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 1  Runny Nose/Congestion from cold Jitteriness, restlessness/fidgety, numbness on skin, insomnia, increased heart rate, chest tightness, anxiety, panic attacks Advised to take Benadryl for post nasal drip from a bad cold. Immediately I felt my mood change and became jittery, restless, anxious, panicky, and could not sleep. I felt jacked up - like I had taken a stimulant. I could not feel anything on my skin. Awful experience for me. Everyone's reaction is different. F 57 2 days
50 mg 4X D
 3  Allergic reaction Flashing vision (eyes open and shut), brain fog, muscle weakness, extreme difficulty waking up the next morning (took at 7pm) F 28 1 days
50 mg 1X D
 1  allergies pounding heart, racing heart, insomnia ***PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING HEART PALPITATIONS ATER TAKING BENADRYL*** If you have had heart palpitations for more than a week you need to see a doctor and talk to them about the possibility that it gave you Atrial Fibrillation. People who have these reactions often had unknown heart problems already and the diphenhydramine exacerbated those to become something worse. Atrial Fibrillation is not in itself deadly but it is serious. You are 5 times more likely to have a blood clot form due to blood pooling in your heart, and twice as likely to have a stroke than the average person. PLEASE go talk to a doctor about this if you are able! M 30 7 days
25 1X D
 3  Itchy skin and sinus Mid back pain. I seem to have a problem with antihistamines and back pain. It does clear my allergy issues. F 66 3 days
25 mg 1X D
 1  seasonal allergies Panic, cold chills, pounding heart, inability to sleep. My heart has been pounding since a week ago when I stopped taking this, its making it so difficult to sleep. I'm exhausted. I would really like to hear peoples experiences with how long it took to return to normal, I can't find any extensive information online about this. M 31 6 days
25mg 1X D
 1  Hay fever Heart pounding, cold chills, anxiety, panic I've taken benadryl in the past once or twice with no problems, but this was the first week I took it consistently each night. TERRIBLE mistake on my part. I had between 25mg and 50mg each night, spaced out between use in the case of 50mg. (25mg once, then another 25mg four hours after) 24 hours after taking it I am still experiencing pounding heart that is causing me to be unable to sleep. I would recommend it for emergency use, or occasional use, but be very careful taking it multiple days in a row. I spent days wondering if I should see a doctor for my heart problem, only now realizing the benadryl was the culprit. I'm really hoping its out of my system soon! M 30 5 days
25mg 1X D
 1  Sinus pressure I used to be able to take this and have no problem . The past 2 days I have had bad sinus pressure and the first night I took benadryl I just felt a little sleep the next day . Day 2 completely different. I feel very weak, fast heart rate, feels like the room is spinning . I feel like I am not in my own body . Well I won't be taking this anymore . I will find something different . F 38 2 days
25 1X D
 1  Allergy I took this before bed and had nightmares, woke up sweating, very tired, very angry, irritated, it amped my ocd and anxiety... I since threw it out! This has happened before and I should've known not to take it... I can usually be okay after one night and then if I take it longer I get irritated, but this time really bad today! F 34 1 days
25 mg 1X D
 2  Allergies, help me sleep Well,my legs or feet would jerk every night,drove me crazy,just wanted to cut them off.. See what that is in it causing restless leg syndrome. And I noticed I been on hydroxyzine the last month,well ,guess what all over again my legs,so I'm going to stop taking them too . F 50 0 months
30mg 1X D
 1  Had an allergic reaction to an anti I take 2 anti depressants and valium together and they knew this and decided to still give me 3 rounds of benadryl and send me home. And my nose is now currently so numb and my face is becoming numb from the interaction with my meds. Don't care what the doctors say you damn well knew my psych doctor was in the f*ing hospital and the least bit you could have done is called and asked their opinion so now im stuck with this. Ive been sick for 15 damn days and i just want someone to actually pay attention to me and realize i have bacterial strep and quit acting stupid. You sent me home after a deadly concoction of meds. I could have died. My heart raced. I lost all functions. I couldn't walk, talk, or anything... I was a damn noodle. Be weary of things like this.. F 25 1 times
10 mg 1X O
 1  Hives Extreme drowsiness, weakness, severe body tingling I don't want to take this drug anymore. I couldn't sleep for nights because of the tingling pain, especially from my lower back to my lower extremeties. F 22 2 days
50mg 3X O
