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 ANTIANXIETY    DEA Schedule IV   

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 5  PTSD, ANXIETY & HYPERTENSION None I was in an abusive marriage for decades.In 2009,my BP went sky high.After much testing,Drs thought I had renal artery stenosis.Im extremely sensitive to drugs w/anaphylaxis to many antibiotics.I read reviews for a variety of BP meds,& was afraid I'd react.I tried the lowest dosage of Norvasc,& my BP rose to 250/135.I switched to Plendil &had the worst headache of my life &crashed into a divider on the parkway.Then I was given atenolol.It was like an amphetamine.I felt depersonalized, couldn't sleep or swallow.After almost giving up,I saw a neurologist who concluded I was suffering from yrs of complex PTSD.He prescribed alprazalom 0.25mg/2x/day.It lowered my BP as well.There are days I only take it at night & am out like a light in no time.I realize I will have to be on this the rest of my life due to its addictive factor but I don't care since it quells my anxiety. I did notice a difference in brands.I was originally put on Actavis.Then the pharmacist gave me Dava.It did nothing for me.My anxiety was high as well as my BP. I went back to Actavis & it worked.After reading about Greenstone,I think I will have my doctor order that brand. Just a note.I read on a forum that if you are trying to taper off Xanax, tyou have to step down via Valium-1mg Xanax=10mg of Valium. Don't know if this is true or not,but from people who have weaned off,they were given that protocol. F 68 12 years
0.50mg 2X D
 5  PTSD & mass anxiety Side effects all depend on time of day taken. Although an addictive drug, I've never abused and have gone without to affirm I control myself not the drug M 38 16 years
2mg 2X D
 5  Ptsd, panic attacks...anxiety disor None Tried zoloft..lexapro etc..all had horrible side effects. This saved my life. I was homebound almost in my 30s . Was put on disability because of the PTSD etc. I will probably be on this for life..but that's ok. Better than panic attacks and not functioning. Would I rather not take them...yes..but then I would have not been hit by a car ..had cancer 3 x and an mentally abusive marriage. I would love to be like normal people and not have anxiety and fear. Dont judge those who really need this gives back their life. F 72 30 days
O.5mg 3X D
 5  Gad,ptsd, fibromyalgia Was on 6mg of clonazopam that caused insomnia suicidal ideation mood swings. Alprozolam no side effects with right generic After multiple meds tried even antihistamines and antidepressants I was put on this 2mg 4x day which I break through the day as needed when I was brought to 3 it helped the attacks but not as much especially living down the street from a horrible house fire that almost killed my family and took 5 fur babies from me. I was taken off 3 months and doc put me back on seen right through me trying to hide the anxiety. I do the work, not just depend on meds but the meds with the counseling and other things helps me function day to day i seemed to benefit more from xr and ir doses in between but I'm managing pretty well manufacture matters sandoz gave me severe migraine activis works great 1mg Dava as well: sandoz not only didn't work I could not tolerate at all but my breast feeding baby with epilepsy didn't do well either. This med has saved me from the frequent attacks and unknownly saved the life of my twin baby targeting his gaba receptors before I even knew he had a gaba gene defect when I attempted to taper off breast milk he went into seizures due to the genetic defect no one knew he had so for many this might be the devil drug but to many it's literally a life saver especially having a fear of ur house burning again in ur sleep and not knowing if you'll wake up to one of your twins breathing or not. I'm functional there is no high my hands aren't trembling so bad ppl see it I'm actually happy and don't have the feeling of doom daily for no reason. Between my work my faith 34 5 years
2mg 2X D
 1  Dr said I was to upset Iím losing memory, I donít feel anything but extreme sadness n cry all the time, I donít sleep ,very bad insomnia I have lost faith of ever getting off of it, itís poison to kill u Begging you to never even try it when u run out u want out of your skin,,crying that doesnít stop all I want to do is die, no life left Depersonalization F 63 7 years
.025 3X D
 5  Trauma from extreme radial domestic 0 days
1X D
