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 2  Sinusitis Works for sinus pressure but since taking i have incredible headache, loss of appetite and very sore ribs, neck and chest! Actually not sure its the 12 hour I'm taking as dosage states 2 tabs 4 times a day...but im stopping immediately. Also can't sleep and feel lost and anxious. F 34 3 days
2 x 25mg 4X D
 1  Congestion it cleared up my congestion, but i had absolutely terrible side effects after. i had this sudden wave of anxiety and i felt dizzy. my heart was pounding, i literally thought i was having a heart attack. and despite the fact that i only took one pill (the proper dosage, and this was my first time taking it today), i was fearful i had somehow overdosed, like i wasn't "congested enough" or something. i'm at least comforted by the fact that i'm not alone in this experience. this was terrible. they need to put a warning on the box for this. this is the first time i've had side effects from sudafed. needless to say, i'll probably avoid using it from now on. 1 days
1X D
 1  Nasal drip Anxiety fear and panic attacks should be warning on the package of all Sudafed meds that these are common side effects especially for people prone to anxiety and panic attacks! Should not be on the shelves!! F 36 1 days
1X D
 1  For allergies Made my hand turn white, And I felt like I couldent breathe like my chest was closing in, And I got extremely dizzy, like someone tried to make me overdose, I felt like I was going to die, I even had to go to the hospital to make sure.. Just stay away from it, No matter how sick u are it's not worth it M 19 1 times
30mg 1X O
 1  24 hour Destroyed me, my sleep and gave me anxiety nervousness that are lasting till this day. I was the most relaxed person no nasal issues just 2 weeks allergy and pharmacist gave me this instead of the antihistamine. Destroyed my nose as inflamed my turbinates which I had no issue as had surgery 30 years ago. Was in perfect health 100/60 BP HR 55. Have spent 70,000 dollars to find how to cure what it's done. Been on countless meds. This is a POS. Have been on benzos now antipsychotics and ssri things I have never even heard off to cure me of what this awful drug did to me. I don't drink or smoke or take anything but vitamins and 3 antihistamine pills a year. M 53 6 days
240 mg 1X D
 3  Sinus and Ear Congestion I sleep with a CPAP and it causes sinus and ear congestion. My ENT prescribed Pseudoephedrine 120 for the congestion and dizziness. It works fine, but the side effects are horrible. I took one pill at 0630 and 2435. My anxiety is through the roof. I'm just not sleepy and I have a rapid pulse. M 41 2 days
120MG 1X D
 1  Sinus and ear congestion Extreme anxiety, shaking and shivering, restless legs, high heart rate. Took at 5pm Made me feel so sleepy at first but due to all the other symptoms I listed, I couldn't sleep I just tossed and turned. Finally slept about 2 hours and then was awake from midnight on with horrible insomnia. Next day all day still had the anxiety, fidgety and restless feeling I will never take this again. Worst 48 hours of my life. Also want to note, ive had these symptoms before when taking sudafed but just didn't realize it was the cause and now I know without a doubt. F 33 2 days
1X D
 1  Congestion Throat swelling It seemed like after I took the first dose my throat on the right side started to feel weird like something was stuck on it and difficult to swallow at times. Stopped using it. Will not buy again. F 34 1 days
30mg 2X D
 2  Sinus congestion Feeling wired never felt this was my stomach feels like am dying will never take this meds again Worst meds ever F 35 1 days
120mg 1X D
 1  Allergies I only take this pill 1x per day and I notice that before taking it, the congestion is slighlty there, but after taking it, I feel groggy and then after 2 hours of taking it I feel strange, the pressure around my eyes and nose is incredibly uncomfortable. I feel distant, edgy, nervous, one of my eyes is twitching. I can't focus and it is uncomfortable to keep my eyes open. I will no longer take this pill, I've never known what it feels like to almost loose it, but with this pill, it almost feels like I'm about to scream my head off. Be careful with this pill. F 41 3 days
30 Mg 1X D
 1  Seasonal Allergies I had intense loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting (I couldn't keep even a sip of water down), headache, feelings of anxiety, loss of control, and sweaty, pale, clammy skin. The worst symptoms lasted about 4 hours and began to drop off right about when it would have been time to take another dose - but I will never take this medicine again. F 35 2 days
120 1X D
 1  Nasal congestion Horrible anxiety, heart palpitations, fear of dying or having a heart attack, blood pressure up, loss of appetite. Horrible drug, would never take again. Needs to be off the shelf. M 29 1 days
 2  Headcold Took one 12 hour Sudafed at 7 a.m. I could not sleep until after 1 a.m.! And this was after taking Benadryl at 10 p.m. Never again will I take the 12 hour sudafed dosage. Now I have a head cold AND am exhausted. F 56 1 days
 5  allergies and congestion M 12 5 days
30 mg 1X D

 1  Sinus drip Took 12 hour max relief at 2:30pm. It's 3am and I'm wide awake, restless, jittery, itchy and feeling very wired and irritable. I've had a tightness in my head all day and a feeling that something bad may happen to me. I even alerted family members as to what I took and how I'm feeling. My hearing seems to almost be magnified with slight ringing at times. I have a tightness in my chest at times and feel winded. I'm very uncomfortable with this feeling I've had all day and into the night. I will not ever take this again!! I wish this would all just stop and go away!! I don't recommend this-esp if you have a sensitivity to any medications!!! F 50 1 days
 3  Sinus pressure Anxiety, sleeplessness, extreme fear, dizziness, and becoming very spacey. It worked for the sinus pressure but wow. I took it at 10 pm and it's now 5 am and still not sleeping. Heart raced. Terrified the whole night. Felt like I was really, really high. I'm extremely wired and can't sleep at all. M 18 4 days
30 MG
 1  Sinus and Congestion Took this medicine about 9:00pm and fell asleep for about two hours then woke up and haven't been able to sleep since. Feel very anxious and worried and have chest pain. F 21 1 days
 4  Chronic Nasal Congestion Odd taste in mouth, perhaps headache, but that could be aggravated by coffee. This medication works well for nasal congestion. I was getting caffein headachs that reduced when I switched to water after two cups. But I can't tell if headaches are resulting from Sudafed or some other medication I'm taking, such as amyltriptalein or prozac. M 68 30 days
30 mg 2X D
 1  Sinus congestion I took a 30 mg yesterday, about 36 hours ago. I am still feeling the effects, and they seem to have worsened somehow. I have anxiety, feel like something terrible is happening or about to, sweaty cold hands (which never happens to me). Since I didn't take any sudafed today I am pretty surprised this is happening, but I'm positive its because of the sudafed. Yesterday I felt a little jittery, very cold, and somehow dissociated from life in general. Stayed up way too late. Slept for 6.5 hours and felt mostly ok for most of the day. Drank coffee in the morning. I still had the cold hands feeling, but thought little of it. My nose got pretty stuffy again. I lied down. Slept for about 5 minutes. Got up then drank coffee. My sinuses cleared again. Had lightly spiced pho for dinner. SInuses cleared completely. The impending doom feeling gets more noticeable, cold hands and nose, muscles easy to cramp. I can't believe this is all happening from a single 30 mg pill I took 36 hours ago!!!!!! Th I know I rambled. I don't know what else to do. Be careful with this stuff. F 36 1 days
30 mg 1X D
 1  Flu/sinus I was worried I was having a stroke or onset of MS. Rapid heart rate, confusion, nervousness, jittery legs, felt like I was going crazy. It increased my anxiety. I was about ready to call 911 until finding this site. I do not recommend and it should be removed from the shelves. F 47 5 days