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 5  Diabetes Initially had pain in upper stomach and upper left side but it resolved within a week. Really killed my appetite (which was great) and immediacy brought my blood sugar in line . M 60 2 months
3 1X D
 5  Diabetic I have never had side effects. Keeps me very stable. I'm brittle diabetic. Until this am. I did my daily injection and suddenly there was an after taste. Minor but connected. Is this normal or just a freak. Been diabetic for 45 years. F 59 20 days
1.8 1X D
 5  Thyroid weight gain caused joint pr Hyperness, maybe because I have fibromyalgia, arthritis which makes me so tired. I also have hashimoto which is hyper and low thyroid,to be clear. I am always tired always. I eventually gained 60 pounds way over weight. Recently thyroid doctor prescribed victoza. I started feeling myself right away. I do have ADHd to begin, along with depression and bipolar. 1 day on 1.8 took hunger away completely. I lost 2 pounds in 4 days. That is amazing and I'm excited because I took only 1 dose Skipped next 3 days to see side affects. Day 5 and I'm eating small portions periodically but not really hungry at all, however you must eat or your body feels like your stomach needs food, like when you're hungry and starving & feel like throwing up, even growls but you actually don't want to eat, but your stomach knows u need food if u get my just. I have also trouble sleeping since first dose, and nausea. I ate forcing myself because u need nutrients regardless. . I haven't heard people feeling like I do but maybe because I have several.medical issues and mental which triggers u differently. .on the bright side I love energy, I'm so extremely happy I can shed weight which helps my joint pains and I'm more active then I've been in a while. Also no jitters or anxiety. People say u adjust.. does work though. Miracle I say. Hopefully no reprucutions. Does anyone have similar effects??? Advise !!! Eat periodicaly. Nutrients are the key, use this to program healthy eating. Be careful. Eat small portions forcefully.if u don't, u feel week, dizzy, out of wack, and your blood pressure drops which is not healthy. Take advantage to retrain yourself to eat the right way. Works wonders for me after trying diet pills that make me have crazy anxiety and hunger still there. Use it for the good. Either way sleep is fucken crazy all over the place. Please let me know if someone feels same. Or it's my own Insanity, lol !!! F 37 2 days
1.8 1X D
 3  Weight loss After 8 hours from taking first dose, stomach felt nauseous for remainder of the day. Also instant fatigue noticed after injection. I am very active and it was hard for me to do the elliptical ( usually do 20/20 for 1.5 hours, only able to do 45 minutes). I will give it another few days and see if I can tolerate it. F 42 1 days
.06 1X D
 5  Diabetes Type 2 Loss of appetite initially so weight loss but after several months no side effects F 76 12 years
1X D
 5  A1c, weight loss None til increased dose to 1.8. Have lost 40 lbs. A1c is 6.0. BS 99 F 73 3 days
1.2 1X D
 1  Weight loss Overwhelmed with fatigue, blurred vision and pain. Lost 5kg but after I stopped put all of it back on and more. But I do not feel right since, even after stopping pain, extreme fatigue and blurred vision never subsided. Devastated! F 51 7 months
1.2 mg 1X D
 2  Lower Blood Sugar Levels Hasn't helped a tremendous amount, and has kept me nauseas for the entire time so far. Not sure I will continue. I eat an extremely low carb diet, so I expected more help for the trade out of feeling sick all the time. I agree with other user, seems like you are poisoning yourself. M 48 17 days
.06mg 1X D
 1  Lower A1c I compare the side effects of Victoza to being on chemo! Horrible taste in my mouth, stomach discomfort,& OVERWHELMING INSOMNIA & tearfulness. To me Victoza is POISON!! Ruined my life! F 66 1 months
1.2 mg 1X D
 2  Lower blood sugars weight loss nausea loss of appetite couldnt eat even to take insulin really bad heartburn pain in upper stomach left side F 55 11 days
0.6 1X D
 3  Type 2 diabetes My whole body aches no energy lost my sense of smell constipation sometimes nausea sometimes can't sleep well F 68 4 years
1.8 1X D
 5  Weight loss Nausea, a lot of nausea!! Dizziness, tiredness and headaches. I threw up a few times. I'm so happy that my doctor recommended Victoza. There is a bunch of my favorite foods that I can't tolerate anymore. I feel super sick after eating anything greasy. I crave healthier options and eat way less. I've lost 42lbs in 2 months!!! I feel amazing and excited about my results so far. F 41 2 months
1.8 1X D
 3  Diabetic Severe gas pain in my back F 70 8 months
 5  diabetes & weight loss None F 55 30 days
 3  Weight loss Generally feeling lethargic, stomach cramps leading to diarrhoea, strange taste in my mouth sometimes. Not enjoying injecting myself every day but its early days yet F 47 10 days
 5  Weight loss No side effects and I already lost 2kg in a week. People with bad side effects they should reduce their dose. When i first took 1.2 I was vomiting all night next day I reduced the dose at half and i'm really satisfied with the result 36 7 days
 4  Type 2 diabetes Nausea It has been good for me because I could not take metformin F 69 10 weeks
 5  Diabetes No side effects so far..... Thank God I've lost 15 lbs. I take it once a day along with my metformin 2X a day. My levels have been fantastic F 59 7 months
 2  DIABETES TYPE 2 Unbearable heart burn, burping, cough, body aches. The heart burn!! I was taking 2 or Pepcid a day, nothing. I don't normally get heartburn, even with spicy foods. I don't think it did a good job of lowering Blood sugar unless I went to 1.6 dose, but the higher the dose, the worse my symptoms. I can't live like that. I'll take my chances. Also, this stuff, I feel, is very dangerous to put into your body. F 57 5 months
1/1.6 1X D
 1  Diabetic Iím coughing and everyone is lying cause it doesnít smell like eggs. It smells like a*hole out of your mouth . Cough is continues and it sucks. Headaches. Only good thing is no food cravings. Canít take sh*ts M 55 28 days