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 1  Cervical Dystonia My arms and shoulders felt weak. I felt weird while laying down (as if it was hard to breathe). I felt tired and had blurred vision. It seemed like it also worsened the Cervical Dystonia. [Note: I took half a pill]. I was taking this to relieve the muscle pain and tension of Cervical Dystonia (a neurological condition). However, it actually made the Dystonia worse so my neurologist and I agreed that it was best for me to stop taking it. M 52 1 days
5 MG 1X D
 5  muscle spasms after spinal fusion Sleepiness F 51 1 months
 5  to control muscle spasms Drowsy, and a Chilled body temp. After taking flexeril and zanafex with no marked improvements this has been a wonder drug. Only more effective than baclofen is soma 350mg, however I live in a state where there is a bad drug problem, and have been unable to obtain prescription. F 35 10 weeks
30mgx 3
 2  dystonia Sleepiness, increased muscle spasms, urinary urgency F 45 4 months
 2  neck/shoulder pain & spasms As many others have said, this actually had the opposite effect of what it was supposed to on me. This actually happens to me all the time - if something says "happens to 1% of people taking it" there's a good chance that thing is going to happen to me. It made my shoulder muscles very tense & also gave me dry mouth. On the upside, I didn't have to wake up to pee when I took it, as I usually do. F 32 5 days
10 mg 1X D
 1  muscle spasms in back and knee pain Made my back muscles tense up and hurt worse than before and makes my jaw hurt and lock up to the point that I can't eat. Still have back spasms didn't help that at all. Also makes me have a lot of pressure in my head. F 33 6 days
60mg 2xday
 5  Muscle Spasms from MS I have had no side effects at all. This drug has been a life saver for me. It stops the spasms. F 48 5 years
15 MG 3X D
 1  severe muscle tension After one day of taking this crap drug I woke up with a severely sore jaw and hands from clenching both all night long. I finally talked to a second doctor who told me to stop the baclophen as it could be having the opposite effect on me than intended. So not only did this crap drug not work on my muscle tension which hurts very added to my muscle pain in my jaw and hands! F 48 1 days
 1  Muscle tightness, spasms in legs Took at bedtime friday, woke up at NOON on Saturday. Face, hands SWOLLEN, very emotional and literally suicidal. Depressed, cried all day till drug effects wore off, then back to normal. If you become depressed or suicidal, please stop this drug immediately!!! Get help if you need to until it leaves your system!! F 47 1 days
10 3X D
 3  Degenerative disc, stenosis, MS Drowsiness, unsteady balance and more clumsy gait I started on Baclofen to replace Valium, which gave me a hang over. The muscle spasms in my legs would last for hours but have somewhat subsided since I started taking Baclofen. Unfortunately I have developed regular foot cramping in both feet and electric shock sensations in both legs that Baclofen does not seem to help. M 42 10 months
10 mg 3X D
 4  Cerebral Palsy Been on this as long as I can remember, main side effect is tiredness F 29 20 years
10mg 3X D
 1  Cerebral Palsy Anxiety, digestive problems, stiffness, dry peeling skin, join pain, burning sensation in skin all over body, swelling of hands, arms and legs and feet. Urinary incontanence, two kidney stones. I think I have all the Rare/Severe side affects. I took Baclofen for 10 years, starting with 60 mg/day. I worked up to that dose under a Dr's guidance. It worked well for muscle spastiscity for about 5 years, then things started to go bad. At first, I had such weakness in my legs that I couldn't move, so I cut back to 40 mg/day. Then stiffness,and anxiety along with incontinance. I had no idea that all this was from the Baclofen! I just thought it was because I was aging. This past May things EXPLODED. I woke up swollen, (I blamed it on hot weather before) my hands were pink and swollen so much that I can't use my thumbs, and my fingers are stiff. I cut myself down to 30 mg/day and was working on weaning myself off the stuff, but things got so bad that at 20 mg/day, that I just stopped the drug. I felt so awful; anyway, I can't say I noticed a difference. The left side of my body is more swollen that the right, and my current Dr. is thinking Lymphedema, but my symptoms don't add up. I don't have the money to be throughly checked out. I'm currently taking Prilosec because I take 1200 to 1600 mg Advil/day, and Oxazepam 15 mg at night. Oh, yeah, I'm also on 25 mg atenolol for the rapid heart beat from Baclofen. I posted this in case there are others suffering as I am because I've been searching the web without much success. I just wanted others to know they're not the only ones. F 61
10 3X D
 1  Muscles tension I have gotten really loopy, and emotional. I have insane vivid dreams, so vivid I wake up hysterical crying and it really doesn't even help the muscle Tension In my back just makes me feel like I need to go to the loony been F 19 3 days
 2  migraines headache, bad foot cramps at night, decreased inhibition, loss of balance, blurry vision at first I took full dose (20 mg. 3 times a day) and it made me feel out of it and clumsy but helped migraines stop. At a lower dose (5 to 10 mg. once a day) helps headaches and sleeping but after a week or so I begin to get terrible foot cramps at night and increased headaches when it wore off until I take more. Also blurry vision and loss of inhibition. F 63 5 months
20 mg. 3X D
 4  Bladder spasms Helped tremendously with my flow of urine. I had a weak stream due to spasms and chronic IC. My only concern is that the effects may be waning somewhat but overall has helped a great deal. F 35 1 months
10mg x 3
 5  Degenerative Disks, Pain, & Spasms I don't remember. F 35 6 years
50 MG
 5  Nerve Pain/Fibromyalgia None, maybe slight somnolence M 44 1 months
 5  Spinal Cord damage from tumor Was tired in the beginning but that went away in about 2 weeks. Less of an appetite and lost about 5 pounds but that stabilized. This has worked extremely well for my muscle rigidity that was caused by the removal of a spinal cord tumor in 2010. I have less pain and can walk longer distances. Its effect started to diminish after about 2 months and my doctor increased my dose from 10 mg 3 times a day to 20 mg 3 times a day, which he said is the normal dose. I like that I don't gain weight on it and it sure helps me sleep without pain, and go through the day feeling good. F 64 3 months
20 mg 3X D
 1  Neck pain, Muscle spasms Worse muscle spasms, worse neck pain, terrible anxiety, increased heart rate, high blood pressure, worse right eye pain, dizziness, confusion. M 33 10 days
10 3X D
 5  Fibromyalgia, Reverse T3 NONE! This medicine has literally been a life saver for me. Though I am starting to see some breakthrough muscle spasms now, I see that others are taking much more than me. Will talk to Doc about increasing, then I think I will be good to go. And believe me when I say it's a lifesaver, I have not taken any drugs for over 20 years, so to take this was a big step for me. And I am very sensitive, so the fact that I did well with it and no side effects is really big. F 53 3 months
10 mgs 3X D