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 5  Covid-19 Vaccine First dose: no injection-site pain or swelling and no side effects. The second dose: arm soreness (<24 hours) and some hot flashes/sweating. Overall I felt the vaccine was well-tolerated. Yes F 46
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine None M 84
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine Zero side effects from either dose except a sore arm like many vaccines. F 57
 2  Covid-19 Vaccine First dose: sore arm. Second dose: sore arm + severe abdominal craps and day and night diarrhea that lasted almost three weeks. I learned from others that they had the same experience with duration being 1-3 weeks. The CDC seriously downplays this side effect. F 62
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine Second dose: Only a sore arm - still sore on day 3 but not bad. Was expecting worse side effects with this second dose, but for me the second shot was so much better than the first. With the first shot, had fatigue all the next day. Also the technique of the person giving the vaccine was better- I barely felt the needle and the 3 ml. was dispensed quickly. Got the vaccine at a Giant pharmacy. F 54
 3  Covid-19 Vaccine The shot burned and the arm hurt for 2-3 days. Shooting pain in glands under arms sparodic. Felt pretty good 2nd and 3rd day just slight nausea , headache and stomach cramps. By day 4 not so good, diarrhea for 5 days so far, nausea, headache and chills, trouble sleeping, gerd. Funny how not too many people mention the diarrhea yet it is one of the main side effects of the pfizer vaccine. Live in BC, Canada where you sign up through your province and health control for that area. Had the shot after waiting three weeks for appointment then it was done by an RN at an audotorium in the area. Red Cross involved in getting people to their station. F 67
 3  Covid-19 Vaccine 1st dose: no symptoms for almost 1 week, but then: Fever for less than 24 hours, extreme burning inside joints, fatigue, blister type sore that lasted almost 3 weeks. Started to feel like myself again but then at 4 weeks was time for 2nd dose. 2nd dose: sore arm and headache right away. That got better and then 3 days later: nausea, burning joints, pain in joints, fatigue and pain in the tendon on top of my left foot down to my big toe, with the joints in the toe turning red and at times so painful I have to rest it. I'm only a week it from the second dose so still having effects. M 55
 2  Covid-19 Vaccine Insomnia , sore arm Kept me awake for 42 hours straight. Apparently this is a “rare” side effect, 1 chance in 1000. Arm very sore for first 24 hours, can’t lift arm or take shirt off. M 60
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine 1st dose: Had very minor sore arm for 1st dose of Pfizer vaccine, no other side effects. 2nd dose: 12 hours after the second dose was achey, but no fever. This lasted about 10 hours, then I fell into a deep sleep for 2 hours and woke up perfectly fine. So, for me the side effects were minimal and short term. Surprising actually because I'm generally sensitive. Date of first dose - 3/15/21 Date of second dose - 4/5/21 F 65
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine 1st: 4 days of headache, fatigue, body pains 2nd: 3 days of fever, headache, nausea, fatigue Sore injection sites for 2 days after each shot Administered by health worker working with the National Guard in a state-approved site through my state-run vaccination program close to home. F 72
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine First dose absolutely no side effects barely even felt injection site tenderness. Second dose: dead for 24 hours M 45
 4   First dose, nausea within 20 minutes of shot being administered. Sore arm for two days post injection. Second dose, extreme body aches, joint pain, and headache. Body aches were severe and lasted four days post injection. Wondering if my lingering headaches could be related to vaccine. F 49
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine 1st dose: I just had a sore arm the next day. 2nd dose: I woke up the next morning and had body aches, extreme fatigue, and I could barely move my arm, it was painful. I slept most of the day and started to finally feel a little better by evening. The only other side effect I had was hives. I broke out a little bit here and there. F 37
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine 1st: not bad, similar soreness at the site of injection to a flu shot. No other issues 2nd: intense pain from elbow up through my neck. Ibuprofen fixed it but it was horrible. I was tired and didn't feel great for about 24 hours. Was it worth it? Hell yeah! (RN here) F 36
 4  Covid 19 Vaccine With 2nd dose of the vaccine I had fever, chills, nausea and vomiting, headache, extreme fatigue, swollen lymph nodes near throat. I had the 2nd shot 4 days ago, and these symptoms are better, but not gone now. IIbuprofen helps make the fever and chills and body aches less fierce. So glad this part of it is about over. F 64
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine First shot: Insertion of needle kind of painful, like 3X as painful as flu shot. About two hours later felt sore arm. Next day still felt sore arm a little fatigue but not bad. Seemed like the delivery time (amount of time with the needle in the arm) of the vaccine itself took about 10 seconds which is longer than flu shot. Given at Giant Food Store Pharmacy inVA. Strange but they did not want insurance card information, and what were supposed to be 'optional' personal items on consent form they were requiring as they said the computer would not allow them to not include them. F 52
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine I was tired for a couple of days with a sore arm. After the 2nd dose had dizziness and fatigue for 2 days. F 67
 5  Covid-19 Vaccine At 82 yrs., My husband and I expected to have some effects. However both of us only had soreness in upper arm for three days. No other symptoms. Went through a BJC hosp, in St. Louis County mid-March. Amazed at the efficiency of the process in which we received both the first and second vaccine. Also was amazed at the amount of relief we felt. In talking with others we found they also felt the same relief. Guess we were holding our breaths for months. Thanks, Pfizer! F 82
 4  Covid-19 Vaccine Sore arm on the first dose. Spiked a 103.3 fever the day after the second dose and experienced fatigue. Both only lasted the one day. The next day, I felt perfectly normal. Totally worth it. First dose Feb 6, 2021; second dose Mar 1, 2021. F 63
 3  Covid-19 Vaccine I have only had the first dose so far. Sore arm for 3 days. Second day, extreme fatigue, achy, low fever, chills, just generally felt lousy. This lasted a week. Mild headache, absent minded, brain fog. Left my purse in the cart at the store and drove all the way home before missing it. Left car lights on overnight. None of that is normal for me. It's like my brain is gone. UGH. Not looking forward to second dose. I know that these effects are minor compared to death, hospitalization and the effects of long term covid. I know it's important to get the vax. I'm just so weary of feeling awful. F 64