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 1  Back Surgery Pain Constant shaking, a nervous wreck. Only taking the Kolonopin I still had the amphetamine effects of Norco. It didn't stop, the shaking, until I took a Norco. My doctor want's to switch me to Suboxone but I'm not sure if that is going to stop the shaking. I've tried taking only a half of a Norco but the shaking persists until I take the other half with two Kolonopin in me. I can't wait until this is over. I've been on narcotics forr back pain (and 6 spine surgeries) for the past 17 years and this is by far the worst drug I've ever been prescribed. I HATE IT! Please, if there is any alternative for your pain medication other than Norco, take it. This drug makes me feel like an addicted, drug dependant looser. I can't cook, clean my home, eat, nada because of the effects of the Norco (along with Kepra for any possible seizures from the drug) and my life has turned into a complete mess. M 62 5 months
3X D
 4  Herniated colon Drowsiness,difficult time urinating, difficult time climaxing, nausea when taken on empty Stomach, and itchiness. F 35 3 days
 3  left arm pain Trying to get off,because body wants more and I am scared because I get nauseated,anxious ....if I don't take it. Did work! But hell to pay now. Any suggestions how to get off,do I space the time and by how much,so sad that I need drug to keep my body from anxiety,nausea and liquid diarrhea. F 52 1 years
40 mg/day
 2  kidney stones Shaking and short breath F 29 1 days
 5  migraines/osteoarthritis in knees Itching, drowsiness, and constipation I have severe migraines and I use norco with my imitrex and it works great. I also have the knees of a 65 yr old woman, according to my orthopedic doctor, and my knees cause me severe pain, and the norco allows me to still be mobile. I have sciatica and carpal tunnel as well. I take gabapentin for those, in conjunction with the norco. It works great for me. I can take up to 30 mgs a day if needed. It doesn't make me so tired I can't function and I take benadryl for the itch. I also have IBS-D so the constipation is a welcome change. Works great for me! F 36 4 months
10/325 mg
 5  back and knee and ankles Constipation F 58 5 months
 1  Rotator Cuff Surgery I had rotator cuff surgery after a fall four months ago. My doctor prescribed Norco and three months of physical therapy. The PT was brutal at times so I changed therapists. However, last month the surgery failed. The only thing Norco does for me is make me feel good about the pain. Tylenol does nothing for me which my doctor explained is one of the ingredients. It relieved a little of the pain and a reduced my chronic low grade headaches, but when I weaned off it I experienced a heavy withdrawal headache. Then my daily the headaches came back. The two worst things about Norco is how it negatively affects my quality of life. First there are evil negative mental images that I see when I close my eyes. A narcotic that does that is like a bad LSD trip. I notice in the drug write-up that suicidal thoughts may occur, but that was not what I felt, only evil around me. The second evil thing I experience is one that negatively impacts my family life. When I take Norco my disposition chang M 73 3 months
10-325 3X D
 5  knee pain also its now back and hip I'm hurting even after taking 4 10 mg. in a 4 hr. Period along with muscle relaxer I feel like I need them to even crawl out of bed and walk to bathroom they use to make my moods better now I just feel like I am not getting what I was receive pain and mood I feel like a rest home pat. And head aches just worried now that I might not get them and how will I deal with pain if I hurt on that high of a dose does it make your brain think your hurting craving the drug? F 50 2 years
 4  hip and head pain and energy Nausea, insomnia, euphoria followed by depression F 29 10 months
 1  for pain due to miscarriage Nausea, anxiety, depression, stomach and lower abdominal pains, shortness of breath and a heavy feeling in my chest. Headaches and a sense of withdrawal. F 40 3 days
 5  my shoulder hurts so bad The only thing I hate is the doctor trying to take me off of it while im in pain people are different yea I had withdrawal but cut back on the medicine cant get any more the only thing that makes me fill sick to my stomach is the new laws and people always trying to control what u do ugh my shoulder hurts I've token every medication on the shelf nothing works for me but norco.and im sorry to the people that norco is hurting ice been off this medication for 4 days now and my shoulder hurts to the point I cant fill it some times cant do no work around the yard cause lit hurts when I use it but the doctor says there's nothing wrong M 28 1 days
