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 1  HBP and Angina Constipation,Blurry Vision,Increased pulse rate(120),increased BP,stomach pains,more joint pains & bad belly bloating. I don't like it. F 66 10 days
180 ER
 4  SVT & B/P Constipation blurry vision tiredness but appears to help SVT & B/P lowered.Verapamil modified release 240 mg F 58 6 months
 4  PVCs and High Bood pressure Neck pain and stabbing ear pain, went away in only 1 day but have gas and severe bloated belly, waiting to hear from cardiologist This was best BP med ever , went to 110/70 in 2 days. The PVC have become calmer on 2nd, it works great . Hope stomach thing is temporary F 61 1 days
 4  High BP I have been taking verapamil for almost 30 years due to early onset High BP. I started w/a low dose that was increased over the years. I have been very satisfied w/it, as other BP drugs were added as well. I recently had a bout w/Afib and the Cardiologist said verapamil no longer working because of age! I am physically fit and work out daily. They want to put me on Elliquis and take me off verapamil. Now taking both (one week) and fear there may be an interaction between the two drugs?? Time will tell…..may get a rash, but rarely have headaches! 😁 F 72 10 years
 5  Left side hypertrophy, fast heart Wow! I am really sorry for those of u who had had bad reactions to this med! I couldn't take beta-blockers or ACE inhibitors! I think this med has saved my life! I have had great results w this med! I already had sleep apnea, diabetes, RA, fibro, so can't blame the med for that!! Some RA meds caused hair loss, folic acid fixed that! I feel very lucky after reading about your experiences, my heart rate went from 110 to 65, and B/P is around 110/70! No constipation. I plan on taking this med for the rest of my life! Peace-out~~~~ F 66 10 years
240 ER 2x
 2  A-fib and B/P Tiredness and short of breath which has gotten progressively worse. Started with new cardiologist earlier this year and he is running tests to assess my current situation. However one of his early comments during my first visit was that he wants to get me off Verapamil soon. Apparently he does not like the drug. Seeing him next week for follow-up. Other possible side effects I have been experiencing though I am not sure if they are related to the drug are depression, difficulty sleeping, muscle pain in my neck and shoulders and wheezing. M 65 6 years
120 2X D
 1  Slow down heart beat , blood pressure Major neck pain, headache , tightness in chest, and dizziness !! I thought it would help but causes many other thing:-( I'm getting off today!!!! F 2 years
180 mg.
 5  Migraines and borderline high BP Possibly some weight gain but not sure I can attribute it to this drug over others Like others on this board, I went from 8 or 9 migraines a month to 1 or 2. I've been on it at least two years now and I recently ran out and was out of town and didn't fill the prescription... unfortunately the migraines came back immediately; I had one every single day until I got my Verapamil. This makes me nervous that I'll be on the medication for the rest of my life- I'm not sure if that's dangerous or not? Heart disease does run in my family and I had borderline hypertension before, so maybe it's for the best. F 34 24 months
180 ER 1X D
 1  high blood pressure, rapid pulse Sudden drop in BP heavy eye lids blurred vision,difficult to breath constipation,bloated,stomach pain,tinitus with stabbing pain,tiredness. F 60 3 days
 1  palpitations & blood pressure palpitation, neck pain, dehydration and vertigo this medicine is horrible and i would not tell anybody to use 6 months
240 er 1X D
 5  Migraines Dizziness It has helped me so much. I was having 10 or more migraines a month, and now I am down to 2 or 3 a month. I love this medication. It gave me my life back:) F 36 5 months
180 mg
 5  high blood pressure and migraines I feel somewhat tired...and sometimes forget briefly something that I would not normally forget. But staying focused on things that you are doing can remedy that. It makes me giddy..which can be fine since I am a comical person. It makes me feel relaxed and focused it can give you a zoning out feeling but then my other migraine medicine would do that. I was reading side affects of other HBP medicines and they had side affects that were something I didn't want. So I opted for this in a higher mg than changing to something else. My husband takes it too and I asked him does Verapamil make you feel like "humdy..dum..dum..dum feeling" kind of relaxed and care what I mean by that and he said yes it it lowered my HBP and has really helped my migraines too. If I get a headache I go and get ice and put it on it and the the headache that would normally not go away ...ends up disappearing. F 53 3 months
 3  Chronic Migraine Constipation. Probably others but I'm on other meds too so not sure what side effect belongs to which med. It seemed the be the magical solution in the first few weeks. I have had chronic migraine since a child. I have tried Topamax (Did not work and raised the eye pressure in my eyes which I could feel even on 25mg dose.) Propranolol (Did not work but helped keep anxiety / panic attacks down) Relpax and Imitrex work great for relieving the migraine but of course, cannot be used daily, only 8 tablets a month max per my doctor. Botox did not work either. F 47 3 months
120 2X D
 3  Cluster Headaches Constipation, light headedness, tingling hands/forearms M 50 3 months
240 mg 2X D
 3  migraines In the last yr Stomach pain and pain in upper right side has any one had a similar situation F 53 4 years
 3  high blood pressure After eight years blood pressure is still within range but severe constipation and almost unbearable muscle pain. I will be looking for a new drug without so many side effects. F 63 8 years
ER 240 mg
 2  Migraine Associated Vertigo None that I know of. I took verapamil for 24/7 dizziness and vertigo that my docs think is related to migraine. Since verapamil can prevent migraine, they hoped it would stop my dizziness. Unfortunately, I saw now improvements in my dizziness while taking this med. For this reason, I stopped after 2 months. F 31 2 months
80 mg 2X D
 2  High Blood Pressure Constipation and too much gas! Made the mistake of drinking a soda and was in pain for an hour due to gas trapped in my stomach. Didnt control my blood pressure. Episodes of spiking blood pressure. I am prone to migraines which happen when my blood pressure spikes. Although, I didnt get a migraine, several times I had "the buzzing feeling and pressure" of a migraine on the verge of happening. At that time, BP was 150/110. I took this along with Benazapril. F 49 1 months
120mg 1X D
 2  BP Significant constipation I found this medication to be effective and without too many other issues, but the degree of constipation was a killer. M 68 1 years
240 1X D
 3  Cluster headaches Chest pains Diziness F 24 6 weeks
80g 4X D