEPO want be for me when he suggested the I'm not good at time nor swallowing but for now it ain't bad. A little nausea, bowl movement, increase hunger, irritable and moody..naw I can't say it is so bad as of now. Moving forward I just hope it suit the purpose. I will not allow my hormones to get out of wack. F 32 8 days
 1  Birth Control EXTREME weight gain. I was on the Depo shot for about two years. That worked great for me but I was terrified of needles and had to stop getting it because it was stressing me out. I switched to the pill. I hate it. I gained so much weight. 20 lbs. And I cannot, for the life of me, lose it. It was so rapid I thought there was something wrong. F 21 2 years
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 1  Birth Control Mood swings, NO SEX DRIVE! I have been on this pill for several years and have had no sex drive. I thought it was just stress in life but after doing some research I am finding this is a major side effect. It's ruining my new marriage and is not good. I also have terrible mood swings for no reason. I am not depressed but get angry easily which I am typically not that type of person. Will discontinue immediately. F 28 2 years
.15mg/.03m 1X D
 1  birth control constant headaches, nauseau, late cycle, weight gain, appetitie increased, never feel full, low sex drive, cranky and emotional F 38 45 days
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 3  Preventing pregnancy Increased sex drive (yay), increased appetite, weight gain, irritability, constant fatigue I wouldn't mind taking this if it weren't for the weight gain. It is very hard for me to maintain my weight due to physical reasons, and just when I was finally satisfied with my weight I was set back due to this pill. It beats getting preggers though. I can deal with everything else. I just wish it didn't make me CONSTANTLY HUNGRY or tired. I hope the symptoms don't increase over time; I've only been taking it for 16 days. F 22 16 days
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 5   Had to post after reading all of the negative comments. Ive been on trivora for years, I have no spotting, i have 2 day periods, no weight gain, great sex drive, no achene, no thinning hair. Very light cramps, and typical modswings 2 days before starting. And best of all im not pregnant. It been great. No complaints! 34 6 days
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 1  Couldn't afford name brand I had the most AWFUL incessant itching in my breasts with Trivora. F 37 60 days
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 2  Birth Control I am usually a very calm and collected person and this drug has made me become just the opposite of that. I feel like crying all the time for no reason. Minor problems seem like much bigger issues to me so I stress out very often. Somewhat depressed and my sex drive has decreased significantly. I originally was on Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo which gave me very little side effects. I switched because of money issues and also I had felt Ortho-Tri-Cyclen Lo had made me gain some weight. Now I think i'd rather have a few extra pounds instead of the emotional insecurity this pill has caused. I'm switching back at the end of this month. It's worth to pay some extra money for Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo. F 26 6 months
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 1  Birth Control nausea, fatigue, breast tenderness, increased appetite, low sex drive I started taking trivora about eight months ago and since then I have had absolutely no sex drive, an hour after i take my pill i have horrible nausea, i'm always exhausted, my breasts almost always hurt, and I'm never full. I also noticed my discharge is much heavier and thicker and has an awful smell that i have never had before. I do not have any sexual diseases so the smell does not make sense. I have problems sleeping and am always depressed. My periods are shorter, but they also come late in the month and give me that worry of a pregnancy. This is not the birth control for me and I feel that looking at the comments, most people in my age frame have the same problems. I understand that it is one of the cheapest birth controls out there, but I'm starting to realize that for a little more money a month all of these problems could go away. F 21 8 months
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