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 1  colonoscopy Followed directions exactly and drank massive amounts of water. No problem gulping it down and absolutely no nausea or pain, but...within minutes of first dose, had a complete intestinal voiding with no warning or sensation at all...quite a mess. Next three hours, stayed on toilet and expelled uncontrollably. Second dose produced the same results; never left the toilet for about seven hours in total. Around 3:00 AM all discharge was perfectly clear and stopped shortly thereafter. Colonoscopy was performed and result (per doctor report) was "inadequate preparation" and "poor preparation" - both comments highlighted in bold on his report...a total failure that seems to have been my fault! (not) Bottom line is I was tortured, blamed for the problem and wasted my time and money. The new plan is to take the same garbage over a longer period. Needless to say, I wont do it! M 70 1 days
6 oz 2X D
 5  Colonoscopy My mom and husband both took Suprep for their colonoscopies and both had a great experience so I can only speak for myself. I took the first bottle at 8:10 pm. Abouy half an hour later, right before drinking the first glass of water I started feeling mild discomfort in my abdomen. About 20 minutes later I took the 2nd glass of water. About 10 minutes later I started having these HORRIBLE cramps. I started burping so much, too. The pain felt like it was going upward towards my chest cavity. It is now 10:14. Cramps every 15-20 seconds, no urge to “go” at all. Will I recommend this? NO. Not even sure if I want to take second bottle tomorrow morning. We are in the middle of our Summer here in SoCal and I have chills and I am very cold. My back is tingly, I feel weak. I have never had so much pain in my life. Cramps are EXCRUCIATING. On a level of 1-10 these are a 20! Please consult with your doctor before taking this prep. It is too aggresive on some people. I would NEVER take it again! Worst medical experience of my life! F 49 0 days
1X D
 1  Colonoscopy Absolutely the worst tasting I have EVER been prescribed F 50 1 days
2 2X D
 1  Colonoscopy If you stuffed a cadaver in a barrel to rot and covered it with cherry syrup you'd have SuPrep. This is the worst tasting thing I have ever experienced. Fasted liquid diet previous day to prepare, Read entire brochure, followed instructions, became nauseated immediately, forced it down gagging. Flu like symptoms started almost immediately Headache and wracking chills with shaking followed which remained all night. Started at 6 pm, first prep ended at 11 pm. Explosive diarrhea nonstop . Became very dehydrated. Researched online from bathroom for helps and put 2 Nd dose in frig and water tooGot up at 3:30 to drink water, felt real fear I wouldn't be able to get the next dose down. It's godawful no excuse for this- bit lemons and drank thru a straw which helped slightly. By now crazy chills, sweating, so cold .massive purges began quickly after 2 Nd dose and continued for 4 hours. So weak near collapse. Finally stopped at 8 am, Absolutely horrible product . Side effects are awful. Taking something that causes horrible nausea is a terrible way to do this. Still nauseous later that day and that night. Still not able to ear 24 hours later. Never again. SuPrep packaging Does not adequately address the negative side effects of this horrible tasting product It's foul. Presenting it as palatable under any circumstances is a lie. Very concerned that so many people had a similar bad experience. SuPrep must address the taste issue which causes the horrible nausea . A colonoscopy is an important test and the process is tough enough, beginning it in a horrible way that is so bad that it creates real fear that the patient will throw up or not b able to stomach the 2 Nd dose and fail in the process is a terrible way to do this. We have to do better, or too many people will not be able to do this or refuse to ever repeat it. Fix it F 58 1 days
30 2X D
 1  Colonoscopy Extreme Nausea and Chills. Vomiting. Shaking. Chills, shaking, and bad nausea for the day before prep. Choked down any vomiting. Morning prep I could not hold back the vomit. Could not finish the water chaser. 3rd colonoscopy. First time with Suprep. Worst prep yet. F 63
1X D
 1  For a colonoscopy Nausea, gagging, needed to spit after each sip as if I'd drunk ocean water. I had difficulty getting the first dose down, using a drinking straw and all of the other ideas that were recommended. The second dose, I could only get through a fourth of what was required because I gagged with each sip. I had to stand by the kitchen sink just in case. I did get through the colonoscopy but I felt dizzy and tired for days afterward. I ended up blacking out and fainting a few days after my procedure, hit a hard tile floor, and ended up in the ER with severe dehydration,needing IV fluids, a CT scan, and x-rays of my bones. Two weeks later I'm still bruised. I'm 5'3", 119 lbs., and feel that the amount I was asked to drink was too much for my size. I also have low blood pressure. This was my 4th colonoscopy and I had never fainted before in my life. I never want to take this again. F 63 1 days
2X D
