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 1   Horrible gas pains, bloating, cramps, anxiety, insomnia, and intense abdominal pain and distention. DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG unless there is NOTHING else that will work. I took it as an adjunct to Cipro for diverticulitis, and I have never had a more miserable 36 hours. Spent a sleepless night with abdominal pain, gas, distention, and horrible bloating, and had to go to the emergency room the next day for treatment antibiotic-caused colitis, courtesy of Clindamycin. I still feel fragile. This is a terrible drug, F 57 1 days
300 3X D
 5  to get rid of the tiny bumps on my slight numbness every so often of my face...not as bad as it sounds LOVE IT! In 26 years I have NEVER had clear skin. It took me a month after being given the rx to actually fill and take it because everything else they gave me made my acne worse. I don't like/trust my derm so i was lear ( have since stopped going). this lotion is the best thing I got out of going there so long! F 26 6 months
 5  Acne Every once in a while I thought my face felt a tiny bit numb...but other then that NO SIDE EFFECTS :) I love this medicine. I was leary at first and didn't want to waste the money on filling this RX since every other RX that the doc gave me made my acne 100x worse! I was sick of having nodules on my face! I was going to try Accutain, but I didnt like the NEVER ENDING list of HORRID side effects. Within two days I noticed a difference in my skin with Clindamycin. Everything from no pimples to the little annoying bumps going away. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS MEDICINE! :) F 26 15 days
 2  Acne Little bumps started to come out all over my face. I dont know if this is only because i just started taking it like 2 weeks ago! M 19

CLINDAGEL  (CLINDAMYCIN PHOSPHATE):  This medication is used to treat acne. It helps to decrease the number of acne lesions. Clindamycin is an antibiotic which works by stopping the growth of bacteria.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)