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 2  Tonic clonic seizures grandmal Extreme crying depression and I feel like I could sleep all day . Just got off of Keppra after taking for 8 years had break threw cluster seizures so they tried me on briviact I could not function . So now it vimpac Not myself F 28 3 days
100 2X D
 2  Seizures My daughter has been on Vimpat for seizures for 2 years. Her seizures are controlled but she is highly depressed and so anxious all the time and cannot function. Her anxiety is worse at night and she feels a weird "itching" in her head that makes her panic worse. Has anyone had this sensation? She is also weak, etc gain, nausea all the time, migraines, etc. Her Neurologist denies Vimpat is the cause of her symptoms.Has anyone on Vimpat had this itching inside of their head and severe anxiety? My daughter is very smart and never used to have these problems amd now she cannot function in life. I'm not sure it's the 100% Vimpat but I feel it's contributing to it. Please let me know your bad experiences with this med. F 19 0 years
200 md 2X D
 4  Grand Mal Seizures A bit of memory loss, some anxiety issues....that is about it. M 73 4 months
100 2X D
 1  Epilepsy Felt more positive, BUT severe insomnia. Could only sleep 3 to 5 hours per night. Felt like cocaine. Always buzzed. Think I would have lost my mind had I stayed on it. Poison F 41 2 years
150mg 2X D
 2  Brain cancer Tired all the time. Shaking hands.Balance/ dizziness muscle weakness. It's crap F 64 5 days
100 2X D
 2  Seizure after stroke Rashes with severe itching, unsteady when standing and walking, headaches, sleepless, hand tremors. I had tried 8 or nine other anticonvulsants and my reaction to each one was the same as Vimpat. My neurologist and I felt that reducing my daily dose from 100 mg per day to 50 mg is something I should try. I've been on the lower dose for two days and my problems seem to be fading away slowly. M 76 30 days
50 2X D
 3  seizures Partial Seizures, Confusion. Still having Partial Seizures - originally began with 50 mg then slowly went up to 100mg, twice daily. Even so, i still have partial seizures with side effects (blank thoughts, or confusion). A neuro decided to increase the dosage to 200mg twice daily. Didn't feel like risking my dependency on this prescription any further, so i requested another prescription, added, Lamictal 50mg daily. Makes a difference, and stops very often partial seizures. However, i still have SHORT-TERM MEMORY LOSS - i forget i have things near me, books, phone, docs. Depression sometimes. Considering decreasing my dosage slowly, and eventually switching to Lamictal and adding another prescription. M 33 3 years
100mg 2X D
 1  Seizures Nausea, heart palpitations, insomnia, uncontrollable legs, loss of appetite A terrible drug for seizures. The first few days went okay, but days later I experienced short of breath, heart palpitations. I could do better without this awful drug and I would rather have seizures than be on this medicine. Beware!!! F 48 2 weeks
100 mg 2X D
 4  Partial seizures Only problem I have is short term memory loss. It seems my memory has gotten worse since I was diagnosed but the medication hasn't helped. Overall, haven't had a seizure since I've been on Vimpat, only when I stopped the medication because I ran out. F 23 2 years
200 2X D
 1  epilepsy Vimpat has been the worst experience I have ever had with a drug. I have been taking it for 8 months already. Recently, I have changed doctors and have just started to reduce it, feeling already better! Right from the beginning, I had many side-effects: headaches, nausea, tiredness, constipation, flatulence, indigestion, and stomach discomfort, shaking of hands, depression, dysarthria, heart palpitations, memory problems. Due to nausea, I could hardly eat and lost almost 4 kilos in the first month of my Vimpat experience (my weight before taking this drug was around 50 kilos). I also felt terribly tired every day and could not cope with my normal activities anymore. In addition to that, I started to have problems with speaking, my memory as well as my concentration got a lot worst. My sleep was also badly affected. I had to quit my job and my social life. Every day was a struggle and I felt as if I had lost control of my own life !!! To sum up, this drug had a terrible impact on my quality of life. I was much better off with my previous AED. Reading the reviews, I see that I am not the only one to have experienced those side-effects, though my previous doctor denied many of them. This is still a new drug on the market, not yet consecrated, and with several side-effects not well known. It reminds me of what happened to people taking Vioxx in the past! I still asked myself why my previous doctor is so found of this drug???? I strongly advise against this drug, it can be very toxic! F 8 months
100 mg 2X D
 5  Seizures Seizures are under control but suddenly experienced really dry mouth. Anyone else has issues with dry mouth? F 35 2 years
300 2X D
