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 1  Abscess Heartburn while taking. C diff after finishing I was given this drug as a precaution against infection after a lanced boil because I am a type 1 diabetic. I had awful heartburn when on this drug but that was nothing compared to what I have now, which is c diff. As I write this today, I was just discharged from the hospital. I was so dehydrated and had such electrolyte imbalance that I was going into shock. Now Iím having to take flagyl to combat the c diff. I wish I had taken my chances and NEVER put this medication in my mouth. The risk of c diff is very, very real. I do not recommend this drug. F 29 7 days
300 Mg
 3   Side effects: Severe joint pain and muscle rigidity. Rise in blood pressure and strange physical anxiety issues. Diarrhea whilst on this medication. It helped prevent infection after surgery. F 29 2 weeks
 1  dental extraction Diarrhea 4+ months, lost 20lb This drug has ruined my life. I have lost 20lb, and I have diarrhea up to 20 times a day even FOUR MONTHS AFTERWARDS! I was prescribed it after having a wisdom tooth extracted. M 31 7 days
3X D
 3  Root canal Dizzy, shaky, confusion, burning stomach, racing heart, anxiety, nausea After my third pill I wanted to stop taking this. I'd rather deal with these side effects than have a bone infection under my infected tooth. I hope I can finish the bottle. No diarrhea yet but I have a feeling it's on the way. Also tend to get yeast infection but it's too soon to tell. F 29 7 days
 5  Oral infection, root canal, surgery So far, so good. Took plenty of probiotics and ate lots of yogurt. I am allergic to augmentum, so clindamycin is a decent substitute. F 64 2 weeks
300mg X 3
 1   Blood Pressure increase F 1 days
600 mg 1X D
 1  Cystic acne After taking for only one day, I developed a problem with my heart racing - a problem I'd never had before. Stopped taking and the problem persisted. Finally went to a cardiologist and he said it could take over a month for the drug to leave my system and for the problem to go away. Now it's been 6 months and I'm still dealing with this issue and no doctor can figure out what to do about it. Terrible, scary medication! F 64 3 days
 1  Tooth abscess Headache and rash This was prescribed for an abscessed tooth. I finished the first round with very few problems. Dentist told me I needed another 7 days. On day 2 of the second round, I broke out in a rash on my stomach and back. Dentist told me I am allergic to this med and to stop taking it. F 58 7 days
150 4X D
 1   I am 83. My doctor was told I had colitis, yet he prescriped this medicine. Am afraid to take it. Am supposed to take 2 capsules 3 times a day. F 83
1X D
 4  Tooth infection Strange taste in mouth, foggy and sleepy feeling, flushed I was told by pharmacist to take probiotics with this medication. I eat greek yogurt, she said that was fine. She said to eat it two hours before or after dosing. She said if I didn't, the antibiotic would kill that good stuff too.. So far, so good. I can deal with the limited problems because it has cleared up my tooth infection :) F 41 7 days
300 3X D
 1  Tooth Abscess Contracted c-diff severe diarrhea, fatigue, nausea, chills, body pain. I was prescribed Clindamycin for an abscessed tooth in February 2012. It took away the infection from the abscess and left me with c-diff. Over the past two years I have had this condition to reoccur several times and it is quite debilitating. Sometimes it is so sever I can barely walk or leave the house for fear of an accident. I have never felt so ill in all my life. It is a chore to walk and move around when I have an episode. M 40 30 days
1X D
 1  brown recluse spider bite Chalky feeling teeth,horrible taste in my mouth,loose and very frequent stools,nausea, fatigue, foggy thought processes, swollen face, swollen joints, headaches, sore throat, hot flashes, measle like rash on chest with widespread splotchy hemmoragic looking red rash and also large brown splotches on my face. On third day of med went back to physician (of course it was a differnt one than had prescribed) He said I could choose...take this or let your spider bite go necrotic, gave me reflux med for nausea told me to take aspirin or ibuprofen for inflamation and put ice on swollen joints. I somehow managed to force myself to take this med for 10 days with the spider bites (2) not really progressing well. I was in bed for 2 days with swollen knees and a thumb that felt as though I had been hit with a hammer! I then got the rainbow of rashes and refused to ever as long as I live swallow another of those damn pills!!!! Went back to perscribing Dr. who quickly added it to my chart as drug all F 52 14 days
