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 5  Haemophagocytic Lymphohistocytosys hair growth on forehead near eyebrow, arm and back. swollen gums, feet pain while walking M 27 6 months
100MG 2X D
 5  double lung transplant This drug has been great for me no sign of rejection however it is causing kidney damage i drink 3 litres water everyday trying to flush it out seems to have no effect I know it is keeping me alive but killing my kidneys at the same time am hoping for a newer drug that does not have this side effect F 69 8 years
 5  Heart Transplant It works perfectly, M 67 10 years
225 mg
 5  Severve psorisis Tingling / burning hands and feet, excessive hair growth on my face this cleared my very severe psoriasis up completely within a month of taking it, I and other people started seeing improvements in my skin within 3 days. I am now on 175 daily as my kidney tests have started being not very good although my BP is fine, they want to start weaning me off and I am terrified of it all coming back with a vengeance which seems to be the case. F 49 4 months
250 1X D
 5  kidney transplant Hand tremors and hair growth are the only things I noticed! used both sandimmune and Neoral living donor 100% match transplant! Very happy with it! wish the packets were easier to open! F 35 15 years

 5  Chronic Urticaria Bleeding gums (when cleaning teeth). Increased Hair growth. Lip tingling. Hands sometimes sting when going cold to hot. Is the only thing that works for me!! My symptoms that were chronic day in and day out were cured overnight. Not in remission but would highly recommend - especially after 4 months of Prednisolone and the weight gain with that!! Hopefully can stay on for a long time. BP and Kidney function being monitered monthly at the moment, F 41 4 months
 5  Psoriasis hot hands and feet like the feeling you get when you come in to a hot room from a cold day outdoors. general feeling of tiredness All the side effects were forgotten after 3 weeks when my Psoriasis went in to remission. In 20 years of suffering I've never had such clear skin and it's a shame that the doctors only let me take it for 3 months. Three weeks after finishing treatment my skin returned to it's normal bad self. Would recommend it to anyone who has severe psoriasis, well worth it. enjoy M 31 3 months
 5  Chronic autoimmune urticaria+vascul In the beginning - nausea/strange smell&taste sensations. Controlled the itching and inflammation from second day F 67 4 years

 5  RA Hair growth, weight gain (but may be due to methotrexate I'm also taking). Fantastic drug which I was lucky enough to receive, but costs a fortune in NZ. Took for 8 years and has helped enormously with my disease. F 35 8 years

 5  heart transplant headache, nausea, shaking, foot pain, flu like symptoms M 40

 5  Kidney Transplant Hair growth, lymphoma, kidney damage This medicine has given me a good life for about 18 years. It has worked great but has destroyed my kidney itself over time. I need another transplant and new improved medicines are coming out all the time. Great for it's time though. M 40 18 years

 5  nephrotic syndrome my gums became enlarged at first but are healthy now. this drug worked wonders for my condition i dont like to think of the state i would have been in without it M 28 7 years
 5  double-lung transplant A little more hair growth, but nothing un bearable. My hair is also growing in a little darker to, but it's also nice to have thicker hair. Have not had any rejection. Thank god for NEORAL F 24 10 months

 5  Kidney Transplant Shakey hands. 15 years without rejection, excellant cretinine and bun. Recently changed to Gengraf equivalent for insurance plan reasons. M 56 15 years

 4  ppp sickness, facial hair growth, spots i've been drinking ginger tea to help reduce the sickness, my hands and feet are starting to get better. bloods and blood pressure so far are doing well on this medication, so fingers crossed F 44 3 months
100 3X D
 4  heart transplant Hxcessive hair growth on face, arms, legs. Headache. Nausea. Skin cancer. Gum overgrowth. Flu like symptoms. Weakness for about an hour after taking it. F 40 15 years
75 mg 2X D
 4  kidney transplant I've taken this and other brands of cyclosporine for the 21 years I've had my transplant. Bad nausea in the very beginning, then no notable side effects other than extra hair growth. Currently, the side effects are those of long-term cyclosporine toxicity--basically similar to mild kidney disease. It's poison, but what can you do? Beats dialysis, and then some... Take it with food to avoid any stomach upset. Currently I take the generic brand of cyclosporine. I prefer it because the pills are tiny, and come in a bottle instead of the blister pack...fewer unnecessary additives, too. I assume it's quite a bit cheaper than Neoral or Sandimmune, though medicaid covers it so I don't have to worry about cost. F 41 21 years

 4  Heart Transplant Cloudy thinking. Memory problems and confusion. Slight gum over growth. Kindney problems. Has keep me rejection free for 15 years and starting to have kidney problems. M 37 15 years
 4  Severe Psoriasis Higher blood pressure. within range Got my psoriasis under very good control. Would rec. for anyone who passes blood tests. Very effective F 34 7 days

 4  heart transplant hair growth, nausea, muscle aches,weakness F 42

 3  severe excema hand tremors, hair is extremely brittle. chills. intially when i started neoral it had a fantastic improvement, i had raw skin from head to toe covered in blisters, it cleared this up in about 3weeks, i still had the odd few areas although i was pain free. Now im covered again even worse than before so not sure its for me. However talking to other patients they have had a 100% positive outcome F 35 8 months
100mg 2X D

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