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 1  sinus infection severe diarrhea on 2nd day, 4th day vomiting, joint pain, all over muscle/body aches, to tired to get out of bed, ringing in ears, now blood with diarrhea. i am stopping this medicine, the side effects are worse than the sinus infection!!! i was supposed to take it 10 days, if i had continued i probably would have died from dehydration! F 61 4 days
875/125 mg 2X D
 3  Strep throat Throat is feeling much better, my face is warm and pretty red. I don't usually have such a red face. Also been slightly itchy. F 25 10 days
825 2X D
 1  UTI Seizures. I also take dilantin for epilepsy Why would a doctor prescribe this stuff if it causes seizures? M 73 3 days
875/125mg 1X D
 5  Sinus infection no side effects at all I usually hate taking antibiotics, they make me very sleepy and I have broken out in a minor rash on my arm many years ago. I dreaded taking this, but got absolutely no side effects at all. F 67 14 days
500 2X D
 1  Tooth abscess Really bad diarrhoea. Had to stop after three days as was up all night with diarrhoea and felt dreadful. F 66 3 days
3X D
 4  Sinus infection Have taken many times no problem.started taking woke this morning face ears very ichy severely dizzy so I called doctors office still waiting for a response M 65 3 days
 1  Upper respiratory infection I started taking this on a Friday evening, by Sunday evening I was in ER at my heart hospital. I was having a terrible time breathing and thought my upper respiratory infection had turned even worse. Turns out I had gained 8lbs of fluid in my stomach and lungs. I have been a heart patient for over 10 years and never have I had swelling like that. My DR doubled my water pills for 7 days and the fluid went down. I didnít realize at the time it was this medicine until I missed a pill. The next morning I was fine until I took this amoxicillin and my swelling came back. It has also given me thrush in my mouth and the worst yeast infection I have ever had. I have always been fine with amoxicillin but have never had Clavulanate with it and I never will again. F 43 5 days
 5  Puncture wound on foot Skin flush on upper body, loose stools, high energy! This was given along with a tetanus shot after I stepped on a very ugly nail. Yet I wonder if I had an underlying infection of sorts. My usual pain and aches have greatly subsided and I have energy. What gives? I've been on this med for 5 days and have a few more days to go. F 50 5 days
875/125 mg
 3  Strep Throat Extreme tired, no energy for anything. Ringing in the ears after 6th day. Have never felt so tired, taken amoxi 10 years ago, no side effects. M 68 10 days
500 mg 2X D
 1  Sinus infection Face becomes extremely hot and red. Fop of my head felt like it was going to explode. W Ears high pitch ringing continually. Chill and then overheating. Don't take this medicine...should be off the market F 73 1 days
875 mg
 5  sinus infection M 58 14 days
875/125 2X D

 1  Viral infection This is poison. Took only 1/2 of this horse pill and woke up soaked in sweat, sluring speech and fading in and out according to husband. Rushed to ER. Horrible stuff. FDA should ban this! Never had any issues with Amox until this. Something has changed. I would steer clear of this stuff. Imagine if I had taken the whole pill. Stopped use after 1/2 dose F 40 10 days
 2  Cat bite Took a total of 5 5 was awful! Every joint on my body ached,my back made it impossible to sit legs hurt so bad I couldn't walk. Also started getting very lightheaded and made me constipated .I i felt as though I had the flu ,but this would come over me 3-4 hours after taking recommended dosage. Cat bite healed and Dr not in on weekend..short of the E.R. I took it upon myself to discontinue med's. Miserable medicine!! I have taken Amoxicillin before with no problems but this one threw me for a loop...never again ..I've been off 1 day and still waiting for lightheaded feeling to subside . F 64 10 days
875 2X D
 1  sinus infection severe nausea, violent vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea Do no take....this medicine made me so ill I almost ended up in the hospital and that was after 1 pill. Could not stop vomiting! F 62 1 days
875 MG 2X D
 3  dog bite on hand Extremely loose stool By the morning after the fourth dose, stools are so loose that I am afraid to leave the house - these side-effects are far in excess of those I've experienced on other antibiotics - however, the nurse said Augmentin is the best antibiotic to use for dog bites so I need to get through the next five days the best I can - I should have taken the probiotic pills from the first day - started on them yesterday and they help! F 63 7 days
125 mg. 2X D
 2  For a flare up of Hidradenitis Holy Cow...Major stomach cramps, Extra bowel movements, (Not diarrhea) but not constipation either. TOO Normal, will call it Mild Diarrhea but gone twice a day, cramps are continuous, also unusual bleeding from vagina...(Not Period, as Tamoxifen has stopped them since June of last year. Only lasted 2 days...Can't get rid of the cramps, feels like a "Muscle Tightness" of my lower abdomen. Don't know what to make of it.. Stopped taking them, the heck with it. F 44 4 days
400mg 2X D
 3  double ear infection tooth staining, loose stools my son, age 3.5, had stained teeth by the 6th day of taking this. We brush his teeth 2x a day and had just been to the dentist 2 weeks ago for a cleaning. I know the meds caused this staining. It says on the paper from the pharmacy that it may cause staining of teeth in children and to tell the doctor if it occurs. The doctor stated that this does not usually happen from amoxicillin but to brush his teeth with baking soda and water. I don't know how that will go over with a 3 year old who doesn't know how to spit very well yet. M 3 10 days
5.1 ml 2X D
 4  sinus infection Diarrhea After 3 pills I got pretty bad diarrhea. I couldn't cough, sneeze, or blow my nose without going a little. Before taking the pills, I was not eating right for a few days because I had a really bad sore throat and I hadn't gone #2 in three days. I did try to eat before I took the pills. A friend told me to eat yogurt like Activia. I'm on day 4 of a 10 day prescription and the diarrhea is better, but I still have "bubble guts". I might go get some yogurt tomorrow! F 32 10 days
875/125 2X D
 3  Sinus Infection Nausea, bloating, diarrhea, yeast infection, general itching I learned the hard way that you must take this right before, during, or right after a meal. The bigger the meal the better. I got a bad yeast infection after being on it for only 3 or 4 days. I didn't think to take probiotics with this medication until after the yeast infection showed up. I have also noticed general itchiness over my whole body, especially at night. I am now on probiotics and only have a day and a half left of this medication. If I ever need to take this stuff again I will be sure to load up on probiotics!! F 28 10 days
874-125 2X D