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 1  To lower blood pressure Noticed thinning areas in my hair and breakage after 60 days of use. Not satisfied and was told there were minimal side effects. Drs need to tell patients about the possible hair loss. F 62 1 days
37.5 1X D
 2  Bp Side effects hit me like a ton of bricks: dizzy, nauseous, weak, acid reflex, headache. No good. F 53 5 days
30 1X D
 4  BP Joint pain, especially in my hip, vertigo increased, and thinning hair. I've been natural for over 15 years. I did notice the amount of hair I was losing however or getting control over BP. Personally I feel I should not have to make a choice but I didn't want to experience a stroke because of hair pride. Hair pieces and protective styles work great. I will be talking to my Dr to ensure potassium is being monitored. My health is a collaborative approach because I know this body, aches and pain very well. F 65 2 years
25 37mg 1X D
 3  to control blood pressure Hair loss over the thirteen-year period. Now practically bald. Some muscle weakness in my arms from the Hydrochlorothiazide. I didn't have any other symptoms. I checked with two medical doctors and several dermatologists during the thirteen-year period about my hair loss. No one was able to help me stop my continuing hair loss. My hair loss eventually got so bad, I had to remove what hair I had left. The hair I had left ended just about my waistline. Last year I went to a wig store to buy my first wig. This particular store gets referrals from one of the large hospitals. The person who sold me my wig, told me a number of her customers have hair loss from taking blood pressure medicine. I was surprised because none of the doctors share that info. with me. If they had, I could have had the opportunity to try a different blood pressure medicine. I hope sharing my info. will help someone else. F 76 13 years
37.5/25 1X D
 2   Can I wean off? I feel like I could control my salt intake Only used for water retention I've developed itchy skin from it Just figured it out F 67 15 years
 1  HBP hair breakage and thinning F 64 7 days
37.5 MG 1X D
 1  high blood pressure Bald spot,blurry vision,dry lips. sh**s unnatural. F 42 1 days
 4  Edema Took this years ago. Worked great, no side effects. This time after 3 days I am lightheaded when on my feet (I teach), nauseated a bit at times. Yesterday started craving salt like no other!! I am excessively thirsty even after having water with me all day. It's disturbing. I didn't take a pill today due to testing in double hour blocks and I can't leave the classroom to pee. Why am I SO thirsty even after water, eating watermelon, broth.... Ugh! F 51 1 weeks
37.5 mgs
 3  Hypertension No side effects M 49 1 days
 4  severe water retention I have Lupus, therefore I'm careful to stay out of the sun. When I have to be in the sun (mowing the lawn, etc.) I always use a powerful sunscreen, but I found that no matter what...I end up with blistered ears, & often times a severe sun rash that scabs over on my shoulders, chest, and upper back. I also find that when I work out and my body heats up...I end up with a rash that appears like hives on my chest and upper back. Over the past year, I started breaking my pills in half, & I no longer experience these side effects...& still gain the positive results (no water weight gain) The first year I began taking this medication I experienced lower back contractions after taking the medication, but they subsided. Again, because I have Lupus...I'm highly critical of any medication I take. It's really hard to determine what medication may be causing your side effects when you're taking many. I'm convinced that this one is mainly sun sensitivy & you need to be slightly aware of potassium deficiency. Just pay attention to leg cramps in the middle of the night...if you get them, just take a potassium supplement. I've had some hair thinning, but so many things contribute such as age, Lupus, meds, hormones...just love yourself regardless! F 46 16 days
37.5 5-25 1X D
 2  High Blood Pressure Hair loss has accelerated. Lost maybe 25% of hair. Side effects subtle. I was on five drugs so it is tough to assign problems until I stopped it. After about a week of weaning off of HCT, feet, ankles, calves and legs became swollen. About 30% to 40% more. Feet are very swollen and hurt. It has lasted about five days so far. Exercise and diet doesn't seem to matter. Swelling is worrisome because it can be symptom of something worse--like heart trouble. Oh, and of these drugs, Metoprolol, HCT and Hydralazine, you might as well forget about sex, especially for men. Sexual dysfunction is very common and extensive. Another little treat several of them have is urinary tract pain. I thought it was my prostate going bad but it is the drugs. Some advice. If you have strange symptoms while on various drugs, look up each drug and their side effects, even the exceedingly rare ones and you will probably find your symptoms listed. Don't be afraid to ask your doctor for another drug. M 60 4 months
25 1X D
 5   dry mouth F 57 15 years
75-50 1X D
 1  doctor ordered it with ccb dry mouth-dry eyes heavy eye lids blurred vision -headaches mild to heavy, lightheadedness and didnt help swelling ankles at all caused hives on back itching ! couldnt drink enough to stop the dehydration from happening crap drug ! same as maxzide diffrent name and mfg company .. but same stuff it sucks! Again: these fast track released drugs should be totaly tested and retested before release to the public! they are harmfull and nasty to take ! can cause vision problems and hearing problems and total dehydration fast or rapid even on a small dose of this crap .. it should really be recalled. M 57 9 days
25mg 1X D
 1  Hypertension Made me really nervous and talkative, and my tongue felt dry at night. Hard to make decisions while shopping. My new doc didn't realize I had had kidney stones previously and took me off of it. If not for that, I would have stopped anyway because I didn't like the way it made me feel. F 57 10 days
18.75/12.5 1X D
 2  HBP Lightheaded, lethargic, and a little confused. I was hoping to find a medication that would lower my BP without side effects. The side effects of this medication is not pleasant. M 60 5 days
1X D
 3  hbp made me very sun sensitive 2yrs M 56
 3  Meniere's Disease I didn't realize they were related until I started paying attention to dates. Gained 20 pounds in 4 months (partially due to fatigue from low blood pressure) and sexual disfunction. Fixed my ears though. F 25 4 months
 1  High blood pressure Recurrance of previously diagnosed cutaneous Lupus.Dermatologist suggested changing meds but primary physician disagreed. Lupus has progressed and I will insist that primary dr. change prescription. will keep you posted. F 79 1 years
 2  as a diuretic dizzyness and poor feeling M 84 3 years
 1  high blood pressure Stomach pains and naseau I have acid reflux and it really made it worse F 59 3 days