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 3  Kidney stones Itchy nose(!) and nausea / lack of appetite I had to take this for pain due to kidney stones. It definitely works to alleviate the pain, however the nausea that it caused made me not want to take it. It helped if I took the medicine and then just went to bed and laid real still... F 47
7.5-500 1X AN
 5  post surgical hip replacement Constipation, loss of appetite, withdrawal I'd still be taking this if my surgeon would let me. I started out taking 8 a day, and eventually weaned myself down to one per day. Withdrawal lasted for about 1.5 weeks. It's great for surgical recovery until you have to give it up. Milk of Magnesia worked for me for the constipation and I lost 15 pounds from loss af appetite. F 50 2 months
1X D
 4  Fibromyalgia (daily widespread pain None. I have daily widespread pain, in various locations in varying intensity every day since 1998. I wake up in pain and go to bed in pain, sleep is even painful. I do not have a propensity for addiction. I have used the same dose (5mg) and frequency of this drug for 10 years. It still works the same as it did 10 years ago. It doesn't take all my pain away but it helps a great deal and allows me to make it through 2/3 of the day without being severely limited by pain, hold down gainful full time employment and lead a somewhat normal life, for that I am very grateful. F 49 10 years
5 MG 2X D
 4  Back pain Works wonders for my back pain, best to take with food to avoid nausea. Found myself taking it more often than prescribed because it kills the pain and makes me want to do stuff. The euphoric rush that gives you energy feels great, however tolerance builds and you need to take more and more. Sometimes have strange dreams, however I actually enjoy bizarre dreams and just laugh it off. Overall a wonderful drug, try to get it with the least tylenol mixed in such as 5/325mg or 10/325. Tylenol can cause liver damage over years of usage M 43 1 years
5/325 3X D
 5  Neck/joint pain + Chronic head ache A little foggy at first, But zero sleep issues. Puts me in a great mood, Most likely due to the fact that I'm virtually pain free for the first time in 15 years.. I had been living in vegas for awhile, And finally decided it was time to look into some other options for pain treatment. I had done everything I could to avoid having to depend on RX drugs. Unfortunately after 15 years of trying everything else, It just wasn't enough anymore..After having a couple of visits with my families dr, We decided it would be worth a shot to start on a low dose of hydrocodone, And it was truly a life saver!..Sadly I had to move and am now stuck having to deal with dr's who are scared to RX a narcotic and I'm back having to try all the other crap that doesn't work first! I've even been given multiple urine tests all of which have been negative for every possible drug! So expect to jump through a few hoops and try a few different dr's before given an RX for this medicine..Bottom line, is it actually works!.. M 28 3 months
2X D
 4  shoulder surgery I was taking 1 pill 2x day off and on for 2 yrs. In the last 2 months i started taking 2 pills 2x day. Boy was that a mistake. I experienced insomnia for 2 months straight and didn't feel like i could function without the pill. So, a week ago i decided to stop cold turkey, another major mistake. After the 2nd day, i started experiencing chills, couldn't sleep for 3 days because my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest cause it was beating so fast, i felt like i was having a heart attack, i felt nauseated and had muscle aches. After the third day without any hydrocodone, i had to start taking clonazepam to calm my heart rate down. It did help quite a lot. I won't be taking anymore hydrocodone. Also, i know that clonazepam is very addictive too. I'm only taking .5mg/1x day for about a week until the withdrawal my symptoms subside. After this, absolutely no more prescribed medication for me, period! unless it's life or death. Don't fall into the trap like i did. I kept t M 47 2 years
7.5/325 2X D
 4  Pinched Nerve/Interstitial Cystitis None It took four trips to the emergency room before someone prescribed this. Turns out I have a pinched nerve in my right hip that radiates pain from my hip to my right knee. One to two pills every four hours as needed. At first one pill was enough to deaden it enough for me to get to sleep. Either the pain is increasing or my body is getting used to the medicine. That is scary because the pain is the kind you actually contemplate cutting your leg off to stop. Interestingly enough, it also helps with my Interstital Cystitis, although it isn't prescribed for it. Kill two pains with one stone? I'm not complaining. I have had to use it every day for the last couple weeks, sometimes a couple times a day. I'm not noticing any side effects/addictive tendencies. Can't wait to get off it though. Why take chances? M 39 3 months
7.5-15mg 1X D
 3  severe menstrual cramps drowsiness, mental fog, high as a kite have tried every possible remedy under the sun for my horrible cramps and asked my doctor for something stronger, just to use a few days a month. This is a lifesaver for me...for the first time in a LONG time, I can be pain free instead of doubled over in pain, missing work curled up in bed, etc. I combined 1 hydrocodone w/ 2 Advils and it really took the pain away. The only problem is I feel so stoned after just taking 1 and I can't be taking that while I'm at work. I will definitely only be taking it on the severe pain days as I do love the fact it takes the pain away, but don't like the side effects. F 38 2 days
5-500 2X D
 5  post op pain Sedation/euphoria/itchiness/thats about it The stuff worked too well apparently so they gave me Darvs instead. It's ok to live with pain, but GOD FORBID if you get some euphoria. The stuff actually worked though, but wore off quickly. I could see how this could be very addictive given world and time enough. M 27 5 days
10-20mg 4X D
