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 1  High Cholesterol Big time pain in calf and thigh muscle s ... wakes me up at night ...strange sensation 2 weeks ago ... thought I had Bought the ranch ...stopping it today ... dangerous for me . M 82 21 days
2 mg x3 3X W
 1  High cholesterol and triglycerides Debilitating muscle and joint pain. Liver enzymes 100 times normal. 5 weeks off livalo still no better. Fatigue. Pain from neck to feet. Sharp pain in wrist,fingers,knees and feet , just making a slight movement. WHEN WILL THIS STOP ? 59 2 weeks
20 1X D
 1  Cholesterol Stomach problems Have taken other statins, and they eventually led to problems with pain in knees and side. This is worse than the others. After taking 2 times, Iím having stomach problems that I never had before. This wakes me up after only being asleep a couple hours. Then I have to take something else for indigestion. F 72 2 days
1 mg 2X W
 2  cholesterol Pain in the kidney area; muscle weakness; weight gain; coughing, especially at night; headaches; sleeplessness; vertigo; stomach indigestion. I'm female and I have been taking Livalo for the past 60 days...every other day before bedtime. Prior to this, I tried Atorvastatin, Rosuvastatin and then Ezetimibe. I had negative side effects with all of these, and apparently now Livalo. I will stop taking this drug as and hope the side effects subside. The worst side effects are the kidney pain and the sleeplessness and coughing at night. I don't believe anyone else here has mentioned coughing or throat issues, yet. I was wondering why I was getting headaches when I never had headaches before, but I see others have complained about that issue as well. If the coughing, headaches, sleeplessness, and stomach issues (been chewing a lot of Tums) do go away, I'll know then it is more than likely the Livalo medicine. Also, as mentioned by others here, Livalo is expensive. My BCBS (primary) would not cover it at all. My secondary insurance Tricare, (I'm retired vet) does cover it, IF you have tried others and they didn't work. It still cost $60 for 3 months supply. F 62 60 days
1 MG 1X O
 1  Cholesterol At first I thought the muscle pain was from the disease I have, Dystonia, since it does affect your muscles, but then as months went on, my muscle pain became worse over time accompanied by severe joint pain all over including my fingers and toes. Ive had a severe cough and felt lik my air was being cut off around December. Felt like I had a respiratory infection or flu like symptoms . This all started around 2 months after taking it. Then the pains ( muscle and joints) is becoming more apparent. I'm swelling in my feet, legs, and body, and am having horrible pains in my upper stomach. Had ct scan done, ruled out kidney, liver, and pancreas but I have a very tiny hernia, a fatty liver, and a little gastritis but don't think any of that is causing my pain. I can't eat anything without it hurting my stomach. Never had stomach issues before. Im running into things like my balance is off but that also comes with my disease so I just chalked it up to that, but its gotten worse. I'm so tired and fatigued. I dont want to go anywhere or do anything the pain is so unreal. I just stopped taking it today to see if this is whats causing all my problems, which I seriously think it is. Never used statins before. I think I can lower my own cholesterol without having to deal with all this. F 51 9 months
4mg 1X D
 3  Elevated Cholesterol Muscle and joint pain. Occasional digestive issues. Dry eyes. Works great for lowering numbers. Physical discomfort is frequent and also seems to "settle heavier into weak areas". For example, if you have an overworked muscle or joint, it feels worse. 51 1 years
2 mg 4X W
 1  Cholesterol Pain in all extremities including joints of fingers and toes, neuropathy in feet and bu Bing on sides of calves. Back and head pain with general malaise. Stopped taking over 2 weeks ago but still unable to walk at times because of foot and leg pain. F 73 2 weeks
2 mg
 5  high cholesterol; improve LDL/HDL None I took this drug for 7 years and had no side effects. Labs were always great. I had to fight the drug companies continuously to get it, even after trying generics, which gave me side effects. Finally gave up and take nothing at present. Currently on medicare and can not afford it. F 66 7 years
2 mg 1X D
