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 1  Oral Thrush Never, ever, ever again. I have taken plenty of medication over the years including psychiatric drugs. Nystatin made me so sick and nearly immediately. I did not connect the dots right away but fortunately stumbled upon this patient site and was astounded. Other's accounts described exactly how i was feeling and upon discontinuing the med, felt better within a day or so. My symptoms came on quickly and honestly were quite frightening looking back. The #1 symptom was extreme exasperation of situational depression. Honestly wished myself dead. During sleep, which I found myself doing much more of, I had night sweats. During the day felt feverish without a temperature and a strong overall feeling of unwell. I would NEVER take or recommend this medication to anyone! Simply cannot imagine a child or infant experiencing such side effects without the ability to verbalize their feelings. EGREGIOUS F 49 14 days
5ml 4X D
 1  Tongue and throat thrush Feeling very hot but no fever, very nauseous after taking, foggy in the brain, cramps and diarrhea. When my doctor gave this to me for mouth rash, I was very happy because I wanted to get rid of that. All this medicine did was make me sick as a dog immediately after taking it. Will never take this again. M 72 2 days
4X D
 1  Oral thrush Absolutely awful stuff. Everything was so servere felt dizzy sick abdo pain loose stools and the worst part has to be the really really bad brain fog to the point it made me feel suicidal. I'd first get a bad headache then the thoughts. I thought it was from the Candida dye off symptoms But seeing the other reviews maybe it's been caused by this awful drug Avoid avoid avoid F 45 7 days
1ml 4a day 4X D
 1  Fungus in the back of my throat It was given to me for throat fungus turned out I had no fungus at all only thing it did was mess up the GERD that I already suffer from I've been off of it for about 7 days I only took it for 5 days it did a lot more damage to my esophagus than what the GERD has ever done never will I ever take this medication again hope to see my doctor sometime this week Mess with with my glucose and mess with my blood pressure felt sleepy all of the time people do your research before taking this medication F 53 4 days
6 mils 4X O
 4  Thrush from antibiotic and steriod Gerd,ringing in ears, exhausted, dizzy, foggy , dry mouth, diarrhea, racing heart and elevated glucose levels. I weathered through it and hopefully the thrush stays gone. Hoping the stomach issues clear up soon. F 53 10 days
100,ooo / 4X D
 1  Oral thrush Dizziness, burning eyes, chest pains, breathing difficulty, ill feeling of weakness and foggy mind. Got the infection from taking Prednisone for an allergic reaction causing the oral thrush. F 63 2 days
4ml 4X D
 1  Thrush oral Nausea gut rumbling overnight. Feel terrible. Hirrible taste in mouth. Can't eat. Feel sick unwell heart racing revolting stuff. F 63 0 days
1ml 4X D
 2  Oral thrush Severe dry mouth, peeling skin on inside cheeks and under tongue, severe diarrhea if swallowed, yeast returned if I would stop for a day. F 61 35 days
5 ml 4X D
 1  Thrush Felt like I could not catch my breath. Very lightheaded, dizzy, terrible taste in my mouth, felt hot but no fever, very anxious After second swish and swallow, my body felt like it was shutting down, felt faint, could not catch my breath. Did not sleep all night. Next day I thought I would just swish it in my mouth and spit it out. Reaction started again within 10 minutes. Hoping drinking lots of water gets it out of my system faster. Still feeling like I can not breathe. Pharmacy advised to stop taking it. F 66 2 days
5 ml 4X D
 5  Thrush It helped a great deal with the thrush but def made my stomach gurgle like crazy and gave me a weird tightening of the chest feeling. Also idk but I was very sensitive to any kind of spice! F 35 10 days
5 mg 1x da 1X D
 4  Oral thrush The only bad one I have is intense acid reflux. Something I haven't had since I gave birth 36 years ago. Can't find this side effect anywhere - not even the pharmacist. My thrush has disappeared already, but if this gerd persists, I may not be able to continue with nystatin swish & swallow. F 71 2 days
