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 2  Regulate cycles In just a week I've experienced extreme fatigue and crying for no reason. I'm going to give things a month but so far, not impressed F 43 0 days
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 4  Prevent Pregnancy Was on the Depo Shot and I gained about 12 pounds over the course of a few months. It also made me spot old blood for six months, so I got off it and switched to Levora, as prescribed through the Nurx app. Spotting cleared up immediately. No major side effects with it, although I'm working out to maintain a better weight, just in case this pill causes any unwanted gain. Some of the comments are from older women- age is a factor here in how it effects a body's system and hormonal levels, so be aware of that and talk to your doctor about it. There's also something to be said about reviews from women who have only been taking it for a few weeks. Your body is still adjusting to a foreign influx in hormones. Of course it's going to make some things a little haywire. That's the price we pay right now for chemically altering our system to treat illnesses, symptoms, or use it to prevent pregnancy. Just give it some time. F 22 2 months
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 1  To stop my period I’ve been spotting for a week. It gives me headaches, dizziness and weakness. I do not recomend this pill. It did not work for me. F 25 3 months
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 3  Stop pregnancy EXTREME MOOD SWINGS Never got pregnant so it did its job but the mood swings were so insane my bf broke up with me because of it. F 18 2 years
 5  Regulate heavy periods. I have had zero side effects. I have been super happy and how this birth-control has helped regulate my heavy periods. used to have cramps so keep me in bed for days. I haven’t missed a day of work thanks to this birth control. F 44 3 months
 5  Regulate heavy periods. I have had zero side effects. I have been super happy and how this birth-control has helped regulate my heavy periods. used to have cramps so keep me in bed for days. I haven’t missed a day of work thanks to this birth control. F 44 3 months
 3  Suspect endometriosis, pain Dryness, very low sex drive, mood swings and weight gain. Also depressive and low energy. Gave 3 stars because I had terrible pain during periods since I was 14 and started on birth control pills for that which controlled them. Then I was taken off them by an OBGYN, then I started getting ovarian cysts. One got so big, that it burst and I ended up in the hospital with terrible pain. I switched doctors and this one started me on Levora for suspect Endometriosis, cysts went away and also pain is much more controlled but then I got all these side effects which I mentioned. F 32 1 years
 1  To stop heavy bleeding severe cramping, mild mood changes (feeling weepy), mild acne on chest I have not been on hormonal birth control since 1995. My GYN prescribed this birth control as a taper to stop a bout of heavy bleeding (likely relate to my fibroids). I was not supposed to get a period until I finished the second pack of pills. My period began three days ago and although it is light, the menstrual cramping is unreal! I haven't had cramps like this since I was a teenager. I plan to discontinue use ASAP! F 44 4 weeks
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 1  Scary pill. Severe anxiety, depression, insomnia, suicidal thoughts and acne This pill did a number on me and very quickly. I started worrying about little things which literally kept me awake all night. I started having panic attacks shortly after and severe depression. The depression got so bad I started having suicidal thoughts. I stopped taking it a week ago and am still trying to recover from these symptoms along with the cystic acne it caused. F 29 1 months
 5  Irregular circle After 2 1/5 weeks of taking Levora I experienced terrible side effects such as strong headaches, shortness of breath and worst of all very acute chest pain. I am a healthy woman, in good physical condition and I work out 3 times a week. I have never experienced any of these side effects before taking Lavora. The acute chest pain was very scary and painful! I immediately stopped this birth control and all the side effects succumbed. I had a CT scan to check for any possible blood clot. Doctors should be much more cautious and more responsible when prescribing birth controls. Dr do not stress the fact that there is an alarming list of “warnings” on the label.  My dr told me that I was not at risk because the risk is blood clots are much higher for smokers and women who are sedentary. My dr prescribed this bc without any blood work done to verify if I had any genetic predisposition to develop blood cloth. I was very disappointed in my doctor and her lack of care! Please be aware, Lavora is a very dangerous birth control and should be removed by the FDA. Please do NOT take this birth control! F 45 3 weeks
 1  Birth control I started taking this pill because my GP told me it was the generic they had available for Loestrin 24FE (that I love!). Within less than a month, I showed extreme PMS depression, acne on my chest (I've never been prone to acne) that I still cannot get rid of, and I've gained 7 pounds. If I gain wait, it's usually over the course of a few months, not over a couple weeks. All side effects very atypical for my body. Going to see a new gyno soon and stopping this pill once my pack ends. F 29 2 months