 3  Seizures epilepsy Double vision. My right hand is uncontrollable at times.. convulsing. In the beginning i had no controle over my legs. It seemed like i could not judge my steps. This came to pass pretty soon, less than two weeks. These last three days, my legs are extremely sensitive and they seem on fire ! The mg is been increased to 200 mg twice a day but i decided that i need my legs so i am waiting my appointment (in two weeks time) to discuss this with my neuro. Vimpat is working for me in combination with tregetol/carbamazepine. Does anybody have had this same experience with painful legs and burning skin ?? F 49 2 months
150 mg 2X D
 1  epilepsy Hair falling out Sadness Crying Not feeling like myself Worst medication. I finally had surgery (right temporal lobectomy) and I am now cured M 2 months
1X D
 2  grand mal seizures For me this drug sucks. Started having trouble with walking and balance problems after taking it for 6 months. The last four days have been hell and my doctor took me off of it but I am still on lamictal twice a day. I wish there was a seizure drug that would be kind to all but we know that will never happen.. The price of Vimpat is a disgrace the price is unreal. I am thankful to God I have insurance. Vimpat is not a new drug and the price should be lower. Shame on them. God bless all of you! :) F 77 6 months
50 mg 1X D
 5  At home Double vision, headache,spinning vertigo Very bad F 27 8 weeks
 4  Epilepsy Forgetfulness but not as bad as Keppra New issue: Spelling has tremendously decreased. Vimpat has really changed my life for the better. F 42 1 years
200 mg BID
 1  Epilepsy following brain tumour Made depression worse. Feel completely hopeless. Had night time panic attack’s. Couldn’t sleep for more than a couple of hours. Have decided to stop taking it after only 3 weeks before dose is increased. Also on 450mg of Lamotrigine daily. Couldn’t tolerate it long enough to judge its effectiveness. M 49 3 weeks
 4  Epilepsy At this point, I don't know what is a side effect and what is normal for me. I have been on it a long time. I take this with Keppra. After taking 100mg twice a day for two years, I started having generalized seizures. My neuro doubled my dose to to 200mg twice a day and increased my Keppra from 1500 a day to 2000 a day. After about a year, the seizures started sneaking in so Klonopin was added to a night dose. I moved and my new neuro had an ambulatory EEG (72 hours) done on me a month ago. I had three seizures that I was not even aware of during that 72 hours. My new neuro has added another 50 mg to my bedtime dose and I am being referred to Cleveland Clinic to see an epilepsy specialist. My neuro (and I) think I need to bite the bullet and have surgery. In my first review on here from 2013, I made it clear I would not do an EMU...I have nowhere else to go. I have no life. Vimpat has helped me...but the seizures are stronger than the medications can control. I cannot imagine where I'd be at seizure-wise if I were not on it. I think it'd be REALLY bad. My heart goes out to those who have had so many side effects and who it did not help at all. F 50 3 years
200 2X D
 5  Seizure disorder Only side effects is a hand tremor on one hand after taking for one yearm vivid dreams and some short term memory issues. Take Vimpat for grand mal seizures. First seizure med I took made me extremely angry. Then tried Lyrica, gained 40 lbs and expericenced balance issues. Tried Dylantin and had extreme balance issues. Actually fell down cellar stairs and broke collar bone. Vimpat is the best. No balance issues, feel good. Some short term memory issues. Have only had one seizure on this med. I did have breakthrough seizures with the other meds. Experienced one seizure on Vimpat that is when they upped the evening dose to (2) 100 mg tablets. No seizures in over a year. M 66 2 years
100 3X D
 1  Because of a seizure The side effects progressed over time. About a year ago is when I really noticed them and they have continued to worsen. They include auras, partial seizures which started from 2-3 a month to now every 2-3 days, sinus irritation and inflammation, headaches, intensified emotion ( fear, sadness, anger), eye pain, feverish, ear pressure and ringing and pain, jittery, shortness of breath, palpitations, vivid dreams, fatigued and over tired, short term memory loss, and mainly just not feeling grounded or like myself at all! I am currently weaning off of this poison and onto CBD oil. This wean off ain't no fun either... but I see the end in sight and have full faith in the CBD/THC/THCA and many other treatments I am partaking in as I wean off! Do not take it! And know that drugs can build up toxicity in the body over time, and sometimes what seems may work, may turn out not to and vice versa. I highly recommend "The Road Back" program by Jim Harper to help with wean offs, as wean offs can be easy, intense, or severe. F 33 2 years

VIMPAT  (LACOSAMIDE):  Lacosamide is used to prevent and control seizures. It is an anticonvulsant or antiepileptic drug. It works by reducing the spread of seizure activity in the brain.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)