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 5  Covid-19 Vaccine No side effects. Received initial dose at CVS Pharmacy on 3-12-2021. Vaccination given in left arm. Will receive 'booster' vaccine this coming Monday, November 8 at HEB Pharmacy. F 75
 2  Covid-19 Vaccine First night no symptoms. Second day, could barely get out of bed due to headache, severe body aches, fever, fatigue. Third day, still had severe body aches and headache. Took Advil which helped with the body aches. Almost three weeks later, I still have intermittent headaches that are not relieved with Tylenol or Advil. I have now developed a tremor in my left thumb and mild intermittent chest pain, which I am going to report to the VAERS. I am so scared. I never wanted this vaccine, but was forced to get vaccinated by my school and work. The vaccine was administered in my right arm. Single dose J&J done at my local Bashas pharmacy. F 40
 1  Covid-19 Vaccine Wound up with a dvt in leg. Life altering Given in arm. Tired 2 days then blood clot F 64
 3  Covid-19 Vaccine Headache and sore arm. Lasted only one day. Received shot in April of 2021 and still got Covid in July 2021. Believe it was the Delta variant F 54
 1  Covid-19 Vaccine Physical: Mild headache, fatigue, chills, hotflashes Psychological: Emotionally labile, tearful, anxious, agitated, impulsive, depressed feeling. Lasted 2 days but very distressing. One dose F 36
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine Brief pinch pain during injection. Mild soreness at injection site for brief period ...24 hrs. No other side effects. Administered at drive through event in very rural area ...located adjacent to firehouse. No did not sign up for app. F 75
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine None I can think of. M 63
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine From jnj got blood spots on arms and hands. Went away after a week. Got one follow up pfizer shot, next day headache and tired one day only. F 68
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine None M 68
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine face & lip sweling/ migraine/went away with coffee F 82
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine I had it at my retirement community. A fireman gave me the injection. I felt tired and a bit unwell for a couple of days. I had covid in December and spent three weeks in the hospital (no ventilator). My daughter cannot get both shots because of a heart condition so I'm glad I got mine. It was worth not feeling my best for a short time. She is proud of me for being brave. My daughter says to write that people with bad reactions should report their experiences to the government through VAERS. I didn't have anything to report, which she agrees with because my reaction, she says, was "textbook" so there was nothing to say. She did report her reaction and I hope she was taken seriously. I was scared for her. I wish I could have helped her more. F 71
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine Had ZERO side effects. Got mine at Kroger's Pharmacy in Galveston, TX on 5-14-21. One and DONE! F 67
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine About 24 hours to the time of injection I got extremely cold hands and feet. Ran a fever of about 101 for about 5 hours. Mild headaches would come randomly at middle of sleep night for about 2 weeks. This is other than the expected arm soreness from the shot. I have AutoImmune and Thyroid issues and lymph nodes removed in one arm and chest so I was hesitant to take the mRNA with problyene glycol. Luckly did not have any swelling of my arm or lymph nodes. Glad I did not know it could cause strokes. Anyway I was drinking Alka Seltzer every night in my usual routine. F 66
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine Dull headache, tired, bottom of feet red and itchy x2 nights, swollen lymph nodes on throat and back of neck, small bouts of hives x5 days. Took Benadryl to help with reactions. F 54
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine Arm felt sore next day - mild flu symptoms M 51
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine I get side effects from everything but honestly, I had the best experience with the Janssen vaccine. I had minimal side effects and after the shot, instead of getting fatigued, I had a boost of energy. :) I received it 3 weeks ago in march 21. It was one and done. F 62
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine Day one: pain at injection site, day two: flushed face, moderate tiredness and moderate headache - malaise feeling, plus mild backache. Day three (today) - mild fatigue and mild headache - so symptoms are improving. This seems to be what most others have reported. Date of vaccine - 4/9/21. Could not be happier about my home state of Vermont: the location was s a converted gymnasium and was clean and efficient. Nurses were friendly and excellent. No wait, even on a Saturday. They were ready for me exactly at my scheduled time, and I went right into a curtained booth. The waiting area had chairs spread out 6 ft, and friendly assistants walked around asking everyone if they were ok. I wish everyone else in the US had a state run as well as Vermont; I feel badly when I see waits of 2-3 hours in other locations. I hope the USA catches up to the 21st century sometime soon. F 56
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine I had severe aching in my joints, pain in my back and neck. Also, a headache, and extreme chills and could not get warm. I was very tired, and weak, and felt dizzy like room was spinning. The side effects were horrible for 3 days, and started to subside on the 4th day. Thank goodness it's only one shot!! I received the one dose JANSSEN VACCINE. I did not know about CDC V-safe app for patients. F 63
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine Felt very tired the next day. On day 3, I ran a slight fever, lot of sweating. Hard to tell from allergies and possible symptoms from vaccine. Shot site has been a bit tender for over a week Loved the fact it was one shot. F 66
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine I read about some allergic reactions with the mRNA so I was hoping for the JNJ. F 66