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 1  Severe dry eye Dizziness, vertigo, nausea... within days I f starting it Do not take this! Am so unimpressed with my ophthalmologist for putting me on this toxic stuff. It should be banned 48 6 days
2X D
 1  Dry eye Awful stuff! Made my eye burn, feels like grit in it, also feels puffy. Blurred vision, constantly feel the need to blink! Also gastrointestinal issues, dizziness, and some ear pain. This is some bad stuff! I'm stopping it and going to take some preservative free otc and see if that helps. Dr's write too many scripts! If you complain about side effects you are labeled a difficult patient and written off. It should be illegal for Dr's to receive kickbacks from big pharma! Buyer beware is all I can say now!! F 60 6 weeks
2xdaily 1X D
 1  Dry eye syndrome I started Restasis eye drops in August,2021.. Stop the eye drops on September 17,2021, with severe reactions... All the symptoms are gone, but I'm still having swollen throat... Saw an ENT, all she said is my throat is swollen and red.. She stated, that there nothing she can do--.. I was wondering how long, the swollen throat lasted?! I want this nightmare to go away!! F 45 1 days
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 1  Dry eyes Red,painful eyes and lids. Stopped using it. F 80 10 days
30mg 2X D
 1  Dry eye Restasis needs to be off market!! Needs to be a lawsuit!!!! Im having terrible side effects!!! Swollen throat and tongue, tremors,anxiety, difficulty breathing, headaches, bad acid reflux, and dizziness!!! It has been a living hell... Wish I never been given these eye drops!!! Will let every family member and friends know!! Don't ever let a family or friends to go through what I been through with these awful eye drops!!! F 46 0 months
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 1  Dry scratchy eyes Insomnia began shortly after starting using Restasis,. i have never suffered from insomnia. About a week ago I stopped taking Restasis and I can easily get to sleep and sleep through the night. Never thought of the correlation until now! Also very sore throat which improved after stopping the drug. F 70 2 months
0.05% 2X D
 1  Dry scratchy eyes Very bad sore throat lasting 2 weeks, vision was clouded every morning. Stopped taking and in 5 days side effects were gone. Will not use again. F 70 2 months
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 1  Severe dry eye syndrome Was given Restasis samples from Opthalmologist about a month ago.. Took drops in morning and at night as I was instructed to.. About 2 weeks ago, I been having dry mouth, swollen throat, swollen tongue, having hard time breathing, anxiety, sleepless nights, lower back pain, couldn't walk a long distance due to my legs getting swollen and felt very tight... I couldn't left my legs up, due to swollen and tightness of my legs .. I went to urgent care, concern about my dry mouth, swollen throat and swollen tongue. Told it was my sinus clogged and was given antibiotics... The next day, I couldn't take it anymore and felt that the urgent Care didn't help with anything.. The next day went to the emergency room.. Told them the same thing, swollen throat, dry mouth, and swollen tongue... ER doctor said it was strep throat... I told the ER doctor it's not strep throat something is wrong... I was given prednisone.. I felt better that whole day.. That evening I took the eye drops.. Woke up at 2 am with dry mouth, swollen throat and tongue... I took Benadryl and prednisone and felt better an hour later.. I started to Google side effects on Restasis.. Couldn't find any information what I was going through.. I kept on scrolling down and found this review site!!! I'm so glad I read all the reviews.. Man... These side effects had me very scared and I honestly that I was going to die!! I will discontinue this eye drops... I will also warn my family's and friends bout Restasis... Doctors and pharmacist, need more education regarding Restasis side effects!! Also there needs to be informationon labels and online site on all side effects!!!! F 45 1 months
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 1  Dry eye I am Latina and I have beautiful hair. Since I have been taking Restasis I am noticing a big change in my hair (losing hair). I don't take other medications. F 52 6 months
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 2  Dry eye due to Sjogrens Very irritating to my eyes even an hour after putting drops in I took this for 8 months…it never really worked for me…I had burning after each dose for over an hour not relieved by otc drops. Stopped taking it and my eyes felt much better. I do not recommend this drug…didn’t work for me. F 72 8 months
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 3   Break into sweat, feel like I'm going to faint, medication seems to drain into my throat, headache. Anyone else have this experience with Restasis. I have severe dry eye and am getting prepared for cataract surgery. I'd like to stop using this medication though not sure if there's an alternative to help get my eyes prepped for the surgery. Will talk with doctor but interested in other peoples experience with this drug. F
