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 2  scalp ringworm I took gris-peg for a total of 7 days. By day four all my scalp inflamation and tenderness had subsided (which took up an area in my scalp about the size of a top of a cup) but I being to have an slight itch all over my body. Although gris-peg begin to work to rid me of scalp ringworm, I had a severe allergic reaction to the medication. By day 8 I had a red extremly itchy rash over my entire body (from my face to the bottom of my feet). Needless to say I was allergic to the gris-peg and had to stop taking it. It took about 2.5 weeks for the rash to clear. I am currently taking lamisil (30 days in) and have not had an allergic reaction to the med but it works much slower than the gris-peg had begin to work. Instead of 50-75 strains of hair in the sink I only see approx 5-10 and my scalp is irrated in only one small spot approx half the size of dime. If your body can tollerate gris-peg with no side effects then i would recommd taking gris-peg becasue it works much faster. F 40 7 days