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 4  CDiff nausea and numbness in feet not a bad drug but long term side effects unknown F 24 2 years

 5  CDIFF Worked well for my daughter's CDIFF. Very long process. But hang in there worth it. F 7 7 weeks
250mg 2X D
 2  MRSA After 2 weeks of HIGH dosage one day started itching from head to toe, was told to take benadryl. Extreme headache, hives, rash, dizziness, nausea, fever, chills, uncontrollable shaking, low blood pressure (at times), and worst of all was the extreme pain in my arms neck and shoulders, which I am still feeling a week later, I can hardly move my left arm which is also numb, but the dr said I will regain use within 3 weeks. It cleared the MRSA but I had terrible reaction to it! I recommend the drug because it will eat MRSA for breakfast lunch and dinner but PLEASE PLEASE don't be afraid to let the nurse know IMMEDIATELY if you start to feel any of the above symptoms especially the itching. Redman syndrom is not too big of a deal I guess but in my case it was pretty extreme. M 28 2 weeks
1700 2X D

 4  MSRA or whatever its called xD Felt very weird, instant ichiness, that's about it. This worked very well for me, I had a horride staph infection that i let get out of hand and thank goodness they had this big bad boy antibiotic to kick its tail around. My wounds healed up nicely and im now on bactrim to finish up. M 20 7 days

 2  MRSA It seems to have handled the MRSA, but caused a rash over most of my body. Feet, hands, and groin especially. 2 weeks since coming off of the Vancomycin and still peeling in areas, feet and hands are still sensitive. I only give this a "2" because the MRSA seems to have been cured. A "1" would probably be more appropriate, but since the MRSA is as dangerous as it is, I will leave the rating a "2". The skin reaction has definitely extended my recovery. M 38 7 days

 2  Suspected CDiff MAJOR hairloss. Lost about 80% 2 months following treatment. I was hospitalized & given the drug in November. My hair began falling out in January and continued through March. I was given the drug via IV for 5 days. The dr. suspected CDiff, which I later found out I did NOT have. F 31 5 days
1X D

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