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 2   This medicine will make you gain weight. I was 137 and went up to 144. I noticed the weight gain of two pounds so I started exercising and dieting but the I kept gaining weight. I'm not taking it anymore at day 9. I hope I lose all this weight. I would not recommend this medicine. Also, it made me nauseous at times. I have been taking it for Acute Bronchitis. F 41 10 days
 5  infected cat bite none Was in such pain from infected cat bite on knuckle. This started doing the trick within 24hrs. and prevented possible hospitalization. F 62 10 days
250mg 3X D
 1  500 3x daily for uti Extreme anxiety with depression and could not sleep, horrible evil drug and would never take again, stopped after day 3 and anxiety slowly fading although not completely gone yet! Sooner Drs except that antibiotics cause all these symptoms that are not listed the better, these are powerful drugs that get dished out like sweets M 37 3 days
500 x3
 1  tooth infection On last day of meds. Day 7 the rash /hives and itching began. Now 3 month still itching with hives. Not as frequent. Sometimes a feeling of heat in my head. Resulting in redness on face cheeks and forehead. The doctors are so clueless. F 53 1 days
 1  Ear infection Broke out in a rash day 3 of taking this drug and by day 5 vomited constantly. I take Amoxicillin just fine but not this stuff. M 61 10 days
250 2X D
 1  soft tissue damage / infected wound I only started them yesterday, woke up this morning dizzy and confused i didnt know where i was. The worst thing is i havent been able to stop crying all day, im not anxious, upset or depressed im just crying for no reason Avoid taking these M 20 7 days
625 3X D
 1  Bronchitis Cleared symptoms. Side effects horrendous! It killed my birth control cycle to a point where it seemed that I started pills for the first time. As a result, excess progesterone and eccessive weight gain weekly! Diet never changed, this is noticable daily weight gain. I'm still not back to normal. System is messed up! Don't take! F 33 7 days
 1  Sinus infection and strep throat th Nausea, upset stomach, confusion, anxiety, depression, diarrhea. Rapid heart. Lack of appetite This has got to be the worse pill ever. I developed very bad anxiety I was crying all day n I felt so scared . I stopped taking it on day 7. I have been flushing my body by drinking water it's been 48hrs I feel a lil better. I am still having GI issues. I wouldn't want anyone to take this pill. Horrible F 25 7 days
200mg 125m 3X D
 3  pharyngitis none so far,ive just taken my first pill at first,the doctor gave me clarithromycin and i had this horrible,awful bitter taste in my mouth after 30mins of taking it that lasted almost 9hrs so i went back to the doctor and she changed it to coamoxiclav.its almost an hour and still havent tasted the awfully bitter taste. M 31 7 days
 1  sinus infection Extreme nausea and digestive issues. I just left my doctor (he did not prescribe the Augmentin.) I have been nauseous, with terrible digestive issues for 3 weeks since finishing the Augmentin. He believes this antibiotic damaged my stomach. He put me on probiotics and a diet to help my stomach heal. Do not take this stuff - I honestly thought I was dying. F 57 7 days
125 MG 2X D
 4  Severe infections Diarrhea; fatigue; abdominal discomfort; gas; occasional nausea This is a harsh antibiotic that needs to be supplemented with probiotics to protect GI health. However, without it I could've suffered permanent hearing loss. I developed an aggressive infection that caused perforation in both of my eardrums. A weaker antibiotic might not have stopped the infection before it had a chance to do more damage. Just make sure you take probiotics to replenish the healthy bacteria in your gut. F 19 10 days
2X D
 4  Sinus Infection Rather deep neck and shoulder pain; minor nausea Nausea doesn't happen if I take on a full stomach, but the pain only seems to get better the more water I drink. Could the pain be from a form of dehydration? F 47 10 days
2X D
