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 1  Endometriosis Significant hair loss, depression, anger, acne, heavy bleeding I spent six weeks on LoSeasonique, and it felt like an eternity. I began it the Sunday after my period started. The first week was okay, but beginning the second week I started to lose mass amounts of hair. Thankfully I have thick hair, because it's alarming how much was lost and it isn't too obvious. My face started to break out worse than when I was a teenager. I stuck with it, knowing your body has to adjust. Weeks two and three saw in increase in anger and depression. I was simply miserable, and I know I made my family feel the same. I had zero control over my emotions, and that's an awful feeling. At the end of week three, I was starting to do more than just the spotting I had been, the bleeding increased. And it continued to increase until I finally stopped after six weeks. The bleeding was heavy, dark red, and full of blood clots. I had slight abdominal and lower back pain. After six weeks of feeling miserable and bleeding, I started to feel weak and extraordinarily tired. I supplemented with iron, and it helped. My gynecologist agreed this wasn't the best pill for me, and I am now on another. Fingers crossed that works. I've never written a review on a medicine before, but found reading others' experience with LoSeasonique very helpful and decided to share my own experience. Each pill is different, just as everyone woman is. All you can do is try. My experience was the worse it's every been on a pill, but someone else may find it the best. I hope th F 42 6 weeks
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 2  ovarian cysts Migraines I am very sensitive to chemicals of any kind. Medications, soaps, perfumes, etc. My eggs don't like to leave my ovaries so they just swell until they can't fit and burst. Very painful. So I decided to try BC again. Because i am so sensitive I have been on SEVERAL kinds and lo seasonique was the least painful. But it is pricey and I lost my insurance, which is why I stopped. My former doctor gave me a generic version that started with an "a" and immediately I became sick. Had to see her, my primary, get a neurologist because migraines are such a serious side effect. That was a year and a half ago. So when my new doctor suggested we try again I said it had to be lo seasonique. It was fine for the first month. But when I started the second month my anxiety started to go through the roof. I have high blood pressure to begin with so when i felt it rising it sent me into serious panic attacks and my hear would flutter. I made it half way through the second month and I got a migraine and immediately stopped. F 27 2 months
 2  Birth Control, Acne, Aldactone Tiredness and Fatigue, increased anxiety and mild depression The whole picture: Have struggled with acne since teen years and have taken 1 course of Accutane when I was 16. Have had generalized anxiety since teen years which is always controllable by Zoloft 100mg. Have taken YAZ and Yasmin in my 20's with no side effects. I am now 35 and have had two children and still struggle with acne so I started Aldactone and loseasonique mostly due to the pregnancy concerns while taking Aldactone. In short the Aldactone made me very tired and lethargic and increased my anxiety and also experienced depression. I stopped the Aldactone after three weeks. I was still feeling tired and slightly depressed and stopped the Loseasonique(generic) and feel like myself again. i also had breakouts on my chest and back from the birth control. In trying to figure out this ance thing, I noticed a breakout after Easter when I had eaten a lot of sugar. I have since really limited my suagr intake and my skin has cleared remarkably! F 35 4 weeks
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 2  Cyst on ovary control periods Diahrrea nausea upset stomach cramps more sex drive which is not really that good considering i already have a sex drive thats crazy. But im kinda iffy on taking this.medicine not sure of if i want to keep continuing it. F 21 3 days
 2  Cycle regulation , prevent pregnanc I have been on this for a year and have always experienced breakthrough bleeding before, but this month, I have bleed every day! It's ridiculous! F 31 1 years
 3  endometriosis Breakthrough bleeding for 2 weeks, horrible cramping, lethargic I've only been on this pill for 5 weeks and I'm hoping some of the problems go away with time. I've been bleeding now for 2 weeks, which is extremely annoying, and I've had cramping on and off during this time period as well. I've suffered from endometriosis for a while, and the cramping is up there with some of the most painful cramps I've ever had. I've also had a few days where I'm just so tired I don't feel like doing anything and just want to sleep. I'm going to wait it out for the first full pack (3 months) and hope that I adjust to this pill! F 26 5 weeks
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 5  Control bleeding for endometriosis Occasional night sweats, but that's about it. This BC seems like a walk in the park compared to all the side effects I had while on Lupron treatments and surgery. I am extremely happy with it. F 28 6 months
 4  fewer periods bc of PMDD/bipolar Some breakthrough bleeding. Weight gain (I was underweight anyway so I'm not complaining). The first month I was fine, no break through bleeding no side effects. The second and third months of the first pack I have been having a little breakthrough bleeding every day. I will take this over a full period any time but just something I have noticed. It's barely noticeable and usually only in the morning and I am bloodfree the rest of the day. I have also been cramping the past few days and breakthrough bleeding more than usual but I'm supposed to start the "period week" next week. F 21 2.5 months
