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 1  Ms I took ampyra for 1 month. At first I noticed a huge difference. I can almost say it was a miracle. 15 days in I felt the pill wasn't as effective. Once I stopped taking it my walking was worse than when I started taking it to the point where I felt drop foot on both legs. I know everyone has different results. Praying everyone gets the benefits from this pill from beginning to the end. F 35 30 days
10 1X D
 2  MS I have been taking this medicine for 4 weeks now, side effects have been insomnia, severe fatigue (worse than before this medicine)headache and back ache, and Bladder issues that I didn't have before, Had some improvement with walking for longer times. Too many negatives for me to continue this medicine. F 47 4 weeks
10 2X D
 5  MS for 29 yrs. Falls from foot drop Indigestion, lost some sense of balance, lower back pain, minor throat irritation, insomnia Would I start it again? In a heart beat! I have scraped up my knees way too many times and broken 3 bones and my upper 2 center teeth from falls caused by foot drop. The side effects I have felt are a very small price to pay for the (almost) total elimination of that foot drop. Thus, my high rating. M 62 30 days
10mg 2X D

 2  To improve my walking. On the first day, after the second pill, my legs were tingling uncomfortably. The tingling subsided in a couple of days and I stuck with the regimen for three months. However, my walking didn't improve. And then I ended up getting a nasty UTI, which took two rounds of antibiotics to get rid of. And I'm not prone to UTI's. After a one-month layoff, I tried it again and with the first dose I got a nasty headache and body aches. I'm through with the stuff. M 51 3 months
10mg 2X D
 2  MS Gait The first few days tingling sensations increased but that subsided after a few days. Increased bladder infections with spasms. It seemed to improve the overall nerve function for me for the first month then seemed to lose its effect. I could walk a bit better for a while but not faster; I'm ceasing the use of this one. M 42 3 months
10 MG 2X D
 5  Muscle endurance due to MS Increased Urinary Tract Infections I was on the clinical trial for this med. It works for me. I have no complaints. My walking speed increased, my energy levels were higher and it had some off-label benefits such as improved bladder continence. F 40 5 years
10MG 2X D
 2  MS Worsening of MS symptoms. Dizziness. Heaviness. Slower reflex/response. This drug reminded me of wearing ankle-weights. M 41 3 weeks
10mg 2X D
 1  Gait difficulty because of MS Worsening of my MS symptoms - numbness, spasticity, and heaviness of feet and legs. The numbness became unbearable within 36 h. I could not sleep, sit, anything. I was among the first to take this recently FDA-approved drug. M 58 4 days
10 mg 1X D

AMPYRA  (DALFAMPRIDINE):  Dalfampridine is used to improve walking in people with multiple sclerosis (MS). It is a potassium channel blocker. It is thought to work by improving nerve conduction.   (Sources: U.S. Centers for Medicare Services, FDA)