 1  cronic back pain and hip displaisia Headache, nausea and some dizziness does not help the pain at all can't sleep because in such pain absolutely hate it. F 33 1 years
 1  Cholecystectomy post-op pain Weird dreams, itching, extreme fatigue, deep depression, constipation, anxiety, sore throat, head aches, nausea, brain fog, night sweats, moodiness, physical dependence which led to withdrawal symptoms: jerky leg movements, horrible pain, diarrhea, more nausea, more moodiness, weight gain.... Please, if you or some one you know is ever prescribed this drug, get rid of it, flush it, don't fill the script, tell your doctor (s)he's crazy. Norco... RUN AWAY! M 33 2 weeks
 1  Pain relief from Oral surgery Irritability, itching( as if I had bugs on skin and head) , very drowsy, developed allergic reaction with itching rashes all over my body and swollen face ( started to swell up my upper lip which made me look like a horse then my checks which made me look like a chipmunk) I had taken norco before once and had all symptoms minus allergic reaction and irritability. F 27 1 days
 1  I have chronic back and neck pain I took Norco for about 4 years but I will not take it because every time I do I get sick and get headaches as well I am not taking any medication a Dr says take because Dr's kill people and that's what drugs will do drugs will kill and I am not taking any more take vitamin supplements much safer and Better M 37 2 days
 1  initially from knee surgery This drug is the worst! I've already tried quitting more than three times and enlisted many loved ones to help. Still I can't quite stop for more than 5 days. It's ruining my life! Started taking them slowly. Felt no withdrawals with out them. One day I realized I feel like I need them or it's the end of the World. Super depressed. Many stomach and leg pains. Irritability and lack of drive and focus. It keeps going and going! It's so hard to get off of. It's killing me. I can feel it taking away my life more and more every day. I feel like the worst person on this planet. F 29 2 years
 5  pain Can not sleep at night if I take it pass noon M 37 2 years
10mg x4
 1  Painfully watching it destroy dad I'm watching this drug suck the life out of my dad , who once had a quirky humor, and had goals and ambition ! Now he is moody if he runs out of pills , quick tempered, tells us we should let him die ... I don't know him anymore our hearts are literally breaking ! I've seen this happen to others as too!!!!! F 62 10 months
 1  broken arm It made me sick to my stomach. Sweet so bad I had to change clothes. F 35 1 days
 2  Post-op knee surgery Hallucinations, but it wiped all pain from my body! The first day I took the drug, all was well. The second day, I was awakened when The Virgin Mary, attired in blue, sat on the headboard of my bed. She was looking at me and talking a blue streak, but I couldn't understand her. I listened, but I was really freaked out. As abruptly as she appeared, she disappeared. I was shaken, but I went back to sleep. This drug made me VERY sleepy. Soon I was again awakened by what I thought was the dog scratching, but it was my DAD in angel form, flapping his wings as he hovered over me, saying not a word, and really not looking AT ALL like himself. Somehow, I knew it was my dad. He didn't stay long. I got up and walked a bit, then I woke up my husband, told him about my "visitors," and he calmed me down enough to almost fall asleep again. But I looked at my sleeping husband, and as I watched, another angel came from his body, flew over me and over to my bedside table and then flew back into his body. I again woke him up and told him to stop it. He asked me if he was snoring. The GOOD thing is that for those two days and part of the third, I had NO pain anywhere in my body. However, I decided I didn't need hallucinations, and they freaked me out, so I stopped the medication. For the next three days I had a headache. I don't know if the cessation of the meds had anything to do with the headaches. My doctor was not particularly happy that I stopped the med, but he DID say that "about 1%" of patients who take it report F 66 2 days
5-325 3X D