 2  High Cholesterol Severe pain in legs, legs aching all the time . Horrible vivid active nightmares! Start eating right so you donít need to take this medicine M 60 6 months
2 mg
 1  High Cholesterol Told to try this because it didnít have side effects like other statins. Day one I thought was okay starting the dose at 9am. Later towards the evening about 6pm, I felt like my heart was being squeezed, chest pain, short of breath, headache, light headed. Itís been about 25 days since and still not right - digestive, headaches, sore chest, tire very easy and canít do much. Before that one dose, I was functioning well - eating okay and able to walk any distance without issues. I do not recommend this medication to anyone. 53 1 days
2 MG
 3  Had Double Bypass. Headache, fatigue, neck pain, vertigo, stomach issues. This is my third statin that I have tried. My cholesterol has always been great and BP okay as well but for some reason at 37 I had to get a double bypass Because I had 90% blockage in the LAD artery. So all the cardiologists I been to want to keep me on a statin at all cost. F 39 30 days
 1  Extremely high cholesterol. Non at first. Numbers were great. After 6 mos I have severe muscle cramps from outer calf to my ankles and feet interrupts my sleep all night long. Unbearable. Neck pain also. Dr told me to take it every other day. IV done this now for 3,weeks. Leg cramps debilitating. Iíve tryed 3 other statins. This got my numbers down quickly but worse joint pain than the others. F 71 0 months
 1  High cholesterol. Other statins not Took Livalo for 3 weeks w tolerable muscle aches. At day 22 felt awful. Flu- like symptoms with constipation nausea and headache. Stopped med, next day had awful dizziness, near syncope, nausea, right upper abdominal pain. Iíll stop this med and hope these symptoms cease soon! This was 4th statin I took but hoped it would be better tolerated. High cholesterol less of a risk than a statin for me Dr thought this statin might work as billed as less side effects for those w problems w others. Not so! F 67 3 weeks
2 mg
 1  To lower my high LOL cholesterol of I read the Warnings about the drug. It did say headache was a possible side effect but I woke up with a bad migraine. F 66 3 days
 1  high cholesterol I only took Livalo twice and it sent me to the emergency room after my heart cramped up thinking I was having a heart attack. Thank God it wasn't that. But I have been unable to regain my strength since that day, and that was over two months ago. Before taking Livalo I was very active working out 5-6 days a week. Now I can hardly stand up very long, let alone trying to work out. M 61 2 days
2 1X D
 1  high colesteral pain in legs and joints Dr put me on the highest dose. Stopped livalo and seeing him also M 73 2 weeks
4mg 1X D
 4  Cholesterol I taken Livalo for over a year. I've had no negative side-effects to note. My blood work always comes back great. Prior to Livalo, I tried just about every other statin. I stopped all of them due to bad side-effects. It's not covered by my insurance. And it is a bit costly. M 66 1 years
2 mg
 1  Elevated cholesterol Caused nightmares. I became very agitated. Wasn't myself. Too weird F 49 7 days
1 mg.
 1  High cholesterol/LDL Heart palpitations (same as Crestor) F 59 2 days
10mg 1X D
 1  High Cholesterol Pain in arms, legs, and shoulders. Became very weak. Finally I made an appointment with a Neurologist who had me stop takingLivalo. After 2 months off, I am starting to get sronger I have been on cholesterol medicines for 25 years have a hard time walking. I was able to run , bike and workout. Not anymore M 57 3 years
4 MG 1X D

LIVALO  (PITAVASTATIN CALCIUM):  Pitavastatin is used along with a proper diet to help lower "bad" cholesterol and fats (such as LDL, triglycerides) and raise "good" cholesterol (HDL) in the blood. It belongs to a group of drugs known as "statins." It works by reducing the amount of cholesterol made by the liver. Lowering "bad" cholesterol and triglycerides and raising "good" cholesterol decreases the risk of heart disease and helps prevent strokes and heart attacks. In addition to eating a proper diet (such as a low-cholesterol/low-fat diet), other lifestyle changes that may help this medication work better include exercising, losing weight if overweight, and stopping smoking. Consult your doctor for more details.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)