 5  Anxiety, PTSD, I honestly have to admit that I probably should have never been put on Xanax, but because I was set up with a psychiatrist back in 1992 who started me out on Xanax 1mg 3 times daily with 5 refills. I will be totally honest here, I was a prescription narcotic drug addict with an addiction to vicodin, Lortab, Demerol, etc.. I got my life together and got off of prescription pain pills. After I got my life together, I suffered a horrible encounter that left me with PTSD and anxiety. Xanax can be a great medication if both the patient and physician are honest with each other and work out a plan with set goals to reach. M 48 20 years
0.5mg 4 x 4X D
 5  Anxiety, Panic Attacks None While I don't like being dependent on a medication, it works extremely well for me. I've been well aware for years that I'll most likely be taking this the rest of my life as the withdrawal process doesn't sound like fun, but I'm fine with that. Also, as someone else mentioned, Greenstone brand is easily the best generic. It's actually made in the same facility as the brand (Xanax) and it's the only one I use. If you can use it responsibly (with a prescription) on an as-needed basis and it works for you - great. It's very effective for most people but try to keep it short term if possible. If you've taken it for a while do not stop taking it abruptly. Good Luck! M 67 25 years
1 MG 4X D
 5  Severe anxiety, agoraphobia Initially prescribed 0.5mg up to 2mg per day PRN and required 1.5mg just to get out of the house every day for approx 2 months then gradually reduced to zero over next few months. Subsequently taking PRN, usually 0.5mg when my anxiety would otherwise prevent me from going to work/leaving the house, usually 3-4 times per week. It saved my life and works perfectly for me. Completely alleviates anxiety with immediate effect. Without it I would have been in an institution, prison or grave 10 years ago. Iíve once taken 2.5mg before a speech, it was necessary and effective for my level of anxiety to get through those 2hrs but I did have to sleep immediately afterwards for about 4hrs. Over 10 yrs taking PRN, only when needed. At the most difficult times Iíve taken 1.5mg every day for a few months then gradually reduced with no ill effect. Once when it was stopped abruptly, caused grand mal seizures. Always adjust the dose gently if youíre taking this for several years. F 39 10 years
0.5mg 1X AN
 5  Acute anxiety None Works perfectly. For people currently taking Clonazepam, Alprozolam has an XR (extended release) formula FYI. Allows me to communicate better with my friends, family and co-workers. Changed my life. Beware of cheap generics like Accord and Mylan. They use fillers & binders which alter absorption and can make the medication useless. I prefer Sandoz, Greenstone, Dava, Brekenridge and Activas (TEVA). M 55 38 years
.50mg PRN 1X D
 4  Anxiety, Depression Usually none, but every now and then I would come down and feel a bit more depressed than usual. First off, I am not one who believes in taking this (or most) medicine indefinitely. All drugs are poison, period. The only reason I believe I did not become addicted is because I rarely would take it more than once a week. Believe me, I wish I could find a natural alternative this strong. My anxiety is completely emotional and not a disorder (I'm sure some doctors would like to label me otherwise). The truth is, depending on the situation, I just want to feel numb. The drug has been a lifesaver at work when I am unable to control my emotions naturally. I am terrified of taking SSRIs, and this is an alternative to help stabilize my mood at times. And yes, this drug was prescribed to me, and my doctor is fully aware of how I take it. If you have self control I believe this medicine is very helpful. Otherwise addiction seems highly likely. F 37 3 years
0.25 MG 1X AN
 5  Anxiety Relax and sleep good Its relaxing F 49 2 days
2 mg 2X D
 5  Panic, Nervious, Anxiety none I have a Rx for .25 mg twice per day max. I take 1 tab rarely in a day, in fact about 4 times a week I take 1/4 of a .25mg tablet. That's a very small dose .175mg and it stops my mind from racing when i am trying to go to sleep, hard to believe. If i have bad situations i take 1 tab at any time during day but that will usually make me dopey. I have read other comments and they are all correct IF YOU DON"T GET GREENSTONE then don't buy it! I am here today to confirm my suspicions that all the other generics make you feel jittery and hung over next day etc. I had the pharmacy put that note for me "fill with GREENSTONE ONLY" Well i picked up a refill 3 weeks ago and just opened it last night *&^%$# they used another generic, i took half tab to go to sleep and it kept me awake. Now i have to complain to pharmacy and i know there's nothing anyone will do about it. *&^%$ M 63 10 years
.25 mg 1X D