 3  New Food Allergies Fast heart rate, dizzy, tired, forgetfulness, numb fingers, short of breathe. Blurry vision I used Benadryl nearly every day starting after I got sick in January with pneumonia, after I was sick I started developing food allergies I never had before, My throat would get so tight my mouth would itch so I would pop one of the gel ones (I don't take the dye ones because they make me break out) and I would be great. The problem is, this medication causes so many side effects my doctors have warned against me using this so much but I can't find anything else that helps with my food allergies. Its either let my throat closed up or deal with the heart palpitations and insanity that comes with using Benadryl long term. I'm also concern about how forgetful I've become, I can't remember what I did from one day to a next after taking Benadryl, I suppose long term will result in dementia. I know its a side effect, for continuous usage, I'll try switching to Zyrtec but I'm not sure if it will help the hives and itching, swelling etc like Benadryl. F 22 9 months
 1  To sleep I've had anxiety and was desperate to sleep and took 2 Benadryl the first night, one the next. I was in and out of sleep all night. If I dosed off, I'd startle awake with my heart pounding, not racing, pounding. I also had these weird shaky movements, thought if I went to sleep I'd die. My last dose was earlier, today, because I didn't realize it was the Benadryl causing all of the symptoms. So, now I get to have crazy tremors and anxiety and a racing heart until it wears off. F 49 2 days
25 to 50 3X D
 1  Allergies, sleep Had the scariest results from taking it. Took it when I was younger no problem. Took it now, it made me super drowsy, Paranoid, severe anxiety, irritable, aggressive and depressed. I had muscle spasms at night, insomnia and every time I slept it felt like i was falling. Then I would wake right back up. It was so scary. Its day 4 after taking it and still having some anxiety and mild drowsiness. Would not recommend, try other meds for allergies and melatonin for sleep. F 27 1 days
 5  Allergies, sleeping problems Drowsiness Iíve been taking Benadryl on and off for several years for my allergies. It has always been very good in helping to alleviate my allergy symptoms. 39 5 years
2 x 25
 5  Hives Within 20 minutes felt euphoric, that subsided and gave way to EXTREME panic attack if I would try to sleep. It was like one long continuous panic attack that would wash over my body in waves. I would also jerk awake with it. 2nd time taking it in addition to these effects I felt cold, shaking, teeth chattering. I had to force myself to try to sleep, but once I fell asleep it was all good. Would sleep late and feel great in the morning. The bad effects seem to last about 2 hours or so. But I have to add I suffer from anxiety so it could be the medicine just enhances the problem I already have. Benedryl works to get rid of the itching and hives. I took it for 6 months in my 20's for chronic hives at the time and had no side effects. I took it again in my 30's for an unknown allergy and it made me very sleepy and groggy the next day. F 41 2 days
50mg 1X D
 1  Allergic reaction to mosquito bites About an hour after I took it I felt like I had just smoked pot (without the munchies). It was awful. It was like I was dreaming while awake. This has happened to me the last 2 times that I took it. I hadn't taken it in years so not sure how it made me feel in the past. The 1st time this happened I had one vodka and soda before taking 2 Benadryl (50 mg total). So I thought that the reaction was due to an alcohol-drug interaction. The second time I only took 25 mg and no alcohol and drank a lot of water and I had the same reaction but I actually think it was worse the second time. I will never take Benadryl again. F 57 1 days
25 MG 1X D
 3  To help me sleep The next day I am sometimes in a daze and I get really irritated really easy and upset M 0 days
 2  Sleep Aid After using Benadryl for awhile I found it to be causing my RLS and now I noticed I have severe joint pain the next day and am very angry all day. I'm stopping it now. F 75 1 years
1X D
 4  Severe seasonal Allergies So lately when I wake up in the morning and i take 1 pill, if I don't then I'll be sneezing a lot and have very bad itchy eyes, it has worked but I've noticed that I've not been having the best sleep (I take 2 before bed) and In the morning time during classes, I can barely keep my eyes open. I know on the side that it says "may cause marked drowsiness" and I've definitely been feeling that. I try to keep my eyes open but they just shut and when I re-open them it's so very hard to keep them open and they keep opening and closing Until I stand up... I'm kinda confused. It really helps but I can't focus on my studies nor can I stay awake during classes. This has become a big issue and so has sleeping. I find that I can't sleep until like 1 am or such after taking the pill 5-10 minutes before getting into bed. F 14 2 weeks
25 MG