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 1  Lower body pain dizziness, hot flashes and nausea I taken generic NORCO 10-325 for years and this was the first time I received from MFR: AMNEAL. Imprinted on the white pill was IP 110. WORSE PILL EVER!! DIDN'T HELP AT ALL WITH MY PAIN. I would of been better off with regular advil. I wish they still had the yellow pills or Watson brand. 387. PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON AMNEAL. F 51 10 years
10-325 MG 6X D
 5  Back pain this product helps patients. No one can get it any more due to the unfounded witch hunt by the press and politicians. Chronic pain sufferers are really hurting. F 2 years
 1  Hip replacement Very had constipation. Can't poop the stool is impacted..horrible they recommended colace didnt work. I am miserable. F 78 14 days
10-325 mg
 5  Back and knee pain from accident Mild itching and constipation that went away after I was on it for awhile. This medication was the only medication that helped my pain almost 100% and gave me my life back.I was off of it for a while and was in too much pain to get out of bed most days. Now I have started with a new doctor after several years. He put me on Tramadol because of the bs from the government about Norco. The Tramadol is doing nothing for my server disablitating pain from my accident and incurrable spinal condition and it is giving me many bad side effects. I am where I am not able to walk very far or do house work or live normally because of the pain. At my next pain clinic appointment I am going to ask if he can put me back on Norco,I don't know if he will because of all the DEA and government mess. F 50 3 months
 3  Herniated disc neck Tingling. In hands and feet. Euphoria. Bad dreams. Constipation. F 58
1X D
 1  Cervical herniated disks Extra strength Tylenol is stronger - the only thing norco did for me - was make me constipated. I have no idea why drs think this medicine is so so strong - this should be sold over the counter to relieve diarrhea Useless F 40 14 days
 3  herniated disk lower back Been experiencing different symptoms... headache flu like symptoms never had this before and the pills feel lighter. Has this medicine been changed in any way. Also have to take more than before for relief F 53 5 years
 1  Back pain Insomnia, chills, fever sweats rash Yys ago did not have these issues w/norco now my body is reacting to it so differently is this drug changed or is it my body w/ age? F 64 9 weeks
.5 mg /325
 1  Spinal stenosis, spinal neurothapy I have quit norco for 10 months.started again this time 5 months. Now trying to get off of them. Causing lots of anxiety and panicky feelins. Im worried PAWS.I really need help and ask has anybody else having these symptoms? Thanks !! Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated !! God Bless F 56 15 years
 4  After Hysterectomy Lots of itching around both ankles and calves.Ive also experienced a feeling of bugs crawling in the same areas.Go figure but it works great for me and eases the pain. F 48 14 days
 1  Endometriosis Itching. The last 2 times I took Norco I felt like my insides were hot. I know it sounds odd. But it really did feel like my upper body on the inside was overheating. Terrifying feeling. I haven't found anything on line that describes these side effects. It did amazing for the pain at first. The only thing that helped. I took them maybe 3 times a month. F 37 2 years
 5  neck surgery and extreme low back pain none this helps me to no end. ibuprofen does nothing for me, and if i am gone from home too long and it is worn off i can hardly get out of the car. on the other hand i have heard over the years about becoming addicted to it. i can stop taking it without any type of withdrawal or cravings only pain. not only pain i have weakness in one leg and with the pain i feel more unsteady. my dr. said just two days ago that both sides of legislative body is wanting to do away with norco. i told him that if that happened i would have to lay on the couch all day like a quivering pile of jello. F 61 7 years
5-325mg 5X D
 3  Spinal pain disc degeneration Euphoric numbness. Numbs everything even mental pain. Dizziness, heavy chest, dry mouth, increased heart rate, drowsiness, anxiety of taking them and what will happen when I stop. Experience increased symptoms when taking at night when tired. I take less than recommended dose every four hours. Sometimes shaky and out of breath. Donít experience all side effects every time. Depends on factors like if you've eaten, if you're tired, sick, upset, etc Want to stop taking this drug as I have heard so many bad things. They have served their purpose for me and I don't want to take them indefinitely. I want to slowly wean and hopefully won't have withdrawal symptoms. They work great for pain but for some people they just don't agree with them F 47 7 months
10 mg
 3  Back Pain Upper-back, shoulder and arm pain. F 54 4 weeks
 1   Trying to get off it.terrible side effects depression can't hardly eat.75 hours without it.please help me. F 82 5 weeks
 3  Interstitial cystitis I have had benign paying for 10 years recently picked up my drugs and I know when something different has occurred and I believe a flu shot has been added does anyone else feel this is happened because I have not had the flu in a really really really really really really long time and I refuse to get it but now the sudden they're giving it away free ? I feel that there's something different about this medication this time when I picked it up does anyone else feel the same way? F 38 10 years
 3  Recent surgery It takes away my pain, but has the reverse effect of making me more awake. Had to take it so my nose wouldn't hurt at night but I can't sleep... (Closed nasal fracture surgery). F 17 3 days
 1  Toothache Nausea, & lightheaded Never ever taking this medicine again. I've never felt this sick. I'd rather deal with the pain F 20 1 days
 1  Back pain First I would get a tingling feeling and my body would have a wave of numbness,then my heart would jump ask beat so fast I hear it in my ears,I start shaking and finally I can't breath,this is an awful feeling,I would not wish this on anyone,after about 6 hours those symptoms ware off but then comes round two of horrible symptoms except this time it's mental,like very low mental compacity,feeling unreal or like someone else completely. I am weening down from norco and cannot wait to be done with it! Please please please if your someone who takes this medication just stop! It's better to be in pain F 25 6 years
 5  Fibro, Copd, Cad, I have nothing but good to say about it. It saves my life, 1 months

NORCO  (ACETAMINOPHEN; HYDROCODONE BITARTRATE):  This combination medication is used to relieve moderate to severe pain. It contains an opioid (narcotic) pain reliever (hydrocodone) and a non-opioid pain reliever (acetaminophen). Hydrocodone works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain. Acetaminophen can also reduce a fever. This product is not recommended for use in children younger than 6 years due to an increased risk of serious side effects (such as slow/shallow breathing).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)