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 5  itchy fungal infection none I use this cream under my breast at the lowest edge of my bra. I think if I didn't have to wear an underwire bra I might not have the problem. It was prescribed about 5 years ago and I only have to use it for a day or two, about every other week. The rash occurs mostly in summer or if I'm dressed very warmly in order to keep my heating bill down in winter. I see that many comments mention vaginal infections; they can be caused by oral sex. Don't see that very often in advice columns, but it's true. F 65 5 years
60 mg 2X D
 5  vaginal irritation None This cream is fabulous. I went in complaining about vaginal irritation and she prescribed this. All my symptoms work gone in less than 48 hours F 28 4 days
30mg 2X D
 5  Rectal Yeast Infection None! I love this! Relief with in 24 hr or less, gone within a few days. Works like a miracle! F 26 10 days
30mg 3X D
 3  ringworm/jockitch-fungal infection After sex and during and after my period, I am experiencing extreme skin irritation and even tearing of the skin around my vagina and clitoris. Also, severe irritation of the anus. I am currently trying pure ALOE and Vitamin E oil to remedy, and prayer! I have not used the cream in a while, but I was using it for a long period of time and have just now realized that my problems are side effects from use of this product. I found a list of side effects on another website which included severe inflammation of the skin,softening of the skin, stretch marks, and stretching or thinning of the skin. F 43 6 weeks
30 mg 1X D
 1  vaginal & gastrointestinal yeast Severe burning and pain on vaginal area tissue. I discontinued use after 3rd application and got a prescription for something my doctor said was milder: clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate cream. Still burning but less so. Taken in conjunction with diflucan which was extremely beneficial. I stopped using the prescription topical creams--too irritating. As a topical I am using "Yeast Rescue: a topical herbal solution in olive oil. I find it very soothing and not irritating, also very moisturizing. F 55
 2  Vaginal candidiasis Once you use this cream, you never get rid of the smell! I am swollen more than I was before I began using it, also. I have had bouts with vaginal yeast for years, but have had no flare ups in years. I had an actual culture done, and the report stated that it was a non-albicans type of yeast. The usual meds did not work at all, and that goes for the prescript creams, also.I woke up a few days, and there it was.....swelling, intense itching, burning. I called my doctor to have him order what finally did work several years ago, but instead, he gave me Nystatin cream and 3 xtra strong Diflucan. I have used this cream since 2 days ago, and I have yet to feel any relief. There are times when I think the infection is getting better, but then I have a horrible itching, burning attack.The meds I had used several years ago are called Ketoconazole cream and pills. When I compare where I'm at right now with this Nyastatin cream to where I was at the same time when taking the Ketoconazol cream, there's no competition! Give me the Keto cream anyday. F 53 3 days
 5  vaginal itch and inflammation/burn none I have reoccuring yeast infections. But nothing seemed to do the trick and get rid of it for good. everything OTC didn't work. Even took diflucan for a week. When given the cream, I had INSTANT relief! it's been 2 days on the cream and no burn, itch or irritation at all! I am VERY satisfied with this product F 30 2 days
 5  Had thrush, lips split painful none best thing ever. no OTC lip medication worked. diflucan not work. cleared up in a few days. I always keep a tube now.I use it when needed. Now I just use in the winter if lips crack from weather F 57 2 days
 5  vaginal itching 23 years ago my gynecologist prescribed this cream and until this year the prescription was filled with a product from Alpharma (purple & white tube). It was magic -- immediate relief. My prescription is now filled with a product manufactured by E. Fougera (yellow & white tube). It is still magic but there is a slight bit of burning when it is first applied. I NEVER had this with the first product. F 70 23 years
 5  rectal yeast infection none THANK GOD! I have tried every over the counter and home remedy possible for the past 3 years. I was so uncomfortable. I am so thankful for this medication. F 48 7 days
 5  vaginal yeast infection a little burning only lasted a few seconds i've been plagued by recurrent yeast infections, this product has been amazing I highly recomend it and I have tried EVERYTHING monistat, diflucan, azo, probiotics etc F 20 5 days
 5  rosacea none,cleared rosacea in 3 days I was told its a no no for rosacea but it does help F 46
 5  vaginal yeast infection a little burning after applying but went away within five minutes this stuff is a miracle! i had tried everything from diflucan to monistat which i believe didnt help at all! it got rid of the itch and i was able to sleep at night and go out in public without being uncomfortable!! F 18 2 weeks
 5  vaginal yeast infection It sort of burned when i accidentally got some on my clitoris but i took a shower and all was well. Works a treat. My doctor prescribed it to take care of the itching and what not for the few days before I got my period which generally flushes out a yeast infection. I used it morning and evening and there was a huge difference between when I forgot it and when I didn't. F 19 5 days
 5  skin fungal infection No side effects that I'm aware of. I do find I need the cream more often however. I have used nystatin/triamcinolone, the cream, many times in my life to get relief from the itching and spreadable infection that occurs at the back of my neck just above the end of my hair line. I have used it at different times in my life, usually during dry winter months, but not every year. I was perscribed many other Rx creams that didn't work and had to specifically ask my doctor for this one (which a doctor when I was a child had percribed). I was never told it was a steriod drug, however, until I visited the pharmacy to pick up a new tube this year. I was also informed to use it sparingly (only a very small amount is needed). I wished I had been told that years ago. The problem does reoccur but the drug always works and I then don't need it for a long time. As I've grown older (I'm now 40 something), I find the need for the cream more often. It used to only occur once every 5 or more years, now it's coming back every year. The drug does still take care of it, however. F 45 30 years
 4  yeast overgrowth/candida die-off for 2 weeks. Was really spacey and dizzy. Had a big headache. Felt weak and tired. Have been fine since, while still taking it. F 39 7 months
 4  yeast infection none really helped stop the itching and burning while I was taking diflucan F 39 5 days
 4  vaginal yeast infection none better than OTC products F