 5  chronic headaches; neck pain felt the 'euphoric' effect of the drug for about the first week, and it was actually kind of nice: a lovely warm glow. wanted to hug everybody, mostly because *the pain was gone at last!* since then, no 'glow', just continued effective pain relief. this drug probably saved my life. had chronic headaches for *years*, and got no relief whatsoever while the docs danced around prescribing everything except what worked. "try this muscle relaxer!" "now try this anti-depressant!" when i finally met a doc with the guts to prescribe the feared and dreaded narcotic (gasp!) painkiller, i got my life back. yes, it can be addictive. i've gone through withdrawal twice: it was no fun, no sleep/irritable for about 3 days; but certainly nothing like the throes of heroin withdrawal like they show in the movies. comparing the pain of withdrawal to the pain of my headaches (that only this drug can fix) is like comparing an ant to an elephant. alleviation of constant pain is a gift from god; and easily worth the price you *might* pay by taking this drug. can't recommend it highly enough. M 48 8 years
 5  Fibromyalgia dry mouth this is a wonder drug. its the only medication im currently taking that truely helps with the fibromyalgia pain. before being put on hydrocodone I could barely get out of bed, now I can function like a normal person im soooo glad to have my life back. I hear a lot of people talk about the addiction problems with this drug but I think you can only become addicted to it if you have an addictive personality, withdrawl isnt fun but it could be a lot worse and it only last a couple of days. if even that long. F 22 1 years
 5  bone spurs in my neck and spine Feeling alive again! I could play with my children, clean my house and get a million things done that normally I would be unable to do because of the pain. Without it I am grouchy and cannot even stand someone touching me... F 33 1 years
 5  Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Constipation. Drowsiness. Addiction. It takes the edge off of the pain. Nothing seems to take the pain away completely, but I'll take a reduction any time! Taking no more than 3 a day at most. Average is probably 8 in a week. M 68
 4  Back and Joint pain The side effects were itching, nausea, sweating,bad taste in the mouth, constipation and fear. The effects from this medication is almost not worth it. It can be addictive, use with caution. it has the effects of a drug addict! F 63 2 years
 4  Acute Shoulder pain Facial acne. Middle of the night erections. Use sparingly if you must. If you have an addictive personality, I would suggest talking to your doctor BEFORE using it. Breaking pills in half makes the pills last longer. And, if you don't need full strength to control the pain, why subject your body to a full dose? M 53 8 days
 5  bleeding ulcer pain Sometime I feel drowsiness and a lack of energy, I have literally fallen asleep at my desk at work, but I take other meds to and think it was a combination. Other days I feel great and have more energy than I normally would. I love it, it helps me get through the day. I also take an anxiety med daily and if I am having an "episode" as I like to call them and the anxiety med alone isn't helping taking one 7.5 hydrocodone does the trick, I calm down and continue on with my work day. I usually am more productive after I have taken the combo and calmed down, alone they don't work near as well. I've been taking hydrocodone for over a year now off and on due to what they thought was pancreatitis and later this summer realized I had a bleeding ulcer instead the whole time. Needless to say I spent 21 days over the summer in the hospital and am allergic to NSAIDS so hydrocodone was my otpion. Had morphine the 2nd time I was in the hospital and I liked that I could have that every 2 hours but the hydrocone worked better even if I had to wait every 4 hours. I go to the dr tomorrow and am hoping that after I explain all that has been happening and that our trip to Mexico (probably not the best pl F 39 1 years
 5  ankle & knee trauma, arthritis Mild side effects include sweating and occasional stomach upset. I dont experience the "euphoria" other people report, but this is not a party for me. I use it for pain management only, so I can continue to work and get some use out of my body despite the damage done. My one regret about this medicine is that it took so long to get my physisicans to presribe it. There is a stigma attached to these drugs that to me seems ridiculous, it is NOT okay to live with extreme pain when there are options available such as this prescription medication. People do abuse these drugs, and they are addictive when abused I am sure, but this medication has been a blessing to my life and I am able to do more now than I have for a number of years. Where nothing else has worked at all, this medicine had made it possible for me to continue being productive and reasonably content despite the damages done to my joints. It is not a cure, but I dont think many medicines are, it is a means of pushing through pain so I can go live a reasonable life and handle my daily matters. M 47 2 years
 5  Back pain Happy, addictive, over exertion since I don't feel the pain so I feel later I started taking for back pain, then just to get through the work day, then because they make me smile alot and very happy. I get energetic and goofy. I stopped taking for awhile because I realized I was getting addicted and went through the withdrawals. Now, I only take when I need them, but they are fantastic for pain. F 25 2 years
 4  Wisdom teeth removal Being unconscious. It knocks you out. Hydrocodone kills pain by putting you to sleep. Dont expect to do ANYTHINGG productive while taking it. However, it did seem pretty effective- I was asleep for my whole recovery period! F 20 5 days
 4  PERIOD Cramps Endometriosis Dependency even when I don't have cramps :( I started about a year ago taking it for menstrual cramps, now I take it for anything. Helps me clean the house and actually feel like doing my chores and going to work. I am sad I am out and going through these awful terrible withdrawals that I didn't think I would have. Sweats, my legs and arms hurt when I try to sleep, grouchy as hell, etc. I love this stuff and that is terrible. I want more, how do people stay on this for so long I can't get my OBGYN to prescibe it to me and he diagnosed me with Endometrios just yesterday, this is the time I REALLY NEED IT and only my Family MD will give me 30 every two months. Big whoop right...The rest I buy from anywhere and everywhere...accepting suggestions. Suggestions welcome... Email me :) F 38 365 days