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 3  post op pain...foraminotomy/fusion M 70 365 days
10/375 1X AN
 5  Back Pain The only side effect is I noticed I want to smoke more than I usually did before taking norco Great painkiller for just about anything helps me with my back pain and boost energy and also helps with depression believe it or not I've been through 8 different depression medications that never worked when I hurt my back and got norco it helped me better than any of those head drugs, so 1 pill knocked out two birds with one stone. M 30 8 months
15-20mgs 3X D
 4  HERNIATED DISKS, PELVIC FRACTURE,.. At first a bit of Euphoria, increased energy, very talkative, pain relief, suddenly felt like doing things I previously didn't feel like doing (have a history of Depression+Anxiety), increased anxiety at times, insomnia, constipation and dependence both physical and mental. I also have Endometriosis, multiple pelvic adhesions and polyps which cause pain. Just the Norco alone is not cutting it anymore. I cannot take NSAID type meds b/c I have a lot of gastro problems also. In addition I have tried MANY PAIN MEDS INCLUDING NON NARCOTICS and none of them worked and/or had weird and awful side effects! Please FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME: [email protected] I WOULD LOVE TO TALK :) I have had chronic pain for 9 years after a car wreck in which I nearly died. Most of pain is in my spine/back and neck where I have moderate to severe bulging disks (T8 and T9 may need operation) and a debilitating hip and pelvic pain which radiates down my legs which has been diagnosed as a rare form of "endometrial sciatica". I have a hormone disorder which also makes pain levels go through the roof. After about 2 years of taking Norco or some variation of it (btw my doctor's gave me a real hassle not believing I have real pain) I had to increase my Norco from 10 mg up to 30 mg a day sometimes and I am STILL IN PAIN. I go for an EMG tomorrow to assess a possible nerve problem. Recently I was also prescribed Oxy 10 mg (no apap) and the combination pretty much knocks out all pain. The problem is I got the Oxy at the ER and my Doctor's are reticent to even give me my Norco so I don't know if they will prescribe both. For about 8 years (till I was 28) I was not taken seriously. Now I have 2 doctor's who DO TAKE ME SERIOUSLY or at least more so than the last. It's important to find someone you trust! FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME- [email protected] F 30 2 years
10 2X D
 5  Back pain None M 33 6 months
10mg 4X D
 4  Fibromyalgia and arthritis pain Sleepiness, a little foggy at times. I cannot function without it or I use the fentanyl patch. For constipation, try taking magnesium, upping the dose until you get relief. It's natural and it works. F 61 5 years
10/325 4X D
 4  Surgery following a broken hip Extreme mental fogginess, slowed time down, physical withdrawals if I cut down the dosage too fast from one day to the next. It would take about 2 1/2 days to get the pain relief back after upping the dosage again. I liked it. I don't have much to compare it to, and I was told that it would have addiction issues. Not really an issue for me, but I tried to wean myself off slow anyway. I wanted off of them so I could get my brain back, so I went from 4 a day down to 2 too fast. I should have gone from 3...but when I stopped completely, I had no withdrawals nor did I miss them. It really did help me. The problem with cutting down too quickly is it would take about 2 days to get the pain relief back to where it was. F 49 3 months
30 MG 8X D
 5  Constant back pain No bad side effects at all. Norco is a life saver for me. Living with constant back pain, this drug has made having a life possible. It gives me energy, and changes my perception of pain. I am able to walk miles and miles a day (I volunteer at my local animal shelter and walk dogs.) Without this drug, I would be a total mess. I have no ill side effects, and if the day happens that I feel ok, i have no withdrawl symptoms, either. F 59 3 years
2 tablets 1X D
 3  Spinal stenosis, DDD, L5-S1 Horrible constipation, tiredness, mental "fogginess," and nausea. Hydrocodone medications are tolerable for acute problems but after a month or so the side effects really become an issue. Nice that it has less acetaminophen so my doctor could allow up to three tabs for break through pain. M 21 9 months
5/325 6X D
 4  bad headaches urine retention. kidneys check out fine though (tested for a contrast mri) seems to help with anxiety. when i stop taking it im real tired and i ache all over for about 1 day. works better then any thing i have tried for my headaches a little concerned about dependancy but have been doing great with my headaches have been taknig about a year on and off. M 46 1 years
