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 2  UTI Since I started taking this medication my joints (elbows, wrist and ankles) are aching, I feel extremely tired and my head feels cloudy. I feel restless and I can't sleep. I can count on one hand how many times I've had to take medicine in my lifetime. I don't particularly care for medicine. This is my first UTI and hopefully my last. F 42 7 days
100MG 2X D
 1  UTI I was taking this as a prophylactic treatment. At first, no side effects. Then, night sweats, anxiety. Then, joint pain. Then, vomiting. I stopped taking it at that point, but took it again when I experienced UTI symptoms. This time, I had full-blown anaphylaxis. Drug worked great for a while so I was reluctant to stop taking it; this was stupid because I wound up in the ER quite suddenly when I took it again. Strangely, the allergic symptoms (hives and vomiting) never really subsided, and doctors are keeping me on steroids (6 months later). F 44
as needed 2X D
 1  Bladdar infection TIRED, FLU-LIKE SYMPTOMS, HEAVY-FEELING LUNGS, THEN RASH!! I had adverse reactions to this med before and my doctor's nurse made a mistake (she just admitted it on the phone) and gave it to me again!! I hope I don't have permanent damage to my lungs!! F 59 5 days
2X M
 5  prevension of recurrent UTI None I've been taking 100 mg as a UTI preventative for 30 years and it works great. M 55 30 years
 2  IC/UTI Nitrofurantion was prescribed on a long term basis for a 13 month period for a recurring UTI. The dose prescribed was 100 mg twice daily. A generic by EON was taken. After a few weeks, I started getting easily tired with ordinary things like shopping, etc. But I did not attribute it to the medicine. After 11 months, I started having chest pains that imitated a heart attack. After a hospital stay with a complete heart evaluation, there was no heart problem found. The evaluation continued , with the gall bladder under suspicion. Still the medication was not suspected by any physician. The medication was taken until the end of the 13th month. Three months later with no medication, the cardiac symptoms returned. Two days in the hospital with tests showed no cardiac problems. The medication was restarted for a return of the UTI after being off a total of 8 months. Problems started soon thereafter with symptoms pointing to the gall bladder. Still the medicine was not suspected by a My Urologist prescribes this medicine often, and most patients have no problem with it. My case was a rare occurance, but it has been a living hell. My recommendation is that the taking of this medicine over a long period of time (months) should be with close monitoring by the physician prescribing it. When a rare catastrophe hits a patient, it's not rare to the victim, and the physical damage could be permanent. F 81 13 months
 5  self-cath/uti's Haven't noticed any adverse side effects yet. I've taken this in the past to cure UTI's caused by self catheterizing and it worked rapidly. I've now been prescribed a daily (100mg) ongoing dose to prevent UTI's from self-catheterizing. I've been using it for about 30 days and have noticed no adverse side effects yet. Keeps urine clear. M 54 30 days
 3  UTI It left me rather agitated, had trouble sleeping, also made me feel sort of clumsy and jerky. Not pleasant. It did clear up the bladder infection, but it was pretty rough being so anxious and agitated for a week. F 47 1 weeks