5 mg 4X D
 4  Oral thrush The only bad one I have is intense acid reflux. Something I haven't had since I gave birth 36 years ago. Can't find this side effect anywhere - not even the pharmacist. My thrush has disappeared already, but if this gerd persists, I may not be able to continue with nystatin swish & swallow. F 71 2 days
5 mg 4X D
 3  Oral thrush Horrible stomach cramps and dry mouth It made my symptoms better (hoarseness from candida) but at a painful cost. This morning, I woke up at 2 am with cramps. F 49 10 days
6ml 4X D
 1  Oral thrush Weight gain(probably water retention), horrible nausea, fatigue, dizziness, anxiety, bloating & stomach pain. I thought it was a die off reaction at first, but I kept feeling worse even after the 9th day. I was driving to the store today & was so nauseous I had to turn around. The water retention is insane too, I feel like I'm gaining a lb a day. It's also loaded with sugar, so I'm not sure how that can help kill Candida. Maybe the pills are better, but I can't keep taking the liquid. F 44 10 days
5 ml 4X D
 2  Oral thrush Felt severely lightheaded,dizzy,bad muscle spasms in upper chest and back,flush,hot,started to sweat,felt out of it..That was first dose that I swoosh then swallowed...2nd dose didn't swallow felt same way, but wierder, panicked feeling, like i was having stroke or something,had to go to bed,felt like severe hangover, next morning still feel very loopy and off..Stomach started making wierd noises last night and sm today, dont think I will take again although it did help mouth. Not sure if that is an allergic reaction but wasn't feeling that way before the nystain mouth rinse,only mouth was hurting. F 62 1 days
100000/ml 2X D
 3  Treat Candida overgrowth I'm a month into upping my dosage slowly to finally get to 6 a day... I have to take for another month paired with other supplements and the candida diet. The side effects are awful. I'm bloated, water retention, headache, exhausted like I could fall sleep sitting up, especially after eating... brain fog is no joke. I've also had oral thrush and these welts on my tongue and a yeast infection... treated with 3 rounds of monistat and finally took a diflucan.. hopefully that helps. F 36 30 days
6X D
 1  Candida Igg high Nausea, constipation, severe headaches at night. It feels like a really bad hangover and I haven't even had a drink. Feel very swollen in belly, have gained about 5 pounds since taking. Face feels swollen too. Have that upset stomach headache feeling all the time. Everything I've read said it lasts for short period and is indicative of Candida dying off, but it's lasting way too long and I can't take feeling anymore. The weight gain makes no sense and haven't read anything about that. F 50 8 days
5,000 unit 3X D
 1  Mouth and throat thrush Tinitus, nausea, cloudy head, achy body , seeats but no fever, rapid heartbeat, rash , metalic taste in mouth thrush getting worse not better, sores and bleeding in mouth, hard swolen throat and lymphnodes.. Feels like awful ilness and has been 2 months now saw no improvement actually getting worse! F 40 30 days
6 mg x 4 d 4X D
 1  Oral thrush Rapid heart beat. Breathless, tightness in chest, nausea, light headed, increased Blood Pressure. Felt so I'll. beginning to feel better 10 days after Stopping This. Was not advised of any side effects before taking it. Would never take it again. F 69 2 days
30 mg 4X D
 3  Oral thrush Nausea, upset stomach, diarrhea, gas, burning sensation on throat and esophagus. I've also developed several rashes around my hands, arms and under my jaw line. Prescribed by dentist to treat oral thrush after taking broad spectrum antibiotics. It seemed to do the trick when I was only using it as a mouth wash. I started to feel the side effects once I started to actually swallow the product. F 30 30 days
2.5 4X D

NYSTATIN  (NYSTATIN):  Nystatin is used to treat fungal skin infections. Nystatin is an antifungal that works by stopping the growth of fungus.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)