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 1  BV Absolutely hated this medicine. Took an ovule the first night and had extreme burning and thought my vagina was on fire for about 45 minutes. Next day terrible stomach cramps, diahrea and constant trips to pee. Felt like I had a UTI. Dr said to stop using immediately. Why did she give me this medication? After reading the views I'm so annoyed. When will the symptoms go away? Second night and still feel like poop. I did not take any more of this medication after the first nite. Why did the FDA even approve this medication? Please be wary of the medication. It seems like the incidence of side affects is not rare. I will be calling my dr again tomorrow to discuss and ask for a test for a UTI. I feel terrible. 53 3 days
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 3  Bv Fatigue, vaginal itching, diarrhea, stomach cramps, back pain headache and leakage. I had worse symptoms with metrogel so we went this route instead. I have Ulcerative Colitis and all antibiotics affect my stomach similarly. The vaginal itching is what is bothering me the most at this time. Not sure whether or not I would use Clindamyacin cream again. Just being honest here. F 38 3 days
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 2  BV Extreme burning, felt like my vagina was on fire from the inside out. Lasted like 40 minutes F 24 1 days
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 5  BV None Cleocin ovules are wonderful for BV! Insert nightly laying down for 3 nights and it's gone! No side effects at all for me except a little leakage from the medicine. F 40 3 days
100mg 1X D
 5  BV no side effects This medication worked perfectly to clear up my BV. The only complaint I would have is about the leakage the day after. I did insert the meds right before bed but the next day I still had to wear a pad to prevent the leakage from getting on to my clothes. I wouldn't really say that it is a complaint about that because I understand it and the medication did it's job! It's also very easy to take. F 30 7 days
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 3  BV first day taking it and i experienced some burning that lasted for about 15-20 mins, so far the burning has subsided and i'm fine now. i will update if i have any other symptoms. i'm taking 100mg 1 time a day for 3 days, i literally just took it so i can't tell if my symptoms have subsided! F 19 3 days
100mg 1X D
 1  GBS+ BURNING. Omg it burns. Cannot do this again. Whyyyyy would you not tell people this is a side effect??? F 32 3 days
? 1X D
 5  Bav Day 1 is always a burning and tingling sensation in the area of the vagina. Minor cramping. Day 2... no burning or tingling. Minor cramping. Cleocin is the only MRR that helps control my chronic BV. F 46 2 days
100 1X D
 1  BV Vaginal burning, stomach pains, more frequent stool and urinating I do not recommend. F 21 3 days
100 1X D
 1  BV Terrible burning after my first cleocin suppository.. I won't be taking the 2nd one. 36 3 days
100 1X D
 1  Bv Extreme burning after inserting into vagina will contact dr F 29 1 days
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 1  BV After insertion of suppository extreme burning for 5-10 minutes. F 56 3 days
 1  BV Severe burning after insertion. Not sure why this is not listed as a side effect. F 42 3 days
 2  BV Intense vaginal burning and intching. Lots of leakage. If returns I will be asking for something else, not worth taking this medicine!!!!! F 21 3 days
 1  BV Burning sensation F 19 3 days
 1   This is my first day taking this medicine right away it starts burning really bad I can't wait to call my doctor on Monday for the burning hopefully I can get something different F 30 1 days
 1   The same here burning for 15 minutes still burning not a good feeling F 48 2 days
 1  UTI symptoms - Doc thought bv Immediate intense vaginal burning - over 30 min still burning - called Doc - waiting F 60 1 days
100 1X D
 1  Bv Burning and itching *severe* I put this little thing in and at first it seems fine but after about 10 seconds it feels like your lower half is on fire 17 3 days
 4  Bv I didn't experience any side effects with this cream It always worked very well for me with the bouts of Bv I would get off and on. But my body eventually became so use to the medicine it stopped working so now I'm trying metrogel for the first time. F 21 7 days

CLEOCIN  (CLINDAMYCIN PHOSPHATE):  This medication is used to treat a certain type of vaginal infection (bacterial vaginosis) in women who are not pregnant. Clindamycin is an antibiotic which works by stopping the growth of bacteria.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)