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 1  Uti Absolutely horrendous, feelt extremely cold , shakeing, severe headache, chest tightness, sore throat and jaw, and extreme nausea. Phoned GP who says it's an allergic reaction and going to prescribe amoxicillin F 47 3 days
100 2X D
 1  UTI Anxiety, paranoia, night sweats, hallucinations, vivid dreams, lethargy, nausea, emotional These were horrific. I felt like the majority of the time I was stoned but not in a good way. My anxiety and paranoia levels were ridiculous. They also made me cry at everything. I ended up only taking the doses at night time because I couldn't deal with the anxiety and paranoia and walking around like a zombie all day. I also don't think it's completely cleared my uti. F 32 3 days
2X D
 5  Uti No side effects and the problem was cleared after 2 days. F 56 3 days
100mg 2X D
 1  UTI Loss of appetite, headache, dizziness, cold, panic attack, anxiety, night sweats, exhaustion, rapid heart beat. It really kicked in on day 2. I didn't feel relief from this drug immediately like I have from others (don't remember which ones) in the past. I'm on day 3 and I don't feel like it's clearing up the uti. I need another course but I can't handle the side effects. F 37 3 days
100mg 2X D
 4  UTI Exhaustion F 75 8 days
100mg 2X D
 1  UTI Headaches, breaking out in sweats, nausea, loss of appetite, upset stomach. Would not recommend to anyone F 33 4 days
100 mg 1X D
 5  UTI None As someone who has a list of antibiotics that have left me feeling ill these are brilliant F 74 3 days
2X D
 1  UTI Horrible! After taking the first dose I became very ill. Migraine, cramping stomach, fever, chills, loss of appetite, and muscle soreness. After 2nd dose I was even more sick. Called Dr and was told it was an allergic reaction. NEVER AGAIN! I would not recommend this at all! F 55 1 days
100 MG 2X D
 1  UTI Seemed fine at first until the after the third dose, which was the second night,woke up dripping wet with sweat and tingling sensation of the skin, took fourth dose in the morning and was fine all day but again after night time dose woke up dripping wet with numbness in arm and skin tingling, plus eyes seem blurred, frightened to go back to sleep. Will never take this again, don't think I should have been given it in the first place due to my age F 65 3 days
100mg 2X D
 1  Possible Kidney Infection Chills & Burning Face (Day 1) Pins & Needles in hands & Feet and then numbness in throat and tongue with uncomfortable swallowing after 1st dose on 2nd day. Stopped immediately though had an awful nightmare that night. Very scary, would never take these again! F 52 1 weeks
100mg 2X D
 1  Uti Had a suspected uti and was prescribed 100mg 4 times a day for 7 days. Day 1 my symptoms were improving but on the 2nd day felt nauseous, headache, anxiety, stomach pain and chills. Couldn't get warm at all and shaking violently. Temperature dropped to 25.1 and felt like I was dying. Stopped taking them and went back to gp. Everyone has different reactions to different drugs but I would be cautious if prescribed this. Will never take again. F 51 7 days
100mg 4X D
 1  Uti Dizziness, headache, racing heart, extreme lethargy, weak, tired, back and rib pain, no appetite Last time I had a uti I was prescribed this and didn't have any side effects besides a little nausea which subsided after taking it for a couple of days. This time when I got a uti I had a urine culture done and this was on the list to help the uti. I took it the first day and was fine, second day was fine too by the third day was hit with all the side effects. Felt so sick and was in bed in all day. Not 100% sure if it was the drugs or was my uti getting worse. I did have mild dizziness and rib pain before starting the drug but it definitely got worse after I started the drug. Still struggling with my uti. Even antibiotics that have worked in the past haven't been helping and the hospital antibiotic made me ill too. F 34 3 days
100 mg 2X D
 4  Uti ecoli No side effects, took after a failed course of suprax. Don't be afraid to take, everyone reacts different F 40 7 days
100 1X D
 1  Uti Flu like symptoms. Awful. By 3rd day called dr, stopped taking, got new Rx. Do not take. Too risky. Have never been allergic to anything. Take very few Rx. This antibiotic was scary as it made me feel so bad so fast. 55 3 days
1X D
 1  UTI Extreme back pain, headache, diarrhea, nausea, anxiety, feeling cold all the time No one should ever take this! F 70 6 days
100 2X D
 1  Uti First dose gave me problems with eyes and dizziness, that eased, bu second day, stomach cramps, back ache, third day worse migraine I have had and I suffer from migraines. Nothing worked. Day after tablets finished and my back and stomach are very painful. Worse pain than uti infection. Ask for something else. F 49 3 days
100mg 2X D
 5  Uti Some stomach upset, racing heart and mild dizziness. It's helping so much! F 46 5 days
100 2X D
 1  UTI I have been left with permanent peripheral neuropathy. A few days after taking it I could barely walk and I have just been told my condition will be permanent. This is an awful drug and should not be give to anyone F 41 3 days
1X D
 1  UTI First day started taking this awful drug was fine, on the second day started feeling weak all over, dizzy, breathless and with headaches and chills. Roll on to day 6 and the side effects still haven't worn off. I will be ringing my doctor in the morning again as I'm not feeling any better. Avoid this drug at all costs, not worth the trouble. If I had known it would cause me so many problems there is no way I would have taken it. F 38 3 days
10mg 2X D
 3  Kidney Stones Night sweats and nightmares I was prescribed because I went for a uti and found out it was kidney stones at urgent care. Just put me on uti medicine anyways. I feel fine for the most part but I sweat like crazy at night and have the weirdest dreams! One that my epileptic dog was having a seizure in my arms. Passed the stones before medication so idk what it's really doing for me now F 26 7 days
100 MG 2X D

NITROFURANTOIN  (NITROFURANTOIN, MACROCRYSTALLINE):  This medication is used to treat or prevent certain urinary tract infections. This medication is an antibiotic that works by stopping the growth of bacteria. It will not work for viral infections (e.g., common cold, flu). Unnecessary use or overuse of any antibiotic can lead to its decreased effectiveness. Nitrofurantoin should not be used in children less than one month of age due to the risk of a certain blood problem (hemolytic anemia).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)