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 2  Influenza A I was prescribed this for a bad flu. After the first dose I had constipation and a dry mouth in the morning. By day 4 I was having small hallucinations and my vision was blurry. Eyes watery and sore. Very very lethargic and feeling Ďout of ití, my brain wasnít working properly and I was confused and it was difficult to do tasks. My flu symptoms have reduced but by no more than if I had gone to bed for a few days. Iím still Coughing. I have been prescribed this for 30 days... I donít know if Iím going to be able to do it for that long. So many good natural things can be used for fighting viruses and supporting immunity. I donít think I would reccomend this medicine for a common flu. F 42 30 days
 5  fatigue none Was prescribed this after coming out of a week long coma caused by fatty emboli breaking lose during hip surgery and going to brain. After several weeks of feeling extremely weak and fatigued, doctor prescribed this to give me energy and alertness to do physical therapy. It worked. I perked up and got well enough to do the PT. Stayed on drug because doing well and doctors said they couldn't say if it was helping or not so just stay on it. Looking at the other reviews, it looks like it may be OK to wean off and see if it really makes a difference in energy/alertness level. F 83 10 years
100 1X D
 1  Flu Psychosis for 7 days, flashbacks for a year; dizziness for one month; horrid nightmares. Was 23 years old given Amantadine for the flu. After 3rd or 4th day, called pharmacy to see if I could stop taking it because of the worst nightmares ever. The day after last dose, I woke up and was in psychosis. Taken to ER and was given something to knock me out. For the next week, all I did was sleep, wake up 'crazy', go to the bathroom, take another sleeping pill, and sleep. Then I had trouble walking or driving for weeks because of dizziness. Flashbacks for a year. Psychosis is a living nightmare I was so terrified I couldn't control my thoughts by heart was beating almost 200 bpm. I'd never take it again even for a billion dollars. One doctor saw it as my allergy and said "What happened? You go crazy?" I said yes, and he said that happens to a lot of people because it's a drug for Parkinson's and shouldn't be given to people with normal brains. Take tamiflu or vitamins or anything else besides this drug for the flu. Turns out Amantadine, DXM, and Ketamine are all related somehow so imagine how a person can have a very bad 'trip' on ketamine in the hallucinogen family somehow, so yes you can lose your mind. It's not worth it. F 23 5 days
100 2X D
 1  flu Immediately after taking the drug, my son would cry and scream uncontrollably for an hour. It was horrible! The doctor never warned me anything like this could happen. I would take care when giving this to a little one. M 1 2 days
 5  Parkinson's At first I had the fatigue and brain fog, but that went away after awhile. My doctor prescribed 100mg 3x per day, but she had me titrate up to this dosage. For the longest time I was doing well with with 2x, but as time went on I upped to 3x. After 9 months, however, I no longer feel the increased energy levels and my tremor has increased in my right hand and jaw. There's a possibility that I will need to go on a drug holiday to induce the dopamagenic effects that this antiviral has. M 46 9 months
 4  flu extreme cramping and constipation, a little hallucination on first day only, had to skip a dose every couple days, but it worked very well It worked like magic to reduce horrible flu symptoms to almost nothing in a short time. M 54 5 days
 1  flu My 4 year old son took for two days and became psychotic, violent, horrendously out of control, biting and hitting to harm and then clinging to me feeling frightened and confused. This was DANGEROUS and horrid and I recommend care if your child is sensitive to things like sugar or other medication. Very scary drug. Why no warnings about this possible effect? Was possibly amplified by oral steroid (begins with a D) usually given for croup. M 4 2 days
 5  Extrapryamidal Syndrome

AMANTADINE HCL  (AMANTADINE HYDROCHLORIDE):  This medication is used to treat Parkinson's disease. It is also used to treat certain movement disorders caused by some drugs (extrapyramidal reactions). This medication is thought to work by restoring the balance of certain natural substances (neurotransmitters) in the brain. Different brands of this medication may have different uses. Do not change brands of this medication unless directed by your doctor.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)