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 1  bipolar disorder fatty liver irritability drowsiness F 32 5 years
1000 1X D
 1  Convulsive disorder hair loss, weight gain, suicidal thoughts, lethargy, inability to focus, headaches, loss of interest, depression i couldn't agree more with the comments posted here. TAKE ACTION. I will never again listen to what a doctor tells me. i had to do my own research to understand why these things were happening to me...he never even told me, even after I asked multiple times why these things were happening to me. Are there no better epilepsy drugs out there? F 28 3 months
1X D
 1  seizures for 19 years took up to 2000mg/day. After status 1 year ago, was increased to 4000mg/day. Side effects, drooling, weight gain, depression, sedation 4 weeks ago, pancreatic failure and nearly died. 3 weeks in the hospital. NOT WORTH IT! F 29 20 years
1000mg 4X D
 1  bipolar I syndrome rapid weight gain despite diet efforts, massive hair loss, lethargy, loss of interest in activities I used to enjoy, constant headaches (I had never suffered from headaches before) I strongly recommend taking an active role in managing the type of medication you are prescribed. After all, you are the one taking them and having the side effects, your doctor is merely prescribing them. Never be passive about your treatment. Research the side effects and even if your doctor does not believe you, insist on your arguments or get other opinions. After 6 months of going through absolute hell from all the side effects you can think of I decided to tell my doctor I would not take valproic acid since it was doing more harm than good. Most doctors dislike patients doing research on the meds they are taking, since they believe they are the owners of the truth, but they would definitely change their opinions if they were the ones taking such medicines. Thanks to valproic acid I have lost the little self esteem I had left. F 44 4 days

VALPROIC ACID  (VALPROIC ACID):  This medication is used to treat seizure disorders, mental/mood conditions (such as manic phase of bipolar disorder), and to prevent migraine headaches. It works by restoring the balance of certain natural substances (neurotransmitters) in the brain.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)