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 3  Headaches Dizziness sleepiness nauseous F 39 2 days
30 MG 3X AN
 4  Almost daily migraines None Seems to work pretty good. Hopefully not getting addicted , because I am taking about 1/day. I feel nothing as far as side effects or any kind of mental effects. M 63 30 days
1X D
 3  Migraine headaches It made me nauseous. It helped the headaches but really made me nauseous. M 10 1 days
 5  Migraines Occasional drowsiness, possible rebound headaches. If I take 2 at the start of a headache it goes away within 15 minutes. If taken while headache is full blown, I'll take 3 and it still works wonders. I do think I get rebound headaches but I have a headache everyday anyways so it's hard to tell. F 23 1 years
 5  migranes very mild relaxed feeling, nothing else. This has been a great drug for my occasional migranes triggered by food/ drink, or stress. I take 3 pills one time to wipe out a headache that would otherwise ruin my entire day. For bad headaches, can add aspirin or advil to boost effect. M 59 10 years
1X D
 4  Chronic tension headaches This is a very "clean" drug fro me. I have experienced minimal side effects. Sometimes it makes me drowsy, if my headache is pretty bad. It is the only drug that will decrease the intensity of my headaches. Although this drug has been associated with rebound headaches, I have not had this problem. Neither have I had a tolerance problem. I pretty much take the same dosage as I have been taking for the past nine years. However, I do not have what I call an "addictive" personality. I have never been drunk before; the only time that I tried I got sick and vomited. I never experimented with illegal recreational drugs, thus I have never been "high". Maybe this is why I have not had problems with drug tolerance or rebound headaches. M 58 9 years
2 x 50 mg 3X D
 1  Migraine No side effects... it just didn't have any effect on my type of migraine. F 47 3 days
 5  Stress and pre-migraine headaches Initially just mildly spacey but now I am very used to them and can take them and drive and work. I often feel they make more alert and clear headed and able to think once I got used to them. This is a very effective drug for alot of different kinds of headaches. Stress headaches and great for heading off a migraine but, I find only Imitrex works for completely nailing a migraine. F 56 15 years
 5  migraines maybe a jolt of energy...if i take two def works wonders! saves me trips to the ER. i take on the onset of any tension headache or migraine and it's gone! nice... F 37 7 years
 5  migraines Some hyperness, insomnia. Sandoz brand had less side effects and 30 to 50% more effective than generic; Watson brand name and generic is lousy, more stomach pain and constipation. Also take the fioricet and fiorinal with codeine which always works. Been taking fiorinal 3 for 23 yearss, 30 to 50 per month the first 13 years. I have migraines that last 10 days/24 hours, used to have to stay in bed in pain with aspirin poisoning on top of the migraine nausea. Ulcers now require Fioricet instead of Fiorinal (aspirin) - unfortunately tylenol doesn't work for me for pain or fever, so I need the codeine in Fioricet #3. Some rebound headache, but if taking lots of vicodin or percocet for my ruptured discs I can go 10 days without needing a fioricet without dependency or withdrawal syptoms. Vicodin, Fentynl, dilaudin and oxycontin do NOT work for migraines, only Fiorinal/Fioricet #3. Degerateive discs in my neck cause constant headaches, 24/7 for last 10 years, the worst pain upon waking up. Fioricet #3 usually works for this also, neck pain headaches in last 10 years will respond to large doses of the other opiates, but migraines do not. Migraines from weather fronts, smells, some foods, flourescent lighting flicker, computer moni F 56 23 years
 5  Headaches The only medication that kills my headaches every time I use it, about once a week. Even strong opiates do not eliminate my headaches, but butalbital is very effective. Excellent medication with no side effects for me. M 68 900 days
 5  headaches no negative side effects. Although I've had bad headaches (tension, migraines, etc...) most of my life, I started taking this drug following a severe closed head injury. I have always believed that self medicating should be avoided if possible. I don't want to feel like I need to be "medicated" to deal with life. That being said, I also think if you find something that works as well as this medication does for otherwise debilitating headaches, you should take advantage of it and stop suffering. This is by far the most effective headache medicine I've ever taken (I've tried too many others to list). I take one or two tablets when I feel the headache increasing and can tell it's about take control and there would be nothing I could do to stop it. Before this drug, my headaches would take me out of commission for days at a time. Now I can nip them in the bud before they get the best of me. Washing them down with a caffeinated beverage helps even more (and I'm not normally a caffeine drinker). F 33 9 years
 5  The pill sleepy, relaxed I have been suffering from severe headeaches for about a year due to Yazmin. Like clockwork I experience a headache 3 days after I end a pack and the day I start a new one. My doctor says its due to the drop/change in hormones. (This month I am switching to Yaz which has a lower dosage.) I am unable to take ibuprophin anymore due to an ulcer. He advised me I could get addicted and I need to only take when the headache won't go away after trying other things. (Drinking water, hot shower, shoulder massage, etc) I woke up with a headache and came home today in absolute agony and after 2 showers decided I couldn't handle it anymore. I took 1 pill and within 10 minutes I was experiencing a huge relief. Within 30 minutes the headache was gone. This stuff is great! F 36 2 days
 5  Migraines Dry mouth and euphoric fealing Ive tried every migrane med you can pronounce...this is by far the most effective at treating my pain. Careful...this drug makes you feel good and you want to take more. Can be habit forming. I take as needed and works wonders for my pain and makes me feel good at the same time M 35 2 years
 4  years of severe migraine constipation, dizziness, drowsiness Acetaminophen doesn't do anything for me, in any form, nor did Imitrex (despite hideous side effects). This works well enough that if I use half a pill within a few hours of a migraine starting it can knock it back to a mere headache. However, nothing works after the aura starts. Like all painkillers used for migraine (including OTC remedies), use sparingly to avoid the vicious cycle of rebound headaches. The only way to cure those is to use NOTHING AT ALL for a full month, then start with very small and sparing dosages of OTC remedies. I've used this for a few years, limiting monthly use to 2-3 at most no matter how bad or frequent my migraines because I don't want to have to do the above detox ever again!! F 41 3 years
 5  migraine headaches Rarely, if I haven't eaten, heartburn. This is the only painkiller that has been effective for my migraines, and I haven't found it habit-forming, but then I *only* take it when I have a migraine. Works better, of course, the sooner you take it. Migraine preventatives, such as Wygrain (sp?) worked a for a while for me (say, two or three months), but usually resulted in a more severe migraine when it finally arrived, so I have found this to be a better fit for me. The time refers to how long I have been taking it, but NOT continuously, only as needed. F 56 43 years
 5  severe tension headaches No side effects Love this drug! Have tension headaches that proceed to migraines if not stopped. This med stops my headaches and has helped me stay at work and functional. I do not notice any sleepiness or "buzz" from it at all. I am completely functional, which is so much better than the other meds which made me incapable of working. F 44 1 years
 2  migraines sleepyness, vomiting, dizzyness I started taking for migraines (which I have suffered from for 12 years) The first 4 worked well but the 5th didn't work and I had to go through a lot of paper work b/c I failed a drug test for work b/c of butalbital. On the 6th pill I took for instant migrain, it did not work it made me even worse, I vomitted for hours before my boyfriend finally took me to the E.R. where the doctor treated me and told me never to take it again! F 20 4 months
 4   F
 4  migraines sleepiness does not work when migraine exceeds early stages. M 42 1 years