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 1  H. Pylori This drug has been horrible! Days 1-3 were ok, Day 4 I started noticing black stools, very unusual colored dark urine, lots of burping, headache, abdominal pain, extreme stomach bloating, very bad nausea and so incredibly hungry. Days 5-7 I thought I was going to just die. I'm ready to start Day 8 and pray to God to pull me through another day to not quite. I have 3 more days to hit Day 10. This is without a doubt the hardest and most horrible drug I've ever taken. But I'm hopefully that outweighing the risk vs benefit will aid in eradicating H. Pylori. Good to luck to all who have to take this, those who didn't get any bad side effects, you are blessed and lucky and to those like myself who just can't bare the horrid side effects, keep doing what you can ‚Ķ. It's not easy and I hope I can pull through. Just awful! F 49 10 days
4X D
 2  H. pylori Thanks to everyone that posted your reactions to Pylera. It helped me to read your comments and know that it wasn't just my "sensitive" body reacting to this medication :-). This is a difficult eradication treatment for H.Pylori. My response to the Pylera treatment went from mild to severe. The first symptom to show up was dark stool that eventually went away. By day 10, I routinely experienced nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach, abdominal pain, interrupted sleep, discoloration of tongue with discomfort, slight changes in taste, numbness in left foot, vaginal discharge, and frequent urination that could have been from me drinking large quantiles of water. On day 10, I went to the emergency room because I was having so much discomfort. I completed the 10days but it took a lot of PRAYER. I'm wondering how long it takes for this medication to completely leave my body. I'm waiting to take my breathe test and I pray that this medication eradicated my H.Pylori. I encourage everyone to Pylera is an arduous eradication treatment program F 68 10 days
4X D
 4  H Pylori I am writing this because messages like these helped me get through this awful antibiotic. It will get better. You will feel better. Donít panic and donít give up. Keep taking your meds and donít skip. I felt everything described here - dizziness, heart palpitations, globus (lump in your throat), diarrhea that looks like coffee stools, chills, extreme fatigue so much so that I couldnít pick up my head, nausea, white furry tongue, anxiety. I lost 25 lbs since this is all started. Day 4-6 - THE WORST. Days 7-8 so far, bearable. We will see what Day 9-10 are like. What I learned is I must eat and drink a lot of water. Eating is so hard so I planned out a daily diet to follow even when I just wanted to sleep. Wake up - oatmeal pack with 3/4 cup pea-based liquid (Ripple) and honey all blended so my throat didnít bother me. 250 calories. Medicine. Eat popsicle 40 calories or apple juice 100 calories. Wait 2 hours. Drink Kefir with honey 150 calories. Blend 1 container applesauce, banana and 1/2 cup ripple. 250 calories. Drink cold so that it soothes your throat. Medicine. Popsicle and or apple juice. Wait 2 hours. Kefir followed by the banana smoothie again right before the medicine. Medicine. Popsicle and chamomile tea. Chamomile tea helps with globus because it reduces the inflammation in your throat and also helps with sleep and an upset stomach. This puts me above 1000 calories a day. Itís sooo hard to eat, itís a chore, but it helps prevent the nausea and dizziness I felt. Or at least keeps it mild and bearable. Good luck to you - you can do it. I hope you feel better soon too. F 29 8 days
 4  H Pylori Very slight stomachache and loose black stools. Just writing to let people know it's not that bad for everybody. M 33 10 days
4X D
 1  H pylori I'm on day 5 and I feel like quitting. Metallic taste, stiff neck, headaches, I have running stomach despite the fact that I'm taking probiotics, dizzy, confusion, frequent urination, kidney pain on both sides, black stool, dark urine, extreme hunger, insomnia, agitation, swollen abdomen which is very painful. I feel worse than when I started the meds. I wish I had read all the reviews before starting the meds because you need to be mentally prepared. You can't function properly at work . My doctor instructed me to take them every 6 hours 4 times a day.. Never ever in my life have I felt so horrible in my body. For a moment I thot the drug was going to kill me. But when I read these reviews it gave me the strength to carry on. I haven't finished the regimen but hopefully I will complete the treatment. Good luck to you because you're going to need it. F 5 days
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 1  H. Pylori Extreme nausea, bloated, fatigue, brain fog, shakiness, heart palpitations, loose dark stools, metallic taste, stomach tightness, malaise. I'm on day 9 & this drug is by far the worst drug I've ever taken, anyone dealing with this I seriously pray for you, this course of meds won't be easy but stick to it DON'T stop, everything will eventually get better, I feel like sh*t & don't know how long the medication will stay in my system but I'm praying tomorrow will be better. Sn: drink apple juice to take away the metallic taste with meds, AVOID DAIRY, drink plenty of water & stay prayed up. It's a very rough 10 days F 18 10 days
4X D
 1  H. Pylori Moderate to severe fatigue, nausea, abdominal pain, upset stomaches indigestion from morning to night, black loose stool, dry mouth, night time thirst. 40 10 days
4X D
 2  H pylori Burning in my stomach, anxiety , frequent bowl movements , shortness of breath . Neck pain . F 27 5 days
1X D
 1  HP Fatigue, disgust, nausea, confusion, sadness, fear. I hate this medicine on my seventh day. A doctor friend has told me to reduce the dose to 9, due to my weight [56kg], I wish it's still effective because I'm fighting to myself for being able to continue with this horrible treatment, F 44 10 days
12 p/d 4X D
