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   DEA Schedule III   

 Type: Rx Drug

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 1  pudendal nerve pain hallucinated and felt emotionally dependant..could not stand to be left alone, it was frightning.. when they first started giving me the IV i stopped breathing n could not respond to the nurse eyes were open but i could not move n thought i was dying.The nurse called on the phone to the right of me , by my bed , and she was saying " she's not breathing, she cant speak, but her eyes r open" She was decribing me and i heard every word but was frozen. It was hell ..i finally spoke and my first words were " Am i dying? " Even days later , after i was sent home , i would close my eyes n see specks of light flashing and would see arial views of towns like i was tripping. it was hell . I had an actual nerve injury and tripping on Ketamine did not help me in any way ... please do your research ...this was one of the most frightening experiences of any of my treatments , if the dr told me what to expect i would not have been as afraid ...however if i had to do it again now that it is over i would NEVER CONSIDER GOING NEAR KETAMINE EVER AGAIN IN ANY FORM OR DOSE F 52 3 days
 1  pectus repair surgery My daughter was given ketamine during a surgery to remove a nuss bar following pectus repair. She had horrible hallucinations for several hours following. Her screams disturbed the entire floor of the hospital. She was speaking about her sister and family being tortured and would end with horrifying screaming and then appear to pass out. It happened again and again and again for several hours. Needless to say, it was tough on all of us. That surgery was about 10 months ago. Since then, she has had 3 "flashbacks". Although not nearly as severe, she feels everything is unreal, feels overwhelmed and anxious and emotionally distraught. F 13 1 days
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 5  Bipolar depression None Ketamine infusion worked great on me. The infusion is extremely pleasurable. M 61 3 weeks
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 4  Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) My initial infusion in ICU was a 7day continual intravenously. I had severe hallucinations, nausea, anxiety, fever, etc.... Then came in every 3mths for a 2day (4hrs daily) booster. My leg immediately warmed up, and the pain eased up. Which for anyone with RSD, any little bit of easing of pain is GLORIOUS!!! Will continue to do ketamine for treating my RSD. F 45 1 years
 1  DDS snuck it into my sedative 8 hrs of post op horrors Make sure your Dr dose not try and talk you into taking it- it isnt necessary, its just to cover his ass, at your comfort. M 51
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