 5  Colonoscopy prep I was prescribed Suprep in preparation for a colonoscopy. I was dreading it after reading lots of reviews. I prepared the 1st dose around 5 PM. I just used a straw and took 5-6 big gulps every 5 minutes until it was finished. I had chilled the bottles for several hours beforehand and I also held my nose while drinking it. Started having watery BMW's about 45 minutes later. I just sat on the toilet, drank my other 32 oz of water, and every few minutes it felt like I was peeing from my bum. That lasted about an hour and a half. I was then able to lie down and sleep until my alarm awoke me around 4:30 am to repeat the whole process. By the time my ride was here at 8 am, the water from my bum was clear and the urgency was over. Worked great, no nausea. My GI doctor said my prep was great too, completely cleaned out. I'd rather do this again in the future instead of that huge gallon of salty water. Neither prep is fun, but I think the Suprep is easier overall. I'd recommend it if you gotta do it! F 55 1 days
16 oz 2X D
 1  Colonoscopy for Crohn's Extreme nausea. The taste was wretched, like trying to eat a handful of pennies that someone had sprayed with orange zest. I was finally able to choke it down after throwing up after almost every drink. Luckily my Fiance and I found a way for me to get it down. I felt very nauseous and anxious. It felt like I'd been poisoned. I'd done this once before, and the dread I felt before taking it was horrible! I knew what to expect. Obviously the medication gives Diarrhea. It's what it's supposed to do. But it's very unpleasant. I hate this nasty garbage. There needs to be an easier way. I'd rather someone inflate me with a fire-hose than drink this trash. M 23 1 days
too much 1X D
 4  Colonoscopy Mild bloating and some abdominal pain. This prescription cleans you out! I'm a big guy (300lbs.) And I have to say that I was shocked to find out that I am now 298.8!! So, yes, it will clear the weight of your bowels. What you have to understand, is that this product is produced to make you void in a manner that would clean out the guck so the scope can be channeled through your colon/GI tract. Those who are demanding an investigation into the product were probably not doing something right. I mixed my prep with lemonade, which counteracted the bitterness of the med with just water...I know not to use JUST water, blech! However, it was simple to follow the instructions provided and I gulped my drink down like a champ! All one time, as not to sip and continue to have a bitter nasty aftertaste. I hope this will help some of you. Good luck with your procedure!! M 40 2 days
6oz 1X D
 5  Endoscopy &Colonoscopy I had no bad side effect with this product. In the past I was prescribed Golytely, which is torture. My Dr prescribed Suprep, it is so much easier to take 2 six ounce bottle mix with 10oz water, then two 16oz bottles of water , it's a spilt dose one the night before the other 4 hrs before your procedure. It still taste kinda bad like really salty grapes, but better than the Golytely. It worked great, no cramps, or abdominal pain. I think the lite diet the Dr put me on 3 days before, plus the 2 Gasx before starting the Suprep also helped. I definitely will go with the Suprep when I have my next procedure. F 56 2 days
12oz 1X D
 5  Colonoscopy My last prep was 5 years ago and this solution was much better. Taste wasn't great but not bad. I gulped it down ice cold. I was only in the bathroom about 1.5 hours after I took it. And then went to bed. No other side effects. My gastroenterologist said it worked just as it was supposed to. M 60 0 days
2 bottle d 2X D
 1  Colonoscopy I had a 6 day prep which included Bisacodyl for 5 days and the night before Supraprep was added with it. Over this course of time I was so weak. By the day of the procedure my BP was 155/132 HR 162. I was rushed from procedure floor to ER. This medication caused serious AFIB and dehydration even with tons of fluid intake. My kidneys stopped producing urine for a full day. This should never ever be prescribed to someone with an autoimmune disease and complicated medical history. There are definitely other options. So upset I did the prep for nothing. F 45 1 days
2X D
 1  For colonoscopy Severe nausea, vomiting, chills, shivering, weakness, headache Will ask Dr. to prescribe something else if I ever need another colonoscopy. F 68 2 times
2 bottles 2X D
 5  Colonoscopy Used Suprep for first time after Miralax/Dulcolax for years. Family history of colon cancer & do this every 3 years. Truthfully, I was extremely hesitant to use this based on what I was reading in the pamphlet and online. I've never been one to sugarcoat anything & tell it like it is good or bad! Definitely mix the magic potion with Lemon Lime Gatorade vs water which everyone does then complain about the taste & gag, vomit all night! Chill the concoction in fridge for a few hours before taking, use a straw to sip instead of gulping. You won't need a lemon or have to hold your nose! It isn't THAT bad! I hesitantly raised the opening to my nose expecting the worst smell ever, as many warned. Well, it smells like Grape Syrup! I took the first 16 oz dose at 5pm the night before as instructed, then waited...30 mins later, the stuff started working its magic....and continued for 2.5 hours!! So be prepared! Ate jello, broth, liquids, more gatorade to replace electrolytes and went M 63 1 days