 1  diagnosed with helicobacter I experienced horrible side effect starting with severe pounding headaches for the first days and developed to stomach bloating Noises in the stomach , severe severe rash, dark stool , diarrhea, bloating and gases, hunger though not being able to eat properly , anxiety waves , nervous attacks , short of breath ..... endless Doctor said that it is a universal protocol of treating the bacteria and it keeps working on it for a month after one is down with the ten days treatments of 12 pills F 37 10 days
12 pills 4X D
 1  HPylori ulcer My doctor did not explain in advance the side effects I would experience, which concur with the others listed here: indigestion, bloating, heartburn, pain in stomach, black loose stools, sleeplessness, shakiness, and difficulty eating. Water helps but doesn't take away these symptoms. I notified Allergan about the toxic side effects. The drug is only about a year old (hitting the shelves in 2019). The hope is that by taking it the HPylori/ulcer will be eradicated for good. I truly hope that better labeling by Allergan will be added to alert patients to the side effects they will likely have. F 54 10 days
10X O
 3  I have a stomach bacteria Stomach ache,dark stool,extreme bloating Does it work if take 3 times a day because my stomach was really on pain M 40 4 days
3X D
 1  H pylori Upset stomach, stomach pain , indigestion, constant discomfort , troubles sleeping , headaches , dizziness , brain fog, chest oppression, irritability I'm on day 10 , last day hopefully , hope to see a good change when I finish it today , it's been tough 10 days, if you're going through it now just stay focused on the good result which is eradicating this cruel bacteria and hopefully forever. Keep it up , pain is temporary. ‚úĆÔłŹ M 26 10 days
4X D
 1  H-Pylori Aching joints and muscles, headaches, anxiety, heart palpitations, itching, unfocused, nausea, not wanting to eat in order to take medication, this is day 2 This is a strong medication and therefore they should make one pill to take 3 or 4 times a day M 55 2 days
3*4xdaily 4X D
 5  H-pylori Each and every side effect on day 10 and I have had hpylori in the past and never this medication regimen, brutal felt worsen then at the beginning, if it ever comes back I will refuse Pylera, and each time you eat or not in the restroom,applesauce, oatmeal, and water is all I can tolerate Worst h-pylori treatment ever never ever ever again, wish my head would stop hurting, and the metallic taste go away , gotta get retested in 3 weeks praying this is cured F 60 10 days
4X D
 1  H pylori This medication is hell ! I had every side effects and more . I had to go to the hospital emergency after day 5 .Heavy pressure in my head , dizziness, numbness in my arms and legs, anxiety, hallucinations. This drug should be banned. Its horrible! Very horrible medication M 7 days
1X D
 4  H pylori infection Heads up People this is a hard treatment to get through you almost have to treat it like a Cancer.The best advice I have for you is stick to it and take time off work to complete treatment. Your stomach will feel like a nuclear wasteland and someday's you may feel miserable. I had multiple symptoms ranging from severe headache, nausea, loose stools, pain in stomach, confussion, dizziness and a feeling of being miserable. Now some things that helped me complete my treatment was to spread out my meds every 4 hours and eat something small with every dose, baby food saved my life here as my stomach was a brick. Also only take meds with a full glass of water. I found that this made it bearable to hold down the medication. You also need to sit straight up and avoid laying down for at least an hour after taking meds. Im on my last day today and pray Pylera eradicates this disease for good. Best of luck to you. PYLERA IS a better option then the 14 day TX of all 3 of these pills by themselves...I was able to get through Pylera F 40 10 days
4X D
 2  pylori Most awful medication I've taken. There's just too many capsules to take.. Headache, nausea, dark stool , sore throat, neck pain,stomach pain . This medication makes you feel really awful. There should be a better treatment for pylori. I'm on day 7 struggling to day 10 . I hope this medication works . T 60 0 days
1X D
 1  H pylori Vomiting after second dose and after fourth dose it became continuous vomiting. Very storng stomach pain for a full day. Stopped medicine after day 1 and had side effects for 3 days including stomach pain, loose dark stool, metal taste. Developed heartburn with the medication that lasted afterwards and even thoughi stopped the medicine for over two weeks now i still have it, didn't have this heartburn before i take this drug. I didn't take anything yet to treat h pylori as i need to rest my stomach. My doctor told me to try and take it again but i have a panick attack everytime i picture myself taking it again and i really can't handle this experience again. Any help on this from anyone? What should I do? F 45 1 days
4X D
 3  H pylori Tightness and burning in the stomach this is my 4 day of treatment Can't sleep F 55 10 days
140/125 mg 4X D

PYLERA  (BISMUTH SUBCITRATE POTASSIUM; METRONIDAZOLE; TETRACYCLINE):  This combination medication is used with an acid blocker (e.g., a proton pump inhibitor such as omeprazole). It is used to treat stomach/intestinal ulcers caused by the bacteria H. pylori and to prevent the ulcers from returning. Each capsule contains 3 medications: bismuth subcitrate, metronidazole, and tetracycline. Bismuth subcitrate is often used to treat upset stomach, but it is used in this combination to help stop the growth of bacteria. Metronidazole and tetracycline are antibiotics used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections. They work by stopping the growth of bacteria. This product treats only bacterial infections. It will not work for viral infections (such as common cold, flu). Using any antibiotic when it is not needed can cause it to not work for future infections. This product is not recommended for use in children.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)