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 1  Sinus infection Extreme fatigue, body aches, flu like symptoms, night sweats, fast heart rate, super bad headache nauseous, diarrhea. This medicine actually made me feel worse, and that was only 2 days on this antibiotic. I felt like I had the flu and felt loopy and out of it, cause the worst back back pain. Seemed to help me breathe a little better and feel a little better but stopped it due to the terrible side effects. F 28 10 days
875 2X D
 3  sinus infection Sweating constantly. Night sweats, nausea, headache, diarrhea, fatigue, F 26 7 days
875 2X D
 2  Fever Night sweats .. Extreme dry mouth And dehydration - headache in the afternoon and at night M 46 5 days
2X D
 5  Tonsillitis Night sweats Dizzy M 37 5 days
500mg x 2
 1  Sinus infection; bronchitis Throbbing headache; high heart rate; insomnia; night sweats; flu-like symptoms; lethargy Lack of sleep (due to insomnia and constant sweating) is not conducive to getting well. I felt like a zombie as soon as I started this medication but didn't realize it was the size affects until about a week in. In my opinion, the meds only delayed my healing. F 48 10 days
125 2X D
 1  UTI Side effects started within first dose - irritated and red eyes, actually not feeling right, extreme mood swings, brain fog, trouble sleeping, pain in joints. After 3rd dose,extreme diarrhea. Stopped taking after first day and asked Dr for plain amoxicillin After my husband stopped taking this, hequickly returned back to normal. After living through the bad experience with Bactrim, not putting up with any more bad drugs M 65 1 days
 1  Sinus Infection extreme fatigue, indigestion, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, fogginess, depression Started taking this to get rid of a persistent sinus infection that had failed to respond to another anti-biotic and persisted for months. I've never had a negative reaction to any anti-biotic or any other drug for that matter. It knocked the infection out in a few days, but by the 6th day I started experiencing all the above effects. Probably should have stopped taking it then, but it took me a while to trace what I was feeling to the drug. Took last dose 48 hours ago, and still feel terrible. Finally puked for the first time since I've had nausea for days and feel a little better. I lost 5 pounds in less than a week. Probably should have gone to the emergency room or hospital at several points. Don't know how I worked 3 days this week. The "cure" in this case was much worse than the ailment. M 41 10 days
125 MG 2X D
 1  sinus infection headache, dizziness, diarrhea I started taking this for a week and I was fine and had no symptoms until a few days ago when I started feeling dizzy and I had a headache. I called the dr and she said to stop the medication. I've never had any problem before with any other antibiotic. This is the first. Would not recommend. F 31 7 days
125 2X D
 2  Auxillary Gland Infection/Abscess Diarrhea, nausea and red, itchy rash Doctor prescribed this to me to prevent the spread of an infection in my arm. For that reason, it worked wonderfully. After the abscess was drained my doctor said the wound looked great and the redness from the infection ceased in my arm. But I had diarrhea halfway through the second day and it lasted through the end of the treatment period despite trying to take probiotics to help it. Then on the eighth day I broke out into a rash, very similar to hives, all over my body. My doctor suggested benadryl to alleviate the itching. This medicine did what it was supposed to do; it just came with side effects that made me feel worse than I already did. F 20 10 days
125 3X D
 1  Mild infection in cyst on ear Intense nausea followed by hours of vomiting/dry heaving with nausea for almost 24 hours. I was given this antibiotic for a small cyst that popped up on my ear that looked like it could be slightly infected. I took one pill with a large meal and two hours later I was INTENSELY nauseous. Then I proceeded to vomit on and off for hours and eventually it was just dry heaving. I was nauseous for about 24 hours. Won't be taking this again. I had not needed to take an antibiotic in about 10 years, but I have never had a reaction like this to one. My doctor told me to stop taking it and just apply an antibiotic ointment. F 38 1 days
125 2X D
 1  ear infection diarrhea, headache, depression, itching, sever pain post urination, feelings of impending doom my daughter screamed in for 40 minutes after she urinated, saying "mommy its wet make it stop, it makes me nervous, i can't take it any more" etc, doc said this was all from this medication. diarrhea was explosive, often she did not make it to the bathroom. I would never give this to another child. F 4 6 days
 1  sinus infection loose stools, then diarrhea. severe stomach cramps. Switched to the liquid loose stools increased. Finished entire course stools still loose, stomach is queasy. Yeast infection. Two weeks later still symptomatic with loose stool and a very sore swollen butt!! F 37 12 days