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 1  Back pain, dextroscoliosis Nightmares, night terrors, inability to fall asleep, drowsiness, feelings of hopelessness, depression I took Baclofen 1 time and I've never experienced so many nightmares back to back. My wife had woke. Me saying I was whimpering in my sleep. This was after having a nightmare of glass shards through my extremities, haunted house, gigantic snakes, falling through glass floors to my death, my children being violated, etc. the nightmare are horrible. My back felt great for about 4-6 hours but the feelings of fear and anxiety during sleep are disabling. I've nerv had that many nightmares so close together! Would not recommend. M 26 1 days
10mg 1X D
 5  Gastroparesis I can not tell I took anything. This medication allows my stomach to relax and I can eat food again after not eating for seven months. Happy to leave a review and hope it helps someone else like it has me. F 51 2 months
10 2X D
 5  Nystagmus I have not had any side effects I got nystagmus from non alcoholic werniicke encephalopathy after gastro sleeve surgery. Baclofen slows down my nystagmus but don't get rid of it. But slower makes me happy. F 47 5 years
20mg 4X D
 2  Back pain Vivid nightmares, sleep paralysis, fatigue during the day It does relax muscles, but I'm not sure it's worth it. M 66 180 days
10 mg 3X D
 1  muscle spasms in back Lethargic, insomnia, shakes, confusion, hallucinations I thought I was dying. Literally. My husband said it's the drug. I didn't even know who he was. I packed a bag fir the hospital. Told my son I was dying. He said no you're not. My husband threw out the pills. 48 hrs later I was ok. It should not be on the market. I went to my granddaughter's dance performance+ I remember nothing. Very dangerous drug! F 70 3 months
Donâ€T 3X D
 3  Muscle spasms It helped with the muscle spasms long enough for me to get to sleep, but the effects didn't carry into the next day. It made me slightly manic, like I'd had way too much coffee, but not enough to be dangerous. I had a doctor tell me not to make major life decisions on this drug, and i see why. The worst of it though it's the vivid, terrifying nightmares where I felt like I was in real danger and woke up screaming. They don't wear off fast either - I couldn't find my phone and remember thinking I'd left it in my dream. I woke up and thought some dream-entity had replaced my sleeping partner. And of course, my partner doesn't sleep well when I wake up screaming. M 31 7 days
10mg 1X D
 2  Pseudo-gout extreme knee pain had to ice my swollen knee and 24 mg M 71 3 days
20 4X D
 1  Knee and muscle pain/strain Acid reflux, stiff joints and muscles especially neck and shoulders, sleepiness, upset stomach, heartburn A horrible drug that made my overall situation worse. Did nothing for the original pain/strain. Waste of money and time. Could have been on a better medication sooner. Had no idea all side effects were tied to this drug. I only took half of the prescribed daily dose and still had a terrible experience with it. F 57 7 days
10 2X D
 4  MS No side effects that I know of and ive been on these for 7 months. Makes me sleep better and helps my muscles I think F 36 7 months
20mg 1X D
 5  Alcoholism and anxiety Drowsiness at first but the pros outweigh the cons. My anxiety and cravings for alcohol are diminished. I am glad I found this drug F 48 30 days
60 3X D
 5  Anxiety Difficulty concentrating. Later in the evening drowsiness, burping. Sometime really chatty Improves my mood and reduces my anxiety. But I keep having to increase my dose. I stopped taking it twice to see how I was. I suggest coming off this drug really, really slowly. As others have said, it felt as bad, maybe worse than coming off valium. But worth it as it's helped my life F 47 1 years
75-100mg 1X D
 3  Back, shoulder, rib injuries Reoccurring disturbing dreams,sleeping longer but quality of sleep is affected - in particular - deep sleep stages & feeling mentally 'unsettled' handles pain well F 57 3 months
10 3X D
 5  MS & Alcoholism I'm okay as I am desensitized from Horror movies so Baclofen nightmares are like watching a horror movie every night I sleep. Sometimes I wake up and still feel the dream is going on, however I snap out of it and realise. Wow..another creepy horror movie is over. It's a trip.. It's better than Campral by far.. 100 times better..Its a cure for me. I don't crave alcohol and I can always up the dosage of need be. I've also had MS for 17 years so this really is a cure for two serious diseases..legs feel loose and I'm walking well not restless leg syndrome anymore..i researched this extensively and a third benefit is my anxiety has dropped significantly as well..i feel chilled out..miracle! 43 2 months
10mg x 2
 4  Hiccups No side effects up to 80 mg daily. Insomnia, GI upset, salty taste with food, and daytime somnolence with doses above that. Sometimes needed 40 to 60 mg four times a day to control bad hiccup flares. M 45
20 4X D
 5  Alcohol anxiety no Real side effects, haven’t felt like a drink this drug blocks the urge or feeling like alcohol. Has fixed anxiety, feel fantastic M 40 1 months
 3  Dr called it Neck Sciatica, shoulder Seems like all food tastes waaay too salty and arms and hands feel really shaky and ears ringing.. Not too sure of this medicine, but I was able too sleep last night without my arm over my chest or elevated by pillow or over my head... Just wonder if ANYONE else has the same kind of effects as me? F 57 2 days
10 mg2xday
 1  Muscle spasm in left side of temple I have severe nausea confusion and restless nites severe dark circles under my eyes and if I dont consume enough food I vomit the whole day .Terrible meds F 66 6 months
 5  Muscle spasms due to back injury None Great drug- prevents muscle spasms in back & legs! F 66 15 years
10 3X D
 2  Muscle spasm for small fiber neurop Groggy, loss of taste and very lethargic... Constant yawning. F 72 5 days
 4  Dystonia muscle tension tiredness farts Has helped feel more relaxed and my hips feel more relaxed. My neck has slightly relaxed and doesn't jitter abou so much. F 24 26 weeks

BACLOFEN  (BACLOFEN):  Baclofen is used to treat muscle spasms caused by certain conditions (such as multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury/disease). It works by helping to relax the muscles.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)