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 2  Painful periods Severe bloating and gas, contact trouble, nausea, low sex drive, acne, weight gain Was okay for stopping/lightening my periods, but I still got a LOT of daily cramping and spotting. Worst part was the bloating. Very painful and looked like I was 4 months pregnant. Don't recommend. F 25 3 years
1/35 mg 1X D
 4  Pregnancy prevention I have the least side effects with this bc, I have tried sprintec and yaz and Zovia is the best for skin and not making me moody. However, even when I take the placebos, I miss periods or have very little spotting which is nerve wracking because I am sexually active. I take a pregnancy test every few months just to be safe. F 22 1 years
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 3  Acne, cramps, pregnancy prevention I have had major head aches, mood swings, trouble sleeping, fatigue, bloating and dizziness. I noticed these symptoms a week before my period came I am currently on my period and none of the symptoms have gone away. I tried to work out today and I was dying (I usually work out 5 days a week with out a problem) i drank a Celsius for energy and it did nothing. I have noticed that it helped my acne clear up. My period is not heavy at all. But.... To be honest I don't know if the pros outweigh the cons :( my doctor refused to change the pill for me again because I have tried so many and have had bad side effects from all of them. F 30 2 months
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 4  Pregnancy prevention While I thought everything was fine I had only experienced a low sex drive and vaginal dryness. But my skin and hair was flawless. Since the company changed it has been total crap. I stopped using it . F 41 5 years
1 1X D
 5  To stop cycles I do well with Zovia 1/35. My Dr. prescribed it. I skip all sugar pills every month and it basically stops all my periods. My doctor and I decided on this because I've had severe endometriosis in the past with multiple surgeries and no relief. It still works great and it has been a God send to stop my cycles. 50 8 years
 4  Acne large pores, light sensitivity, large bulging veins, wrinkles between eyebrows I went through a rollercoaster of mood swings, yeast infections, and other nasty side effects trying pill after pill until I finally found Zovia. Out of all the pills Iíve tried this one gave me the least side effects. No depression, anxiety, irritability (except maybe the three days around my period). My hair loss caused by previous pills improved and felt thicker. Iím sleeping better too. Periods are light and predictable. No weight issues. This isnít the best pill Iíve tried for my acne. Although it keeps my skin clear most of the time, Zovia makes my skin look inflamed with huge embarrassing pores that makeup canít cover up. Iím also freaked out by how large the veins on my hands look, making me wonder if it can cause permanent varicose veins. The good stuff is history! Zovia now is no longer manufactured by Watson-Teva. Itís now made by Mayne Pharma and itís NOT the same pill. It makes me feel very depressed, anxious, my hair is falling out, and sleep is erratic. Iím so pissed off they screwed up my favorite pill. Back on the rollercoaster. F 39 8 months
35 mcg 1X D
 3  To regulate month long periods Had caused heavy discharge. Sharp pain in my stomach and vagina. My breasts are always tender and sore. I had lost 7 lbs weeks before starting birth control and in the first week I gained 4 lbs. Always craving sweets and hard to drink water now F 25 3 weeks
 1  Ovarian cysts Horrible mood swings, depression/anxiety, vaginal dryness/pain/discomfort, painful intercourse, frequent yeast infections, fatigue, new intolerance to contact lenses Terrible terrible terrible!!!! It has thrown my whole life out of wack and putting a major strain on my relationship. Intercourse is nearly impossible at this point due to pain from the vaginal dryness. I am 22 years old and am starting to feel like an old lady. This is horrible. F 22 5 months
 5  Pregnancy prevention I was on Zovia for 5 years and the pharmacy switched me to Kelnor (exact same thing they tell me). I had little to no problems with Zovia but Kelnor messed me up. My periods with Zovia were light, short, and right on time. I had none of the side effects I have now which I have because the pharmacy switched me all around. F 22 5 years
 1  Birth Control Migraines. Never had them before. I had 4 in 5 weeks. Worst experience of my life. I didn't notice any other side effects. F 31 3 months
 3  Pregnancy Prevention Terrible migraines, everyday. I can't look at lights without getting dizzy. Bloated, nausea, dizziness, and sleepy. Depends on the person; using this pill is not worth having migraines. F 18 3 months
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 2  birth control/heavy period helped with heavy bleeding, but didn't decrease length of period. acne gets worse week before period. body aches/pains during period. F 25 1 years
 1  period controll,pregnancy all the negative effects listed above x 100 i hate the way i feel im not my self, starting to dislike myself a lot BC of the stress its putting on my relationship with my fiance, i cry a lot an it hurts,i miss the old me so does my fiance she was happy,never mad,non argumentative,never negative or depressed, i feel like a monster only good for pregnancy prevention and period control*sometimes* F 23 4 years
? 1X D
 4  Zovia 1/50 1st year had some spotting now have nothing that I can notice Working very well for me F 31 3 years
1X D
 1  pregnancy prevention severe acne, contact lens trouble switched from yaz. starting having horrible cystic acne. no bloating or weight gain but wasn't worth the terrible outbreaks. avoid! F 21 8 months
 2  Birth control Weird rash, skin irritation, thinning hair, moodiness F 45 2 years
 5  birth control None This worked well for me. No side effects and my periods were shorter, lighter, and no cramping at all. F 44 15 years
 2  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom Migranes, low sex drive, bloating, mild fever, nausea, swollen glands in neck (Extremly painful to touch), Mood swings, and an overall off feeling. Be careful. F 18 35 days
 4  Birth Control none missed pills cause spotting, regular and light periods F 29 2 years