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 1  Sinus Infection nystagmus / severe bilateral vestibular loss / inability to walk a straight line / sleep problems / fear of falling / (and more falls) / can't ride a motorcycle any longer / had to quit working / This medicine should NEVER be given unless it is a life threatening illness. Care should definitely be taken with the dosage. My dosage should have been 80 mg given 3 times per day yet I started on 300 mg per day. I was lowered to 150 mg per day after about 10 days due to high concentrations in my blood work. The doctor kept checking on my kidney function but never considered the ototoxicity. F 43 21 days
300 mg 3X D
 1  Clear up peritoneal infection Loss of equilibrioception (loss of balance), Oscillopsia (visual artifacts) Doc overdosed me on this med. I was taking it intraperitoneally while on dialysis. Doc did not mention any chance of side-effects, did not monitor blood level and after I lost my balance denied the drug had anything to do with. Confirmed with my family doc that I suffered gentamicin toxicity. This drug is very dangerous, and even more so if you have decreased kidney function. I am also suing my doc. Every step I take, every time I turn my head, the effects are present. I'm writing this about 5 months after the incident, so the results are also permanent! M 35 4 weeks
80 1X D
 1  bacterial infection Kidney failure It is supposed to be used under EXTREME caution, my doctor didn't give it correctly and I am now getting a kidney transplant. The kidney failure gets WORSE with time... I am suing said doctor. F 18 5 days
 1  antibiotic I did not personally take this drug. But anyone thinking of it should be aware it can cause permanent vertigo and loss of balance and hearing loss. see the website: M

GENTAMICIN  (GENTAMICIN SULFATE):  This medication is used to treat minor skin infections (such as impetigo, folliculitis) or minor infections related to some skin conditions (such as eczema, psoriasis, minor burns/cuts/wounds). Gentamicin works by stopping the growth of certain bacteria. It belongs to a class of drugs known as aminoglycoside antibiotics. This antibiotic only treats bacterial infections. It will not work for virus or fungus infections. Unnecessary use or overuse of any antibiotic can lead to its decreased effectiveness.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)