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 1  Skin infection Nausea and abdominal pains F 36 4 days
 3  Dental Severe nausea F 33 2 weeks
500 mg
 1  tooth infection stomach bloating to begin with then severe stomach pain and vomiting after 5 days After 6 months of tooth problems this was the straw that broke the camels back ! Do not use, it made me feel awful . F 56 5 days
500 3X D
 1  Skin infection severe hot flush/sweating, dizziness, shaking, nausea I had taken a smaller dose (which hadn't worked for my infection) with little side effects such as minor sweating, dizziness F 45 1 days
500 4X D
 1  infected wasp sting feeling weak, shivering, constant severe nausea and not wanting anything to even touch my stomach because even movement felt as if it would set off vomiting. Stomach cramps, not able to eat and reluctant to drink. Getting to doctor to change medication tomorrow. Feeling so weak unable to do anything but sleep. Reduced the dosage to 1 250mg this lunch time in effort to reduce symptoms felt a bit better hence writing this but still not able to eat much - only some raw carrot and tomato. On a positive note - the swelling of my foot reduced noticably after 6 hours and even more improved today although still infected - would never take these again although I believe I have taken erythromycin in the past without problems F 53 2 days
500mg 4X D
 1  Chest infection Severe chronic stomach pains, nausea and sickness. Pain lasted for 18 hours after the last pill. Was so severe, we were close to calling an ambulance. I wasn't advised by my doctor that this drug had such severe side effects. IF PRESCRIBED THIS DRUG - ask for a second opinion as there are alternatives available. Was prescribed Clarithromycin 250mg tablets which did the job without the side effects. M 68 7 days
4X D
 2  Lung Infection Extreme tiredness and feeling of nausea. Fell asleep at my work desk. F 31 7 days
400mg 3X D
 3  chest infection i took this medication for 2 days and i was fine, then on the 3rd day i had severe runs and really bad stomach cramps. F 43 5 days
250 4X D
 1  Sinus Infection Extreme nausea, very tired and weak, abdominal pains, vomiting, headaches, bloating.... This medicine did help with my sinus infection (within a few hours) however, I don't think the side effects I experienced are worth it. I have had extreme nausea and have been vomiting since I started it. I would definitely ask for an alternative if you can. This is my 4th day taking it and am considering stopping because the side effects are too much to deal with. F 30
 4  infected parotid gland I have Sjogrens Syndrome and get infected salivery glands due to lack of saliva. I have had Erythromycin before (I'm allergic to Penicillin)and it has never bothered me. This time felt ill, terrible diarrhoea. Thought the pills looked different from previously. Anyone know if the drug company has been tinkering with them? It did cure the infection but didn't care for the reaction to it F 80 5 days
 1  dental infection complete muscle weakness starting in arms and legs, spreading to rest of body. Trouble breathing, slurred speech. Loss of hearing, blurred vision. Felt completely spaced out. My side-effects are listed as 'myasthenia type symptoms' in the drug info but my GP said i was his first patient in 22 years that has suffered from them. After checking on various forums it seems they are actually quite common. They are very scary, very real and i ended up in hospital. Please be very wary of this commonly prescribed, cheap medicine. F 35 2 days
 3  strep throat Horrible stomach pain, extreme nausea and vomiting It did get rid of the sore throat in about 12 hours F 61 2 days
 1  Pityriasis Rosea stomach ache, nausea, diahria sometimes worse than others, I wanted to go home from work, I hate this medicine and it was only the second pill I took My overall quality of life went down after one day F 25 2 days
 1  Sinus infection, Dentist Severe nausea and tiredness and weakness. This medication causes severe nausea really bad and vomiting at times. Not sure if it's a side effect or an allergic reaction. F 7 days
 3  sinus infection lots of gas you cant hold in...headache...stomach pains, bloated look like im pregnant, cold sweats..oh yeah and i pooped like 5 or more times a day.... F 26 14 days
 4  Bronchitis The first few days made my chest feel even tighter than it had before I started talking the medication. Also I had a lot of stomach cramping but by the fourth day the symptoms disappeared. My illness went away quickly however the whole time my appetite grew making me feel hungry 24 hours a day. I ate so much, but thankfully I didn't gain any weight. Drug works but the side effects aren't really worth it. It is a cheap drug and you can certainly tell. There are better drugs for Bronchitis ie: Azrithomycin which I would recommend. 20 10 days
 4  gum infection Extreme tireness, as well as nausea and constantly feeling hungry. Contrary to reports that this drug causes depression, I actually felt happier than usual. :-O F 36 5 days
 1  Sore throat and sinusitis Explosive liquid diarrhoea and abdominal pain F 63 1 days
 1  persistant coughing, chest pain, he