300mg 3X D
 5  Dog bite None. I was on 3 antibiotics for a dog bite so 12 total a day. This antibiotic I took 2 capsules 4 times a day. I made sure I ate a solid meal & took acidophilus with them & yogurt. I was worried about side effects with so many antibiotics but did ok. Stayed pretty close to home in case. I was glad the 10 days were over. I think you have to have a supply of goods to keep your gut in check but this medication was ok for me. F 60 10 days
 1  Boil under arm Several Headaches F 47 3 days
300 mg
 1  after a wisdom tooth extraction difficulty breathing severe headaches no bowel movement and no urination for a couple of days Do not take this drug i have to sit up constanly at night because i am unable to breathe thank god i stop taking it about a week ago and im still suffering with difficulty breathing this medicine is ruining my life i cant even go outside and enjoy the day.. headaches were awful felt like my head was going to explode... doctors app. monday... never going back to this denist again!!!!!!!! F 21 1 days
150mg 4X D
 1  Abcessed Tooth Diarrhea an hour-and-a-half after taking 3rd dose. I had a small yeast infection after taking penicillin a few months ago, so, my dentist decided to put me on this stuff. He told me it would give me diarrhea and I was like, ok. Well, when I came home from the pharmacy and read all of the labels and literature that came with it, I was concerned. I looked this medicine up online as well. I called my pharmacist and he told me that even though you see tons of negatives about this drug, that the people it has helped have had no reason to go on and tell of their positive experience. So. I went out and bought some Greek yogurt with live cultures in it. Took my first dose at 5pm, next dose at 11pm and my third dose this morning at 10am. I ate the plain yogurt with each dose, trying to be positive about it. Well, I started diarrhea and it's only been 1-1/2 hours. I have had it twice already. I called my dentist and told him I'd rather chance the yeast infection with the penicillin. Too many warnings for this drug and he said, well, if you read the stuff on most of the medicines, you probably wouldn't take any. I guess that's true, to a point. But I take other stuff and without a doubt, this one has way too many warnings. I'm sorry I ever took it. It's going back to the pharmacy when I pick up my penicillin, which won't be today as I am too scared to leave the house! F 59 1 days
150mg 3X D
 1  tooth abcess real bad stomach cramping, the next day my heart rate and pulse dropped, made me feel like my heart was trying to stop, scared me to death! never taking this med again! F 42 1 days
150 mg 2X D
 1  Skin abscess (boil) After taking Cleocin I was diagnosed with antibiotic associated C Diff. C Diff is a nasty contagious bug that affects many health care workers ( which I currently am) and many patients with prolonged stays at the hospital. C diff causes watery stools among many other symptoms, Cleocin is the # 1 antibiotic causing c diff which the physician failed to mention. F 21 10 days
 1  root canal anxiety, depression, panic attacks, diarrhea stomach pain, foggy mind, dizzy, joint and muscle pain I won't take this anymore. i have only been taking this for a day. my mind is unclear. I'm using the delete button more than all the other ones combined. i just can't think clearly. i have a deep feeling of something being wrong. and I'm so dizzy, and so depressed. I've had a panic attack today. my heart races, my joints and muscles hurt, especially my back. and i just want to go to sleep and never wake up. DO NOT TAKE THIS F 20 1 days
150mg 3X D
 1  tooth infection violent full body tremors and very high blood pressure. Diarrhea for one day. Was hospitalized for allergic reaction, Benadryl cleared it up. Scariest day of my life. Before taking any oral antibiotic for a tooth infection, see a high quality endodontist. She drilled down and put some stuff right in the infection site and it cleared it up. F 63 3 days
150mg 4X D