 1  Endometriosis,painful periods Extreme fatigued, 20 pound weight gain, Night Sweats, Bloated, RUQ cramping, Heavier periods,Extreme Hunger, Mood Swings, Trouble Sleeping ect I thought I was dying had a bunch of lab tests done. I stopped the pill within one month no symptoms and within 2 months I lost 20 pounds. I have always been 120 ponds. Since I stopped taking it I feel wonderful back to my 120 energetic self F 43 6 months
 1  Birth control/ regulate period First month was perfect, second month I had a 6 day cycle, I stopped bleeding for 5 days and it started again, I'm soaking through pads every 2/3 hours dropping baseball sized clots. I've lost so much blood I now fall in the anemic range, causing dizzy spell. The pressure in my abdomin is unbelievable. F 34 2 months
 1  regulate periods EXTREME night sweats (had to get up and change clothes in the middle of the night), gained 16 pounds, felt sluggish/irritable, chronic constipation, EXTREMELY BLOATED everyday (not just on my period), then Jan 5, 2015 I had a MAJOR PAIN in my liver area (I couldn't walk spouse had to carry me to the car). I was diagnosed as having MULTIPLE LARGE LIVER CYSTS in the Emergency room that night Later I found out that I also have liver cancer and these cysts will never go away. The cancer has not changed and I am being watched by an oncologist with CT scans every 6 months. LIVER CYSTS is listed #4 on their side effects of this drug. Just took 3 months and now I have liver cancer and cysts just because western medicine doesn't know how to help women regulate periods naturally. I am SICK and in pain frequently and have been told that nothing can be done for my condition. I also have pain on the left temple of my head and have suffered with chronic, reoccurring styes and chalazions in my I would NEVER recommend birth control pills to women. Estrogen kills women.....look at the increased levels of breast, cervical, ovarian cancer. Our food supply is full of estrogen in our meat supply and soy is an estrogen and in EVERYTHING. Please pay attention and avoid estrogen...BC increases estrogen to dangerous levels for women that cause future damage. F 3 months
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 1  To lighten my menstrual When first started taking these my doctor wanted me to take 3 for 3 days 2 for 3 days then 1 to stop my heavy bleeding I have headaches ,my breast are very tender and sore and a lot of nausea. I been taking these for almost 3 months now I'm bleeding I been bleeding for two weeks I feel sick.I going to stop taking them ugh 😡 F 40 2 months
 2  Birth Control Extreme anxiety, unable to sleep, acne, irritability, long periods and heavy spotting.. Started taking this pill 2.5 months ago.. the first month was fine, second month my period started early.. third month my period was a week early and then I spotted for almost nine days after my period.. third month also brought on 2+ weeks of extreme anxiety over things that I normally wouldn't care about.. I have a history of anxiety that has been controlled since I was 22.. and this feels like I'm 16 all over again.. F 33 2.5 months
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 1  Birth control I always felt like a swollen tick, I was tired all the time, grumpy and always arguing with my fiancé. This is the first time I have ever been on birth control and it was the worst experience ever. I stopped taking it today and feel so much better. I was having headaches every day. I felt like I couldn't move or have the energy to get out of bed. I didn't want to do anything and I was never satisfied with anything. Just over all horrible. F 26 1 weeks
 3  Irregular period The first packet didn't give me any symptoms but the first pill I took from the second packet (2nd month) gave me dizzy spell waking up. I tried staying on the pill for few days but my doc advised me to stop it to see if I will get rid of the dizziness. The first morning pf stopping the pill the dizziness has lessened, it's still there but it wasn't as bad as before. I think it will take time to recover... F 33 1 months
 2  Regulate my periods Over sleeping, headaches when awake, super moody! I am on my 3rd week of levora and these past 2 weeks I have been wanting to do nothing but sleep and when I'm awake I just have a horrible headache and I won't take anything for it. Also, I argue with my boyfriend or cause a fight with him over nothing lately and I've been super stressed and depressed over it. This is my first time back on birth control since everything else I've tried I've had horrible reactions to. This is the first time trying the pill and I don't really like it much. I can say I'm thankful that I haven't bled at all yet, but that kind've worries me after some of the reviews I've read. F 20 3 weeks
 1  To regulate my periods I did fine the first few weeks. After 2 weeks on the pill, my period began. It has not stopped 18 days later. Increased blood pressure, so the doctor took me off this medication and will start a different type of bc. Would not recommend this bc to anyone. F 34 1 months