 4  Arachnoiditis Lumbar Pain Legs Constipation at first, drowsy, sleepy, lethargic, I started changing my diet to higher fiber foods for the constipation overall very effective M 29 4 years
 4  NERVE DAMAGE/CHRONIC PAIN EXTREME constipation, nausea if taken on an empty stomach I have been taking narcotics (Hydrocodone) for about a year. Any one I have taken makes me constipated. You may not notice it I(or care) right away but it will catch up with you. I have been told by many doctors that narcotics are very constipating and basically "put your bowels to sleep". I have to take stool softeners regularly now and drink LOTS of fluid, try to eat decent and take a fiber supplement. Sometimes all of this doesn't even help. Feel free to email me... F 29 1 years
 5  Laminectomy and Failed Laminectomy Constipation No other side effects. The drug works EVERY time. I'm taking 5 10/325 tablets per day in conjunction with Zanaflex, Neurontin and Lyrica. I use .5mg of Dilaudid when all else fails and that is fairly rare. Norco is a lifesaver. M 69 4 months
 5  Back Surgery Recovery and headaches None so far...Only PAIN RELIEF!!!!! Started on this after I have been on percocet and it never worked for my headaches, kidney stones, or back problems. I have been on Norco now for 10 hours and already feel huge pain relief like never before!!!! I think I will sleep for the first time in years!! F 36 1 days
 4  disc herniation, fibroid tumors, to begin - itching, dizziness, euphoria, feelings of safety, a desire to chat or clean things. I have no side effects any more except when taken with other meds like ponstel or other NAISD's. I was up to 17 pills a day at one point, but have weaned down slowly with minimal withdrawl symptoms. Now taking 5-8 per day. I have had 2 surgeries while on this medication and have one more to go. It rarely gives me the euphoria high like in the beginning, but does work for the pain. Be careful, it IS addictive and just make sure you take it as prescribed and not to get high. F 44 3.5 years
 1  Migraines Nausea, vomitting, became sick easier At first, this medication did give me relief for my migraines. As time progressed, however, I now believe the medication was actually CAUSING the headaches. I wound up becoming addicted to this medication--something I never thought would happen to me. I decided to get help once I realized that I was having withdrawals if I ran out of the medication. No matter who you are, you will build up a tolerance to this medicine if you take if fairly regularly. When I finally stopped using it, I swore off all prescriptions. After 25 years of having migraines, I now rarely get severe ones and haven't been to a doctors office for ANYTHING in four years. I believe people should seriously look at all other options before taking any medication like this. I'm convinced it broke down my immune system altogether. I'm hardly sick these days. F 45 3 years
 5  RSD F 40 3 years
 5  Sciatica and back pain Euphoria, Constipation, Drowsiness, Irritability, Sexual Disinterest. Fantastic pain reliever with tolerable side effects. Take 1 to 4 tablets daily depending on pain level. Occasionally take none for several days with no withdrawal symptoms. Early side effects of anxiety, suppressed respiratory rate, inability to orgasm in low doses, prurience and discolored stools all wore off after a year or so of daily use. In large doses (>=20mg hydrocodone) a lack of sexual desire is still a problem. The worst persistent side effect by far is the constipation: adding fiber causes stools too big to evacuate without discomfort, but no fiber = no movement. :'( M 45 12 years
 5  Migraines, Fibromyalgia, neck pain Some constipation but able to control it. This really has saved my life. For the first two weeks or so I would get tired when taking it, but now it kills the pain but I don't feel tired and am able to move around and function like a human being. I know the addiction potential is high, but I also know what it is like living in pure hell everyday from the pain. F 32 3 years
 3  Get high Euphoric feeling in the begining with a sense of relieved stress and anxiety, a bit of cloudy head and seemed like you want to itch yourself all in all was a great med until you get addicted then its the worst ever- be careful It is very easy to let this pill slip into the cracks of your life and plug the holes of your problems, but once you get used to them being there they start rotting away and making even bigger holes and the only way to fix it is to simply by taking more and more until you feel like total crap and have become an addict without even realizing it and you won't even know it until you try to quit- then you know what the real pain was. M 24 600 days