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 3  medical problems to long to list None if i use calm nightly Getting hard to find it that works since all the meds are being made in india where the bribe is normal bussiness pratice some from There work others like the ones from aurobindo are near usless M 65 100 days
 3  Severe lower back pain, L5S1 fusion Swelling of right hand to where I can't grab anything. Swelling of my eyes and constapation.i will feel like I'm in a furnace I'm sweating really bad. I've had chronic pain for over 6 yrs, I go to a pain clinic once a month. I had my fusion last October and it failed. So now I'm back to getting injections and taking pain, muscle relaxers, and gabapentin for nerve damage. The meds help, but it just takes the edge off, I don't get a high effect have never got it, I thought I'd be done taking meds but months ago the pain came back but on both sides of my back,hips,thighs,knees,calf's,and feet. So I'm worse off now than I was before my fusion. Then the Drs told me that the level above my fusion is very bad which is L4. I'm at my wit's end I really don't know what to do at this point. F 50 6 years
 4  Caesarean section recovery About the second day I was taking this the mental confusion I was experiencing as a side effect became extremely frustrating. I became restless and agitated from my lack of mental clarity. I also experienced some slight itching. It definitely helped my post C-section pain quite a bit. I was able to get up and walk around with minimal discomfort. I would definitely say that the benefits from the medicine were worth dealing with the discomfort of the side effects I experienced. F 18 3 days
 3  Surgery NO SLEEP!!!! Did not last long for the pain. Strange dreams. Ended up just taking ibuprofen so I could get some sleep. F 44 7 days
5-325 mg
 4  wisdom teeth removal Mostly tired, and sluggish. About the fourth day of taking the medicine it wouldn't take the pain way. F 16 2 weeks
 3  anklonsing spondyltis degen disc Nausea Bad eurphoria...real bad Fetanyl worked better for me F 30 3 months
30 2X D
 4  yes M 28 9 years
 5  Liposuction 1 days
 2   initially euphoria for about an hour, then severe dizziness and overall sick feeling. Seemed to interfere with sleep too, even though it made me tired. I took this as Percoset after dental surgery. It helped some with the pain, but the dizziness and other side effects were not worth it, especially since I couldn't get good sleep, which I really needed. F 46 1 days
5/ 500 1X D
 2  rotator cuff surgery after about a week, cloudy urine, finally difficulty urinating - scary. Drowsiness, but that's okay with me after surgery. It did ease the pain well, I just couldn't tolerate the bladder problems. F 52 2 weeks
4X D
 3  Rotator cuff surgery UTI I am repeating the surgery next week and am afraid I will continue to have side effects. M 45 4 months
5-35 4X D
 3  2 ruptured disks, spinal stenosis Helped relieve the pain immediately which was initially great, but had two different generic versions, endocet then oxycodone by watson. Watson's version really caused serious rebound headaches for me that were unbearable usually several hours after I took my dosage. Pharmacist said this was not uncommon when their is a change in manufacturer. Had to have my surgeon prescribe Percocet by name, no substitution which resolved the headache issue. Other effects - Dry mouth, some itchiness in nose and of course the usual buzz. After prolonged use it really started to effect my sexual performance & desires in a very negative way which ultimately led to increased anxiety. This led me to reduce its use and look for alternatives with my doctor. M 51 2 months
7.5-325 4X D
 5  ankylosing spondylitis, fibromyalgi euphoria, drowsiness This medication replaced Vicodin for me, and works much better but it doesn't last all that long. I probably would have preferred a long-acting version of this. Overall, there's not much to complain about. The pain relief is profound and I am able to function normally with no nausea. F 36 1 days
10/325 4X D
 3  Kidney stones Extreme nausea, headache like a migraine and I have migraines. Drowsiness and vomiting but took kidney pain away. Would not take again due to nausea.. M 39 1 days
650 6X D
 3  spine subluxation & b.s. about pain intoxication/euphoria and dependence I would recommend methadone to relieve pain without the risk of addiction. use vicodin as a recreational drug only. M 52 20 years
10mg/325mg 2X AN
 1  First time w/Rheumatoid Arthritis Extreme itching, hives, welts and a very ill feeling,like dying with nausea. It did not make a difference with one pill, nothing, nada. Two pills just allowed the pain occur, but without an edge, slightly duller, as long as I didn't move much. Otherwise it didn't do much. It was some cheap generic version. M 47 2 days
2.5mg 2X D
 4  post op pain Itching, twitchiness Found the weaker Hydro to be more effective for pain control strangely enough. M 27 1 days
10-15 mg 4X D
 4  TMJ and neck pain just what i thought it might be...the high buzzed feeling for first few days. nothing else noticable. much better than a lot of other pain meds! i just take it PRN, not daily. M 37 6 months
 1  4 wisdom teeth extracted/dry socket racing heart/ feeling of panic/ felt like I was coming out of my skin I was only 19 years old when I took this medicine. My full dose was 2 tablets. I had the reaction to the full dose. The Oral Surgeon told me to try again, but only take 1 tablet. I still had the same side effect. It's been over 25 years since it happened, but I still remember how awful it was. I felt like I was dying and I was just counting down the time until it was out of my system. I've never taken it again, and am always sure to tell the ER, or a new Physician that I don't tolerate this medication. F 47 2 times
 2  pain from herniated disk weird dreams, especially just before that falling asleep state -sleepiness Unfortunately, it did not really relieve the pain as much as I would have liked. Stopped taking it and resorted to 600mg ibuprofen, also prescribed M 59 2 days