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 1  Dry eyes In the beginning, Restasis seemed to help my dry eyes and blurred vision from the dry eyes. I used it as prescribed for the first two weeks, and sporadically after that. After using it for a month, I began to use it sporadically. I began to have sinus pressure, headaches, clogged ears and severe nausea. I also had severe eye burning, excessive tear production, runny nose and sore throat. I believed I was having seasonal allergies. I continued having severe nausea off and on (no vomiting) so much so that I had to force myself to eat. I was using Restasis sporadically so I had not made the connection to Restasis, Two days ago, I began taking inventory of what I was eating, drinking and meds. I have been on a low dose of Sertraline and an 81mg aspirin for two years with no issues. Then it occurred to me that I started Restasis two months ago after having an eye exam to renew my eye glass prescription. I did more research and stopped the Restasis after reading others stories and side effects of using Restasis. I do not have dizziness but I feel weak, have flu like symptoms, sore muscles, general unwell feelings, fatigue and I am still severely nauseated off and on. I feel that my immune system has been severely affected. Today is day three of no Restasis. Upon waking I had no nausea. After being up for one hour, now I am very nauseous. I have not found information as to how long it will take for the nausea to subside. I would certainly welcome input from anyone who has experienced nausea and these other symptoms while taking Restasis. Now that I am no longer using Restasis, I am hoping this nausea will completely go away. It is affecting my quality of life. I wish I had never used Restasis! F 61 2 months
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 1  Severe dry eye So I have been having some pretty severe issues and the only thing I could think of that's changed is this! My eyes are worse than when I started my one eye looks like I've been punched in it dark deep circle under it. I can barely stand to be outside in daylight even with sunglasses, sore throat, body aches and pains, haven't been able to sleep a full night so constantly fatigued and dizzy! I just feel generally unwell. Does anyone else have any of the symptoms with the under eye issue? I stopped this 2 days ago and praying for relief. Would love to hear from anyone that has had similar issues and have stopped it and are now feeling better please! Thank you F 42 3 months
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 1  Dry eyes Been in er two times this week.with Savior blurry vision high BP.dry mouth.and tingling in mouth. swelling lips and eyes..palpitation.and can't sleep. .after reading this I see many people are having the same problem s.i have been through hell this last year .using it the whole time..No more I will stop tomorrow's and see if thing get better.. F 63 12 days
0.05 1X D
 1  Dry eyes Suffered severe headaches over my eyes after about 3 weeks taking restasis. After a month of taking it I started to get dry mouth at night. Next day was fine until around 2 months of taking it and then woke up with extreme dry mouth. My dentist and three independent pharmacists confirmed restasis can cause dry mouth. I was told since I was on it for a little over 2 months that it would take me a month to resolve my dry mouth. On the 31st day after stopping restasis my mouth stared to get moister. The literature says nothing about this but the pharmacists said they were told in a seminar. Will try other options moving forward. F 57 2 months
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 1  Dry eyes Ever since I have used restasis, i have felt like i have the flu. Can't sleep . Weight gain. I will never use this again F 59 3 days
.4ml 2X D
 1  Chronic dry eye 5 hours after first and only dosage, became severely dizzy and nauseous. I will not continue product. F 54 1 days
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 1  Dry eyes Started Restasis for dry eyes. Was given samples by my Opthamologist. After finishing samples, I got a three month prescription through insurance. After using approximately 2 months I began experiencing a backache and side ache which I thought might have been caused working out. To make a long story short, I started having bladder pain and burning urination. Went to my doctor, did tests, no infection, clear culture.... but high acidity. Continued with problem, worried I had cancer, went to Urologist who did same tests with no answers. Thought about what I did, ate, drank, etc. that was different. It was RESTASIS! Looked up side effects and stopped using immediately. It took about a week to get back to normal. Restasis helped with the dry eyes, but I could not tolerate or subject my health to these side effects. I do not recommend this drug. F 70 2 months
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 1  For thyroid eye disease, dry eyes I was happy with the results, it helped my eyes, the bulging. But after 2 weeks, after looking back my top lip started to swell, a month later it was worse, my face also got puffy. I developed headaches, ear pain, aches, stiff neck, sinus pain, hearburn and trouble breathing. Stopped it after 7 weeks, been off it for 11 days, not better. Going to take awhile I think. May end up in the ER. Do not recommend Restasis! F 62 7 weeks
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 1  Dry scratchy eyes Severe vertigo! Would last 2 weeks. I would spin when I laid down or sat up, and feel nauseous all day. I would have a few days to a week or two being fine and then another 2 week stint. I did not realize it was the drug until I forgot to take it a few days and felt fine. I also had pain in my knees. I stopped taking it and vertigo and pain in my knees are gone! F 63 30 days
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RESTASIS  (CYCLOSPORINE):  Cyclosporine eye drops are used to treat a certain type of dry eyes. They work by increasing the amount of tears you make.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)