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 4  endometriosis my hair did fall out after 2 months. I have gained 10 lbs. The appetite did seem increased from before I was taking Yazz. Also my breast are larger which I did not need. I have a history of endometriosis. I went on Yazz years ago when my estrogen was low. Lately, it seemed more increased that I started having uterine contractions and migraines. It has really helped with the periods and contractions that I like it for that but I have not enjoyed the side effects. F 46 4 months
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 2   Loss of/thining of hair on top of head; vision loss and ligh-headedness. F 35 8 months
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 3  Dysmennorhea Breast swelling & pain. 16+ days of bleeding. Some acne. I was very hopeful about taking this medication as I have extremely painful periods both before & during menstruation in which the pain can last up to 2 weeks. I started the medication mid period and 4 weeks later by the time I got to the next period I began bleeding lightly and the bleeding has continued for 16+ days now. I have never had a period for more than 5 to 6 days. I have actually been bleeding more the past few days than I did at the beginnning. I have also been getting zits on my face:( I am discontunuing the medication & hope I will stop bleeding soon. I do not have the severe pain as I typically do during normal menstruation, but the incessant bleeding is getting rediculous. I did like having bigger boobs though, except for the fact that they hurt really bad. F 31 6 weeks
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 3  PMDD, cycle regulation High blood pressure, fatigue, hunger I had great hopes that this would work for me, but it didn't. I usually experience migraines with bcp's, but did not with this. Everything seemed okay until week four when I experienced my heart racing and fluttering. A trip to my pcp confirmed my blood pressure was high. After I had my second child, I became very sensitive to medications, and it seems that I'm just not going to be able to take any oral contraceptives. But on the whole, I did not have many of the other side effects women experience on this. F 35 1 months
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 4  acne & wanted fewer periods developed a different smell "down there" (maybe b/c it changed the chemistry?); decreased sex drive I had been on ortho tri-cyclen previously for many years, and wanted similar results for clearing acne, but to have fewer periods. It seemed that as long as I took the pill within the same 3-4 hour period each morning, breakthrough bleeding was avoided. It did clear my acne, although not as well as ortho-tri cyclen. However, because of the added benefit of not having a period but once every three months, I'll probably stay on this. No cramps, no breast tenderness, no mood swings on this, which I was getting before I started this. Period started after missing two pills. F 31 42 days
 4  Birth control, anemia Painful cramping, dull headaches, insomnia for the first couple of weeks, tired, breakthrough spotting/bleeding, breast tenderness. I talked to my doctor about an oral contraceptive he would recommend to a girl like me (prone to anemia, vegetarian) after my boyfriend kept pestering me to get on the pill. My doctor recommended LoSeasonique saying his two daughters take it, one of them being vegetarian. I'm on month four of it and I can say I am satisfied. I get very nervous when taking prescription drugs and was disappointed when I got the common side effects of cramps, headaches, breakthrough bleeding etc. They were bad the 1st 2 weeks but subsided thereafter and have slowly disappeared. I did get breakthrough bleeding again for 2 weeks before the low dose estrogen pills, however. There is an unexpected benefit that has influenced my liking of this medication. With no periods, I have not had mood swings. Before every period, I would get really depressed, anxious and irritable. That has all been eliminated since I've been on the medication. Oh, and this medication is REALLY pricey, so be prepared to shell out some cash when your sample runs out. :/ F 20 3 months
 3  regulate heavy periods bc some nausea and anxiety and PMS in first couple months,still a period first month more than usual hair loss in 2nd and 3rd month side effects (except hair) seem to get better with time, first month or two had to take an advil almost every day for cramps didn't have period after second month of pills this med allows you to have just 4 periods a year. will give it a little longer to see if side effects go away more F 45 2.5 months

LOSEASONIQUE  (ETHINYL ESTRADIOL; LEVONORGESTREL):  This combination hormone medication is used to prevent pregnancy. It contains 2 hormones: a progestin (levonorgestrel) and an estrogen (ethinyl estradiol). It works mainly by preventing the release of an egg (ovulation) during your menstrual cycle. It also makes vaginal fluid thicker to help prevent sperm from reaching an egg (fertilization) and changes the lining of the uterus (womb) to prevent attachment of a fertilized egg. If a fertilized egg does not attach to the uterus, it passes out of the body. Besides preventing pregnancy, birth control pills may make your periods more regular, decrease blood loss and painful periods, decrease your risk of ovarian cysts, and also treat acne. Using this medication does not protect you or your partner against sexually transmitted diseases (such as HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia).   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)