 4  Panic attacks Ok when I was first px I would not touch it as it was px off label and made me feel sad, emotional, weird. I had that dose for a few years however my health rapidly declined I was betrayed by my employer and mentor, it was a plethora of trauma esp no longer able to work in my trade. I have always been skeptical of all things I hear as none of us have the same chemistry. So the Drs gave me higher doses while I was getting worse but once my chronic illness rendered me debilitated all the drugs px became well I'm sure you know. Why a Psychiatrist who knew explicitly the narcos I was px jumped me from 2 xan to 4 then 10 I thought id have sex with anything... I was not aware my inhibitions would be GONE even alcohol can't do that to me that Dr. Was very inappropriate and he abandoned me with no referral which is my States law (I violated o) in fact I was tapering all alone, all me all research and I have been doing great I'm down to . 5 you guys but every day I feel I'm gonna leave this world. It is no way to live and that's thanks to this Actavis peach trash. Oh all my pills are peach too and there's nothing worse than popping Adderall instead of pain med and then the Xanax wtf is wrong with Actavis??? I mean maybe I have renal disease or worse despite my drug breaks they aren't effective and theActavis wtf this has already put the kabosh on my taper. I forgot to tell u I am px 3 .5 a day and wow I am snippy, I saw someone tell a woman she couldn't withdrawal so fast. These ppl F 44 12 years
 5  Anxiety, insomnia Makes me sleepy. Allows me to function. Helps prevent nightmares. F 67 5 years
 4  Anxiety attacks Dry mouth I could not function without them. Butch they forgot to tell me there highly addicting, and you will die if you try to get off them. F 52 20 years
2 3X D
 1  Insomnia Aggressive behavior, anhedonia, anxiety, cognitive impairment, impaired judgement, memory loss, mood swings, loss of creativity, suicidal ideation, hearing changes, joint pain, photophobia, tinnitus. I received zero informed consent. This drug is only intended for use <2-4 weeks. F 57 7 years
4 MG
 3  Depression, Anxiety, sleep Walking a tight rope without a circus net DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG BEFORE CLONAZEPAM BENZO FIRST** xanax should be the last resort in your search for the right solution to your symptoms. If you're looking for beware addictive, you're already looking at this drug for the wrong intention. When used as directed, which is rare but I never take more than prescribed nor do I want to. For me it isn't a euphoric pleasure. It does what it's supposed to. People abuse this drug and lose their lives. If you even drive and get into an accident while prescribed this medication, you will get a DUI, that's how serious it is. I once took 20 2mg pills a day 10 at a time AT LEAST and donít remember weeks of my life. Only when I abused it did I feel that high When I fell asleep at the wheel and hit a car head on and wake up 3 days later did I learn what had happen and I still didnít even remember that last week. SCARY FEELING! Only when I went to prison did I realize I had a problem. Yet today I still take it. Today I take 2 pills a day and never more because I cant stand the groggy feeling the next day and I only take it when absolutely needed and before bed because I just want to sleep. I donít stay up waiting for a high. Ot took me a long time to ride this bull that I vastly underestimated. Now I have will power and see how useful this medication is when taken as prescribed and not abused like a drug. Theres a thin line from xanax being a drug or med. Clonopine is safer and a cleaner benzo imo. It lasts longer too. I beg you M 34 7 years
2MG x day
 4  Anxiety No side-effects, but I was addicted to benzodiazepines. Alprazolam is the best medication against anxiety, but the bad thing is that you get addicted to it. I'm still addicted of benzodiazepines, but have changed alprazolam to clonazepam for about 15 years ago. M 37 6 months
2 mg 3X D
 5  Anxiety, Panic attacks, PTSD If I was given Dava, Actavis, Qualitest, Purepac, or Mylan, either they didn't work or made my anxiety and panic attacks worse. The only generics that work are Greenstone or Sandoz. Original Xanax works the best if I could afford it. The FDA should remove the bad ones from circulation, especially Dava which has an ingredient that is actually formaldehyde as a filler. I actually take 1MG 4x daily and one 2MG to sleep. I originally started off at 0.5MG once or twice a day in 2000 but had to increase the dosage when situations made my conditions worse. M 63 15 years
1MG 4X D

ALPRAZOLAM  (ALPRAZOLAM):  Alprazolam is used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. It belongs to a class of medications called benzodiazepines which act on the brain and nerves (central nervous system) to produce a calming effect. It works by enhancing the effects of a certain natural chemical in the body (GABA).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)