 4  Boil/Abscess Post Lancing Abdominal pain, right upper quadrant pain (gallbladder area), Indigestion/heartburn immediately after swallowing it (have to take liquid form because of dysphagia) loose stools, increased appetite, irritable, frontal headaches and sinus pressure/pain, I have Tourette Syndrome and it's increasing my tics, some itching/rashes, hard to walk (legs feel like they are made of led!) but it's working. I had a huge boil under my armpit that had to be drained (lanced) and packed with gauze and I was put on this to make sure it didn't get reinfected. Whenever I eat, smoke, drink etc, my tongue and mouth burns like it's on fire. I was told by the pharmacist "dyspepsia" is a side effect. It's doing the job but it's been rough at times, though not as rough as last time I was on it since this time I make sure I take it WITH FOOD! Worked for the infection (so far), NASTY taste when taking the liquid form. Chalky, gritty, crunchy, awful taste. M 27 10 days
10 ML 3X D
 5  Bronchitis (actually took 500mg) Brief nausea occassionally. Nothing I couldn't handle. I am allergic to tons of meds and very sensitive to others. I had no problems with this one. Not only cured the bronchitis, but also cleared a UTI. F 60 10 days
500 mg 2X D
 1  UTI UNBELIEVABLE anxiety, Depression so bad that I felt like I was the only one in the world without even a rock to talk to. Obsessive Compulsive behavior (repeatedly checked myself for some disease) Depersonalization and Derealization. If i looked into a mirror i NEARLY did not recognize myself even though i knew it was me. The same goes for when I looked at my mom. Crying uncontrollably. Mood swings from being extremely depressed to content and within minutes, it repeated, and it did this ALL DAY for a month until i sought psychological medications. This medication nearly made me drive my parents car into a telephone pole when I stormed out of the house bc they couldnt understand what I was going through and this med was driving me nearly insane!!!! Please, I am warning you. This medication is not even worth trying to see if it cures or fixes your ailments. It has been 4 years since I took this medication and I am still fighting depression and anxiety and some depersonalization/derealization OCD issues. This medication ruined family relationships, lost the love of my life, lost my career with law enforcement. This medication is 110% POISON and let us all here and now for-warn you; DO NOT TAKE THIS. ASK FOR SOMETHING ELSE! Dont be sorry! GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL! M 25 7 days
25mg 1X D
 4  Bladder Infection Moderate diarrhea about an hour after taking each pill even if taken with food and a full glass of water. Black hairy tongue. Great relief from bladder infection felt after one day. The Augmentin probably caused a worsening of my gastritis symptoms which caused the diarrhea to be so bad. I guess the black hairy tongue is an adverse reaction but nothing to worry about (an overgrowth of bacteria). F 44 10 days
500-125 3X D
 2  ear infection Started taking Augmentin for an ear infection and had no side effects until the last day taking this drug, I then began to experience severe itching and nausea. The nausea has subsided but the itching has persisted. I went back to the doctor to find out what was going on with me, she had really no explanation and gave me an anti itch cream and Claratin for daytime (they dont work) and 1/2 a tablet of Hydroxyzine, which works but I can only take it at night. If it were not for this constant itching, I would have only had the one time issue with diarrhea, which was remedied by taking Augmentin on a full stomach as reccommended. I am now taking probiotics on my own to see if that will help with the constant itching F 39 8 days
2X D
 1  sinus infection This medicine has been awful -- took one with food last night at about 6 PM. By 9 PM my head was over the toilet, had to sleep on the bathroom floor as I needed to be able to vomit in 15 minute intervals (whether there was anything really left to throw up or not) until about 3 AM. It was at about 5 AM that the diarrhea started. All I could do today was sleep -- muscle aches and stomach was still lurching. I'm glad some people have been helped by this drug but I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital I felt so bad. Not sure I'll even be ready to go back to work tomorrow, still feel awful. The sinus infection causes headaches and am still coughing crap up from the drainage but would much rather have those symptoms than feel like my innards have been nuked! F 53 1 days
30 2X D
 1  Sinus Infection Terrible cramps in my stomach, gassy feeling in stomach, frequent going #2. I am on my third dose of this drug and it made me feel worse than the infection I am being treated for. Don't know how much longer I will continue to take it. F 27 10 days
2X D
 4  gum irritation Diahrrea from the very beginning and an extremely itchy rash 2 days after finishing last pill. F 65 7 days
500 2X D