32 oz 2X D
 1  Colonoscopy Head ache, light headed feeling, Muscle pain in both thighs, dehydration, First dose at noon, It tastes terrible but used a straw and roughed it out and sucked it all in within a few minutes, followed it with the two 16 once glasses of water, drank a glass of ginger ale that tasted terrible this was a first, drank a can of chicken broth, and drank some glasses of water, at 6PM took the second dose in the same way as the first not fun but had to finish it. I was running to the toilet until 12:30AM. the color was almost clear coming out of me. Colonoscopy was at 10AM ;my Dr. recommended a repeat colonospy in 3 years a the bowel prep was suboptimal. I am writing this the day after and I still have the muscle pain, and occasional light headed feeling. Dr. sent me for a blood work up to check my liver and kidneys this morning. I will never take this again, I have had several colonoscopy's over the years using the Miralax and mixing it with gaterade and never a problem or side effects. This prep needs to be investigated from all that I have read on this site it could be hazardous to ones health. By the way insurance doesn't cover so expect to spend over a hundred dollars for this Prep. M 74 1 days
2X D
 1  Colonoscopy This is the worst tasting thing I have EVER put in my mouth. It took me almost 2 hours to drink the one 6oz bottle with water in the cup they give you to fill tothe line. Soooo nasty. I tried plugging my nose, using a straw. Gagged on each sip. I had to use the toilet 5 mins after I finished it. Long story short, I had horrible diarrhea and vomiting from 5PM-10 pm. I ended up only wearing my bra, sitting in edge of bed, ontop of a clean doggy pee pad. I had to use them 3 diff times! I had weight loss surgery 2 yrs ago, so my stomach is alot smaller than a regular person. I also take opiates for severe chronic pain. At 10 pm I started 2nd 6oz bottle, with sugar free lemonade pk mixed with a bottle of water. I had a horrible stabbing headache, chills, vomited Alot and " spuewed" diarrhea. Would that be projectile diarrhea. I gave birth 4x without drugs, have had 5 surgeries, this was the worst I had ever been thru. Was at hosp 7:15 am, in a room for the procedure around 9 ( dont remember a thing, till I woke up in postop, only to find out it didnt clean me all out, and have to repeat in 1 month! I dont want to. I hear there is a 2 day prep. There has to be one without such bad side effects! Nasty nasty nasty 65 0 days
2X D
 1  Colonoscopy I’ve had several colonoscopies but never had such terrible prep. These drs need to know and taste what they are prescribing. Of all the preps I’ve taken this one had the poorest colon prep results. Side effects: nausea and vomiting. Never had these side effects with other products. Why the inflated price on such elemental ingredients?? F 68 2 days
1X D
 1  Colonoscopy Made me extremely sick. Struggled to keep it down with nausea medication. Bloated, cramping, extreme nausea, bad headache,chills, dizzy,very shaky and tired. I have did this many times with other bowel preps for procedures because of my Crohn's and this was the worst. It took almost 3 hours to actually have a bowel movement after first bottle ( dose) then could not get away from the bathroom more than 10 to 15 minutes until the morning of my procedure. The second bottle (dose) just made everything even worse. I drank water as I was supposed to and was still extremely dehydrated. This was the worst tasting one I have ever had... tasted like an awful cough syrup and tge aftertaste lingered. I has to suck on hard candy to get the taste out of my mouth. F 43 1 days
2×D 2X D
 1  Colonoscopy Nausea. Uncontrollable shaking. Projectile Vomiting. I was directed to divide my dosage to 1 bottle the night before my Colonoscopy and 1 bottle the morning of my Colonoscopy. I drank the mixture as directed and got through maybe half of my 16 oz glass of water when I felt a burning bloating feeling in my stomach, and started shaking... it did produce a bowel movement within minutes of taking the prep but sadly 10 minutes of having it in my system I threw it back up. I did a little research and was worried maybe I drank my first prep too quickly so my 2nd prep I decided to slow down and pace myself. I slowly sipped the prep paced myself with my water intake and again I got that heavy, burning, and bloated feeling in my stomach...I backed off saved about 1/4 of the prep I had left...and again it did produce a bowel movement but sadly...again...the feeling in my stomach along with the shaking became too much no matter how hard I tried to fight the feeling I projectile vomited my 2nd bottle of prep too. Now I am worried I may not be able to complete my much needed procedure. I would not recommend this product. F 35 2 days
6 oz (177 1X D
 1  Colonoscopy Bloating, cramping, nausea, vomiting, racing heart It took me several days to feel like myself again. Really made me sick. F 50 0 days
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