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 1  Shingles Vaccine 4 inch reddened and inflamed area around the injection site, painful! Body aches and flu- like symptoms. Not getting the second shot. Day 3 feeling worse. F 62
 5  Shingles Vaccine Arm sore immediately and fatigue by the evening. That night it felt like I had a flu, with a mild temp, light night sweats and body aches. Headache too. I took Tylenol and then Excedrin later and felt moderately okay by morning. Still tired and a bit achy the next day but nothing too dramatic. This vax series is definitely stronger than the Pfizer covid shots but I was only down for maybe 24-36 hours. Arm still hurts. Got both doses at CVS, 2 1/2 months apart. F 53
 3  Shingles Vaccine After 10 days of taking the 1st Shingrix vaccine dose, I developed burning pain around my knees, worse in my right knee. The pain is severe if I bend down and put weight on it. Never had this before and I don't have arthritis. Pharmacist thinks it is my body trying to fight off getting Shingles, due to the burn. It might have affected my nerve pathway. Was told to call my physician and discuss it and not ignore it. There is no rash present and my knee joints don't hurt. But the burn pain (nerve-related) is strong. I still plan to take the 2nd dose, but have to discuss with MD first. Very odd side effect and not common. Had 1st dose of Shingrix vaccine on 10-29-21, administered by pharmacist with no issues in North Carolina. M 60
 1  Shingles Vaccine I had shingles 1 week after receiving the first dose. My Dr and pharmacist both said I had a bad reaction to the injection. They also said I probably shouldn't get the second dose. I believe it caused me to get shingles F 72
 4  Shingles Vaccine Very sore arm at injection site. I had a day and a half of flu like symptoms, tired, body aches, no appetite. Three days now and feel good except I have black spots on my fingernails. So weird. It looks like I was staining furniture. Not sure if that's a common side effect. This is my first dose. Received it on 11/4/21. Went to CVS. F 60
 1  Shingles Vaccine Pain where I received the shot. Swollen where I received the shot. Fever, itch and round bumpy spots If I knew this I will never have gotten vaccinated. I found out ttthis shot will be good for only 4 years. Not even the COVID-19 gave me this side effect It is my first shot of shingrix. The next shot is in January 2022. I did in Walgrene of Northlake and Congress in West Palm Beach Florida. I have to pay after insurance $45.00. F 76
 3  Shingles Vaccine Very sore arm. On 4th day redness,slight headache and where the vaccine was administered the morning after taking off the bandaid I noticed I had bled. That had n ever happened to me with any other vaccines. First dose administered at Walgreens F 67
 2  Shingles Vaccine Had first dose on Monday morning by evening my arm was sore. Tuesday (2nd day) was rough. 100.5 temp, body aches, muscles were so sore, joints inflamed and I couldn't get comfortable. Slight headache, no appetite and lethargic. This morning, Wednesday day 3, slight temp, slight stiffness arm is tender to touch but feel a bit better. I received my vaccination at my clinic along with a flu shot and tetanus. I would rather have 2 or 3 days of flu like symptoms than the months of pain shingles can cause. F 50
 3  Shingles Vaccine 5 days after 2nd dose it feels like I have shingles nerve pain in the same area that was affected by shingles previously. I waited 6 months from the time I had shingles to getting the vaccine. Maybe I should have waited 1 year. F 54
 1  Shingles Vaccine 8th day scare. Went and spent all day first at urgent care then at ER. Had a sweat seizure so intense I hit the floor like a brick, couldn't breathe. Sweat dripping all over my body. Thought it was a heartattack. The first few days of golf ball size lump in arm was painful enough.Day 7 started with extreme shoulder, neck, chest pain and sweats and chills. Said goodbye to everyone in my family, felt I was surely dying. F 60
 2  Shingles Vaccine Extreme pain at injection site red, hard, continues day 3. Day 2 headache, muscle ache, nausea, body ache. Couldn't sleep. Not improving day 3. Not wanting to take second dose. First dose; administered by nurse. F 62
 2  Shingles Vaccine On second day very sore arm raised temperature and bad stomach pain followed by extreme red hard large skin reaction and after 26 days burning peeling skin 3x3 inches Received vaccinations at CVS F 63
 1  Shingles Vaccine Fever, body soreness, headache, brain fog, dry mouth, can't sleep but so tired, no appetite. Going on 6th day. Spouse Will most likely not get this as after reading all of the negative side effects and long term effects that seem to be brought on by this vax. 1st dose M 52
 1  Shingles Vaccine Large lump at injection site, severe headache, overheating/night sweats, chills, enlarged and sore lymph nodes under arms and groin, nausea, gastrointestinal distress (tender abdomen, gas), painful joints, extreme tiredness, general aches in chest and abdomen, like the worst case of flu ever. Starting my 5th day of after effects. 10/19/21 administered at local drugstore, first dose Taken with Pfizer Covid 19 booster and Pneumonia vaccine. Have had two light cases of Shingles in the last 4 years. Questioning whether I should take the 2nd Shingrix shot. I certainly will not take it with any other vax if I do. F 63
 3  Shingles Vaccine Day 1 - Forst dose injection site soreness & mild flu-like symptoms Day 2-20 growing shoulder achiness spreading to forearm and aching under shoulder blade - can't sleep well at any time but still can't sleep on the side of the injection Day 20+ no improvement. On Advil Extra Strength during the day Planning a trip back to the prescribing doctor but I travel frequently. Didn't expect, this ! M 62
 3  Shingles Vaccine 1st dose: Fatigue, & high fever for 2 days. 2nd dose: Fatigue, high fever, and diarrhea for 2 days and for days following mild soreness at the injection site and swollen auxiliary lymph node in armpit on the side of injection . M 51
 3  Shingles Vaccine 2nd shot. Felt tired within hours of shot and flu like next day could not do normal schedule. F 55
 4  Shingles Vaccine First injection sore arm. Day 2 about 24 hours after injection have severe headache, chills and fever of 101.2, still better than getting the shingles Dose was administerd at Walgreens M 60
 2  Shingles Vaccine 1st shot fine for 9 hours. Woke up tossing and turning with a creeping restlessness in my arms. Like a weird squeezing tingling feeling, pushing down towards hands. Fainting feeling, nauseous. Got up weak dizzy made myself a herbal tea, couldn't drink it. Curled up on sofa downstairs. Temperature still over 100, 24 hours later. Headache started to ache all over. Felt like flu without cold symptoms. Arm sore. Next day, too exhausted to do most chores. Now 3rd day still weak but much better. Lost 1lb in weight. I have had shingles, once in my teens and once in my early 20's , from being run down. It formed a band from my back to chest on one side. It ached and burned, but wasn't too bad. I don't think I will go for the second shot, I'm worried about blindness. I hope that this reaction proves that I have robust immunity. I will ask my Doctor. Husband will likely not get it after seeing my reaction. F 61
 2  Shingles Vaccine Arm sore first day; after shot, in about 12 hours, chills, fever, body no strength, headache, neck pain, lasted about 36 hours. Why FDA approved this vaccine? I researched, said 10% expect severe reaction. Much worse. M 52

SHINGRIX  (Zoster Vaccine Recombinant, Adjuvanted):  SHINGRIX is a vaccine indicated for prevention of herpes zoster (HZ) (shingles) in adults aged 50 years and older. Also for adults aged 18 years and older who are or will be at increased risk of HZ due to immunodeficiency or immunosuppression caused by known disease or therapy. SHINGRIX is NOT indicated for prevention of primary varicella infection (chickenpox).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)